Goods: Evangelion Mini Fridge (Asuka and Rei)

These are not new cos they were released in 02 July 2008… but I just found out about them today. I would love to have one… maybe product designers can sell us decals (of any series we like) that we can paste anywhere we want :P

The price is quite reasonable (US$ 159.90) for a mini fridge (around 30cm tall) that runs on AC power (not the USB type). My friend used to have one back in the office and it does its work quite well. Interesting thing about these Evangelion fridges… there is a Heat option as well. I don’t remember my friend’s fridge having that one. Keep our lunch warm xD awesome.

If you know of anywhere else that carries similar gadgets of other characters or series, please give me a holler.

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6 thoughts on “Goods: Evangelion Mini Fridge (Asuka and Rei)”

  1. As always this kinda fridge is only limited for general anime…there will be no mini fridge with BL design.

    I really wish for different kinds of BL merchandise other than figure or stationery.

  2. @Fuuga: It is great if you don’t have a microwave at the office :D I wouldn’t mind owning one!

    @akiyama: hehehe… I haven’t finished watching the whole series but I like the fridges xD I think coca cola has something similar too. Hello Kitty fridge would be nice!

    I’m not sure about the other items but I think the popularity may not be as great as Hello Kitty?

  3. Cute but this is Evangelion. Anime tht i very much hate (tht goes for Rei Ayanami as well)

    I would prefer the same thing in plain design, therefore i can put my Antique Bakery stickers ha ha sounds more appropriate.

    Does this mean evangelion will release a rice warmer ot tea kettle as well? Hello Kitty/SANRIO did it.

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