Goods: DRAMAtical Murder Aoba Plushie (Nitro+Chiral, Goodsmile)

Guess who’s coming over to play?

Title: Nitro+CHiRAL Plushie series 19 Aoba ニトロプラス キラル ぬいぐるみシリーズ19 蒼葉
Price: 3,150 Yen (His legs don’t seem to be bendable, so I’m hoping he’ll be the cheaper version)
Preorder opens: 15 May 2012 (1pm Japan time)
Available: 31 March 2012 – 1 April 2012 (Venue: Anime Contents Expo) June 2012 (sold out!)
Preorder date for re-release planned: August 2012 (sold out)
December restock order starts: 10 December 2012, 3 pm Japanese time (Shipped in January 2013)
Restock Shop Link:
Company: Gift/Goodsmile Company

DRAMAtical Murder Aoba Plushie 「ドラマティカル マーダー」「蒼葉ぬいぐるみ」

Update: 20 April 2012. They’re really taking advantage of the popularity. 3,150 Yen for non-bendy legs plushie! So expensive :( I also think his head is too big and round compared to the unofficial photos previously released orz;;

24 March 2012: Aoba’s plushie will be on sale during the event!!! Its just 1 week away! (*o*) Ready your proxies, my friends. I hope they have a general release but judging from past Nitro+Chiral plushie records, I’m not very hopeful :-\

Aoba is SUPER CUTE! I’m gonna save my monies for him :D

Pic taken from here:

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42 thoughts on “Goods: DRAMAtical Murder Aoba Plushie (Nitro+Chiral, Goodsmile)”

    1. @Rocio: Gift online store restock order end today at 3pm (Japanese time). You need a proxy to buy him since they don’t ship international :) Good luck!

  1. Pony!!! Have you seen it???
    What an awesome surprise! I’m really excited about it, this dynamic pose we see on official pics now as a figure! Hope it’s from Kotobukiya and a non-exclusive, let’s wait for WonderFest!!!!!

    1. @planck-chan: Thanks for the headsup! XD I hope its not an exclusive too! Otherwise we’ll have to bleed a river of $$$ to collect all the DMMd boys orz;;

    1. He was sold out after 10 minutes….No plushie for me and my friend :/ I hope they’ll do a re-release, just like for Konoe.

  2. So expensive D= And you said it right! His head it’s too big and round OTL

    I trully love Aoba and plushies but I don’t think I’m going to spend that to purchase it U_U

  3. He’s sooooo cute! I totally want this! But I really dislike that Nitro+Chiral always makes their BL plushies event only plushies >.> such torturee!

  4. Attended ACE today and was looking for the Aoba plush. Saw the Goodsmile booth which was selling special drinks but no plushes. Also went to the Nitrochiral booth and tried to inquire about the plush which was not available yet. Wasn’t Gift supposed to be releasing it and not Goodsmile? The above link for the pic had a caption for Gift.

    1. @yudashin they didn’t sell him?? D: well technically speaking if I’m not wrong Goodsmile is the parent company of Gift. I hope it wasn’t a wasted trip for you.

  5. Oooh sooo adorbale ;A; TOTALLY gonna save my money for him if preorders for Syo plushie or pillows won’t open in next two weeks <3

    AAAAH do you know where can I get a game? D: I was so looking for it like EVERYWHERE D: But I can't find it on YesAsia, Amimi or even CDJapan -_-'

    1. @Azyryt: Me too :3 he is a must have!
      Did you try Comi comi? Search for ドラマティカルマーダー or DRAMAtical Murder. They still have stock :D

  6. Aoba is sooo adorable! I wish I could get him, but I’ve never done a proxy. So I don’t know how it really works and I hear its expensive.

    I absolutely love the plushies Gift makes super cute and detailed. I only own Giulio. I wish I can get more Gift plushies~! super expensive~!

    1. @MisakixUsami: Yep! I’m sure the rest of the DMmd boys would be awesome too! Usually if you go via proxy, you’ll add at least 30-40% overall to the cost orz;;; handling fees, bank charges, commission, local shipping and finally international shipping… =_=;;

      Yeah their quality is usually very good. If only they don’t cost that much to begin with :(

    1. @Epic: It COULD but I don’t know. After the fiasco that is Togainu no Chi anime, I’m not sure if Nitro+Chiral is going to do that again with another BL title.

    2. I think they could too if they don’t rush it like they Togainu no Chi. I was like…k…at the end.

    3. @Epic: I don’t know what they were thinking when they were producing Togainu. What a huge mess. I only watched till the end to see how bad it could get ^^;; I’ve never watched a more atrocious anime before this one lol~ well, unless if you count a few hentai anime I’ve seen as comparison. *pffttt* XD

      Anyway… well, I’m not hopeful for any more BL anime from N+C but if it happens, it happens :-\

    4. I think they should have expanded to a second season so everything wasn’t so rushed and smashed together. If it does they need to take their time and expand to another season if they have too. Also i just received a tweet from the maker, he said if it becomes very popular we’ll see. So support it everyone!!. ^_^

    5. @Epic: As a fan, I felt really insulted by the TnC anime. There are so many WTF moments I forgot to count lol~ But I sure saved a lot of money not having the need to buy the DVDs orz;;;

      Yeah, my game should arrive this week. I would love to see the DMmd boys and its story get a superb BL anime adaptation. But I think they would remove the BL bits again so that it has a wider appeal.

  7. So cuuuuuuuute~!!! Although I have no idea how I can even get to Anime Contents Expo in a week with no prior desire to go before seeing this plush ;__; Aoba is so precious ; v ;

    1. @puchi: If you can, why not :D you can grab him before anyone else. It’s incredible how fast these cuties sell out after they’re put on sale on Goodsmile’s online store orz;;;

  8. I want to get it ;U; Which proxy could I use to get event goods like this one? (I only have one for regular shops like animate etc, and another for auctions)

    1. @Sug: You can try and They’re not cheap but if you must have it, it’s still worth it I guess :)

  9. Indeed, it’s super cute! <3 It should come with a mini Ren too! And you know I have a thing for plushies… But in one week? Impossible to me! My March/April orders are killler, it'll be hard to pay for everything I've ordered! And Yukimura nendo being delayed to April doesn't help anyone.

    And I totally agree with you, he'll surely be Gift site exclusive after the event. But if I ever manage to buy him, I'd like a seme to be at his side (and I'd love if they do a Clear plush!).

    I'd want an one coin set for DMMd, Yupon style!

    1. @planck-chan: Maybe they would come up with all-mates plushies *_* considering that they did Ranu for Lucky Dog 1 (OMG OUR MONIES!!!)
      I think if they boys look good, I may end up buying them all orz;;;
      I’m sure they’re make us Kotobukiya’s one-coin yupon style DMMd boys XD

    2. Pony, have you seen the Nitro+ April Fool’s page? lol they always do funny stuff, this time is a Dramatical Mother, but I didn’t ckeck it too much. Are you playing (or already have ended) the game? I’d like to try in the future, I’m really digging scenario and characters, I already saw some CGs and the scnes are hot, and some sad, like bad end routes.

    3. @Planck-chan: yes dear! They’re hilarious!

      I bought the game but I haven’t got time to play it yet. Reviews are fantastic tho! Do give it a try if you can! :D

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