Goods: Ear Candy is good for the soul Harada Sanosuke Voice Alarm Clock (Hakuouki)

Okita Souji
It never hurts to have some eye candy to make each day a little better… and
an enchanting voice to start your day with ^^

Ok, the voice alarm clock I bought wasn’t that of Okita Souji in that sexy pic, but I sure would love that as a dakimakura (body pillow!) (^///^)

Anyway, this clock is just one of the many official goods released to tie-in with the new anime that aired in April 2010.

Title: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan, Harada Sanosuke Voice Alarm Clock
薄桜鬼 音声付目覚まし時計 E: 原田左之助
Character voice: Yusa Kouji 遊佐浩二
7,140 Yen (w/tax)

Hakuoki Clock

SIGH. The kind of expensive things I buy… Anyway, I haven’t played the game but I definitely like the idea of having Yusa Kouji’s voice waking me up. *sweatdrop* I really would love to have Miki Shinichirou’s clock too but… budget constraints. These things sure cost a lot :( Voice alarm clocks of the following characters were released:

Hakuoki Clock

I don’t have the budget nor madness to buy everything, so there, just the Yusa Kouji one. If you have any of the other clocks, do share. I’m curious as to how they sound too. Now back to the review…

The clock is powered by 3 x AA batteries. Metal and plastic body. Shaped like traditional clocks but without the ringing function ^^;;; And I guess once you’ve seen the back of one voice clock (Vampire Knight Voice Alarm Clock, and Ouran High School Host Club) you’ve probably seen them all. For the benefit of those who haven’t, here’s a back shot with labels again.

Hakuoki Clock

The sound quality was quite disappointing cos it was very “echoy”. I already expected something like this because of the other voice clocks I have but it seemed worse. Otherwise, maybe I was expecting too much. Well, have a listen.

These are the lines that were read (Pardon the possibly wrong translation, do correct me if you know better. Thanks! ^^;;) : My translation mistakes corrected with Valle’s help XD Thanks Valle! <3

1) そろそる起きてくれねぇか?
It’s time to wake up!

2) 起きたか?こうして毎日お前の寝顔を眺めるのも。。。結構いいもんだな。恥ずかしがんあよ。もっとこっちにこい。
Awake yet? I get to watch your sleeping face everyday, which is a good thing. Don’t be shy. Come nearer.

3) ほらほら、いつまで寝てんだ?まぁ。。。まだ寝てな。いつも無理ばっかしやがって。。。本当に感謝してんだぜ。これじゃどっちが守られてんだかわかんねぇな。
Hey now, how much longer are you going to keep sleeping? Well… You can continue sleeping. You’re always pushing yourself… And I’m really grateful to that. But I’m not sure who’s the one that needs to be protected this way.

4) おいおい。もうこんな時間かよ。ったくせわしねぇご時世だぜ。続きは。。。またなっ。愛してるぜ。
Oi, oi… look at the time! Sheesh, the times when you’re not assisted! We’ll continue this… Later. Love ya!

5) 俺は幸せものかも知れねぇ。一番大事なものを見つけることが出来たからな。。。。ん?大事なもの?。。。お前だよ。
I’m probably a really fortunate person. Cos I’ve found my most precious thing… Hm? My most precious thing? … It’s you.

There you go. :) Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan 薄桜鬼 game/anime series is by games maker Idea Factory. Find out more at the official sites:

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24 thoughts on “Goods: Ear Candy is good for the soul Harada Sanosuke Voice Alarm Clock (Hakuouki)”

  1. I’d like to know if somebody can purchase for me the harada sanosuke one.
    I don’t understand a word in japanese so it’s very difficult for me to look for it…
    Can I have so help?

    1. @Marieebe: These clocks are out-of-print. You’ll have to try your luck on yahoo auctions and mandarake japan (available in english). Good luck!

  2. Now I’m interested, since I use my cellphone as a clock, but when it rings I (half-sleep) shut the alarm down and go back to sleep again XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

    I wonder if Okita or Saitou would wake me up? xDDDDDDDD I want one of those two XD

  3. yeah i saw them on animaxis a few months ago and wasnt interested in them, now the interest has grown and i want one! but theyve sold out so has and have you seen any on yahooo auctions?

