Goods: Do I taste good? Yandere Kareshi blueberry pie review

Just for you… Kimi no tameni *heart mark* lol~

Valentine’s Day just around the corner! And what does a yandere boyfriend have in store for you? Well, a lovely blueberry pie made with lots of love of course! :D Last discovered on sale from Animate Japan in this post. I decided to order it along with my other orders to maximize the proxy fees.

Title: Male Yandere Pie 男ヤンデレパイ
Price: 630 Yen (w/tax) each
Available: late December 2011
Date of expiry: 6 months from date of manufacture.
Only available at Animate Japan:
One box contains 9 pies. Sweet and sour blueberry flavour. Includes yandere bookmark. This is the 3rd in the series of snacks based on this anime archetype. The boy is very cool but also extremely “sick” lol~ To get an idea what yandere is about, check out my review of a CD that has a yandere character :)

Box taken out of its shrink-wrap. Measures about 14.5 cm x 19 cm. Matt finish.

Depth about 3.5cm

Top view. The layout has a pretty purple colour scheme and design. It’ll be nice to use the box to keep accessories and other small items.

Back of the box. Product information and ingredients, etc. Expiry date is 10 June 2012. There are two types of bookmarks to collect.

Inside the box :D Bookmark and the goodies.

Let’s see what the yandere pie looks like!

Shyly peeking out… ooo looks yummy.

Sugar coated crust.

Blueberry swirls. The pastry has a light, sweet aroma.

Yum :D~ It tastes pretty good! It is similar to puff pastries but has a slightly crunchy and flaky texture. Not overly sweet. Definitely recommended by itself or with tea and coffee.

There seems to be something hidden at the bottom…

Ooo~ nice :D An additional design revealed at the bottom of the box.

He says: Was it delicious? My . . .

Very suggestive text… Reminds me of the kind of things a seme says to his uke when they’re having oral sex *nosebleed*

Anyway, I bought 2 boxes and was lucky to get both designs of the bookmark! \( ^0^)/

Last checked, yandere boyfriend pie is still available at Animate Japan!

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16 thoughts on “Goods: Do I taste good? Yandere Kareshi blueberry pie review”

    1. @Oracle: Sometimes they do restock, so you need to check the page from time to time. Try a Japanese proxy buyer like fromjapan to get it for you.

  1. Hi, I was just wondering what a proxy is. I noticed that to buy a lot of the cool things you review you need to have a proxy because they dont ship international etc. So could you tell me what a proxy is and where I can get one. Thanks.

    1. @Mikuo-chan: proxy buyers are people who charge a fee to buy on our behalf. Usually for these items, the proxy is in Japan. I usually use for stores that don’t accept international credit cards. Sometimes I would use A forwarder like etc. Unfortunately the Japanese event proxy that I engaged in the past no longer wants to do business with international buyers anymore and I’ve yet to find one that charges a reasonable price.

  2. XD Wow! They look good! I’m relieved it’s only fantasy… if a REAL Yandere made those and wrote THAT at the bottom… I think I’d cry!

    :3 Very tempted to get some!

  3. Since I didn’t know there were 2 different designs of the bookmark until now. Had to open the other box. To my surprise the other version was there! ^_^

    1. @yudashin: :D YAYYYY! Now that I’ve tried the blueberry box,I wouldn’t mind buying more in the future. I wonder if the Maid version is nice too… the pastry looks yummy.

  4. Got mine last month. I liked it but thought there might be a stronger blueberry flavor. I also bought 2 boxes. Didn’t open the other yet, but I assume I, too, will have another bookmark. ^^ Very suggestive, ne?

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