    1. @Brittany: I bought them from ^^ they are usually sold out quite fast tho. Animate Japan’s and Movic Japan’s online store has them too but they don’t ship international, so you’ll need to pay extra for middleman/forwardng fees. Other than that, you’ll have to look at Yahoo Japan auctions :)

  4. OMG this is totally ear candy…. now i so want to buy one… asking, how much does it cost in singapore dollars and where can i order them?

    if i could get, i would get Okita’s ….Sigh.. the sad “us” that lived outside of japan cant get some of the good goodies..

    1. @Kira: :3 If I had the $$$ when it was up for preorder, I would have wanted Hijikata, Okita and Saito’s as well… budget constrains… I got mine through animaxis which ships internationally. It cost me about $90 sing dollars total with shipping and what not.

      Movic still has Okita’s clock for sale ^^ You can try using a proxy like Tokyobuyers to get it for you cos movic doesn’t ship internationally :3

  5. Wow, if that show is that popular that they make some doggone alarm clocks I might just watch the anime. I’m not at all for reverse harem anime or games. My first and only one was La Cordo, and I watched that for the music and because the main lady wasn’t annoying as $#@!.

  6. @sigma: oh there are Reborn clocks too. Some other seires I found out recently, including Hetalia, D.G. Carat, Code Geass (Lelouch! now that’s a major wish list one)…

    I love DRRR!! too lol~ very refreshing story and characters hehe. I think there’s a big BL fandom for Shizuo x Izaya XD

    Ahh~ resistance near zero when it come to Nitro+chiral stuff x_x;;;

    @Valle: artbooks are so nice to collect DX gaa~ yet another indulgence.

    yeah, Kaito is now 6k~9kYen and up… I don’t want to regret in case they suddenly reissued him. Mmm… I’ve seen collectors who can form a wide wall of figures with their nendoroid figure boxes *_* It’s scary how fast these things can build up. Before you know it, you’ve already spent thousands on them.

    500 GB is pretty good ^^)b It should last you for quite some time :D

    Joins in prayer kekeke.

  7. Aaah! I was thinking of whether or not should I buy that artbook!! Orz
    One can’t resist pretty pictures right? XD

    Couldn’t have agreed more on that weird psychology.
    Actually all the vocaloid’s nendoroids are so darn adorable!!
    I’ll want to get all of them if I’ve got the money.. ;w;

    Yeah, I’m playing it safe now.
    Got myself a 500GB ext.HDD and I’m putting all my stuffs in it!
    I’m sure it’s not going to be enough though. -w-;;
    Those drama cds are taking a hell lotta spaces. XD;;

    Ahh, a tapestry sounds good too!!! (*_*)
    I’m gonna pray every night for that dakimakura to come true LOL.

  8. omg thats just to cute~! XD
    how i always wanted one of those alarm clocks i need a new one too. i’ll wait though i’m curious to see other series made into them it looks like only the shojo series are been made.:_:

    “It’s a weird psychology right? When something is too popular, you strangely don’t feel like doing/getting it.”

    I feel the same way. Like the durara its to popular its all i see on the art sites i start to get tired of it i stay away from it until things cool down. now if it was togainu no chi i’d be all up on it like no tomorrow! XD

  9. Okay, you just posted your initial ‘review’ of the anime and now you have the goodies.XD Now that’s what I call indulgence.XD

    How many of these clocks do you have already?O_O You should have just pre-ordered for the BRS nendo instead.. XD So it would be removed from your wishlist.. I can’t wait for mine. kekekeke.

    I love his messages on the clock though.XDXD

    1. @banoni: The preorder period of BRS is still ongoing so there’s no big rush yet ^^;;; Let me save some $$$ first. Spending distractions are coming in from all over the place i.e sexy cushions *cough* and reissues *cough* DX

      I ordered that clock last year and it arrived in December 2009. I thought of writing a post for it but I was busy XP but since the anime is up, posting it would be timely XD I currently have 3 voice clocks now. The other two are Ouran High School Host Club and Vampire Knight ^^;;;

      SIGH. 2009 was a grand year of impulse buys =_=;;;

      Anyway, those 2 clocks are cuter. funnier and you get all the characters ^^ Check them out.

  10. Damn the temptation. XD;
    I’m sure there will be buyers since Hakuoki’s fanbase is HUGE. >w<
    I wanted to play the game, but because it's way too popular, I kinda dropped back. XD;;;
    But I really like the artwork though, Yone Kazuki-sensei's got mad skills!♥

    I used to have quite a lot, but thanks to the darn virus, I had to reformat everything. ;w;
    Now I've only got the VitaminZ ones, which is quite good! XD
    I'm sure you can find some that are being uploaded in Nico Douga though.♥

    Omg why is it an April Fool. ;^;
    I'm sure it'll make them so much profit if they were to sell it as a dakimakura!
    (I know I'll buy it LOL)
    I'm a sucker for Hajime, so I was like, screaming my lungs out when I clicked the first link!!
    Can't they consider? ;^;
    And since dakimakura's are bigger, makes sense that they cost more. XD;;
    Those two april fool pictures… are… tempting… me… Orz

    The first two was alright!!
    But there's some parts in the last 3 that needs to be corrected. XD;

    3) ほらほら、いつまで寝てんだ?まぁ。。。まだ寝てな。いつも無理ばっかしやがって。。。本当に感謝してんだぜ。これじゃどっちが守られてんだかわかんねぇな。
    Hey now, how much longer are you going to keep sleeping? Well… You can continue sleeping. You're always pushing yourself… And I'm really grateful to that. But I'm not sure who's the one that needs to be protected this way.

    4) おいおい。もうこんな時間かよ。ったくせわしねぇご時世だぜ。続きは。。。またなっ。愛してるぜ。
    Oi, oi… look at the time! Sheesh, the times when you're not assisted! We'll continue this… Later. Love ya!

    5) 俺は幸せものかも知れねぇ。一番大事なものを見つけることが出来たからな。。。。ん?大事なもの?。。。お前だよ。
    I'm probably a really fortunate person. Cos I've found my most precious thing… Hm? My most precious thing? … It's you.

    Though I'm still not very sure about this "せわしねぇご時世" phrase. @_@;
    But that should be close enough. *swtdrops*
    Do note that my translation's not perfect. |ω;`)

    1. @Valle: Thanks for helping with the translations <3 *edits the post*

      Yeah Yone Kazuki-sensei's works are so gorgeaous… <3 I bought her Zanka artbook before I even knew about the games :P

      It's a weird psychology right? When something is too popular, you strangely don't feel like doing/getting it. I felt it when Nendoroid Miku figure was the rage (like multiple reissues… WHY THEY DON'T REISSUE KAITO DAMMIT!) and I was like… darn I don't feel like having her Nendoroid figure already.

      Gaa… HDD reformats are horrible. Do save your data/impt stuff on an external or a partitioned drive. Saving them in C: is risky :O

      Yeah, why April Fool… the poses look great! I know I'll definitely buy them too if they look so nice. They'll also look good displayed as tapestry too. XD Anyway, since the anime is out, watch out for more merchandise. You never know. They might just make us those Dakimakura ;)

  11. Here comes the voice clock LOL.
    It IS tempting, but it’s just so expensive! ;^;
    I wouldn’t mind Yusa Kouji waking me up either<3
    (But if it's about a dakimakura of the above picture then I'll consider buying LOL.)

    Cos you see, you can just find the system voice or wake-up call voice then put it in as your cellphone's alarm. Same thing. XD;; That's what I do XD;;

    *demands more cushions and dakimakuras!!*

    1. pffft… yeah this shall be the last voice clock I’ll buy… … … (this year *cough*) Temptation is great huh. I wonder if there’ll be buyers if I resell them one day ^^;;; You’ve played the Hakuoki games?

      I thought about using mp3 of the recorded voices too… do you have a collection of good morning messages? XD

      Yeah that pic was drawn by Yone Kazuki sensei as an April Fool’s present! Found the pic from websites. They look gorgeous! See here and here. It would be nice huh~ ^^ but those darn things cost like what… over hundred bucks each? =_=;;; (judging from the prices of Girl pics dakimakura)

      Oh yeah… please do correct my translation mistakes when you spot them >_< thanks!!!

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