Goods: Delightful BL eats (Military Shiki x Akira, Togainu no Chi, Gift)

I finally got my hands on one of these! :D Both Military Shiki and Akira flavours! Lol~

With grand expectations… (Well, the truth is, I tried to lower them just in case ^^;;)

Title: Togainu no Chi Canned Bread Akira Military ver. (Maple flavour)
咎狗の血 パンの缶詰 アキラ軍服ver.【メイプル味】
Title: Togainu no Chi Canned Bread Shiki Military ver. (Butter flavour)
咎狗の血 パンの缶詰 シキ軍服ver.【バター味】
Price: 525 Yen each.
Available from Gift online store
Manufacturer: Pan Akimoto. (There’s English page too)

Yep, Military version Akira and Shiki canned bread! :D And it has a shelf life up to 37 months. Woo~ There are previous versions featuring the four boys, Akira, Shiki, Keisuke and Rin in schoolboy form. They were sold out the first time and reissue, so I didn’t manage to get them together with these new flavours.

Shows dummy proof graphical instructions on how to get the bread out :D

Ingredients! Recognise anything? Made by Pan Akimoto. Store away from direct sunlight, in a cool dry place.

Top with dummy proof illustrated instructions and bottom with the expiry date: January 2012. Yep, still safe to eat! :D

Patented manufacturing method for soft bread that can be stored long term. Patents acquired for Japan, America, China, Taiwan.

Same info, Military Shiki can.

Detail: Instructions for dummies :D After you open the can, grab onto the thin bread wrapping paper and pull it out slowly. Peel off the paper and eat the bread. You can also heat up the bread by dipping the can in hot water before opening it to enjoy the bread warm :D That’s clever!

Now here’s the calorie damage :D for the weight conscious among us. The can didn’t indicate it’s weight, so I’ll assume it’s 100g. For Military Akira’s maple flavour bread, For 100g you get, Energy (351 kcal), Protein (7.6g), Fat (13.0g), Cabohydrate (50.8g), Sodium (255mg) No mention about the nutritional value tho. :P

How about Military Shiki’s butter flavour bread? For 100g you get, Energy (314 kcal), Protein (8.5g), Fat (12.9g), Cabohydrate (46.5g), Sodium (290mg) It’s less fattening but more salty lol~

Next, opening the can! XD And it is wonderfully easy to open… Immediately, I can smell the lovely and sweet aroma of maple syrup.

I think even children can open the can quite easily. No can openers required.

Let’s see what’s inside. An oxygen absorber and… bread :3

When I took the preserving packet out, I was surprised that it felt hot to the touch :O This is the first time I came across something like this. My first thought was wow… is it supposed to heat up the bread? But I guess not lol. Upon reading the label, it says the エージレス “ageless” actually becomes hot and should be discarded. And of course, please heed the DO NOT EAT warning. God knows what’ll happen to you if you did ^^;;

And so, like a good fujoshi, I followed the instructions on the can. I inserted my fingers into the can that is filled tightly with the bread, grabbed the wrapping paper like so… and…


Well, of course you can keep repeating the in-out-in-out action to fuel your delusional fantasies with Military Akira’s can but I decided to get everything all out at first try :D

There we have it. Military Akira, maple flavoured bread. I’m surprised that it doesn’t feel oily/greasy to the touch at all.

Time to remove the rest of the wrapping paper. Fluffy, soft bread!

:D It looks rather cute, doesn’t it. Serving suggestion based on Shiki’s can bread illustration lol. Minus the tea cup.

It definitely wasn’t what I expected of canned bread.

The bread is soft and fluffy, just like bread that you buy fresh from the bakery. As for tastes, it is quite yummy with a slightly sweet taste of maple syrup. And it does go very well with hot black tea :D Would be great with coffee too.

I’ll update this post when I eat Shiki’s bread tomorrow XD

Since the bread tastes pretty good and has quite a long shelf-life, I really wouldn’t mind buying more of them. The original purpose for the canned bread is that it can be kept for emergencies. It is not cheap to import cos with middleman fees, shipping and so on, they’re like more than US$15 bucks each (3 times original price) for a tea time snack without the tea ^^;; If only they were more accessible for us international buyers. I have to admit though… the entertaining factor is there, so I guess it’s ok for the first few times OTL;;

These Togainu no Chi canned bread will be included in the prizes I prepared for my Birthday Celebration (new and unopened ones, of course, expiry date also in 2012 since I imported them together) So if you haven’t voted for the contest you want to take part in yet, do it now before the poll closes ^_^)/

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17 thoughts on “Goods: Delightful BL eats (Military Shiki x Akira, Togainu no Chi, Gift)”

  1. @ponytale Yeah xDDDD, it’s kinda natural, one of the first questions here when you’re child is how the panela is made, your parents answer it, and in school you learn that it’s sugar process not finished xP. Besides I’m a curious person, and always end up learning this kind of things XDDDDDDDD… Or simply because I have a sweet tooth xD.

    Maybe, but she tends to avoid saying “maybe”. When she says that, it’s almost sure she will not, or she will take her time to do it, because she knows that I will have sucess and with that, there’s no way to avoid giving me my prize XD because she tends to pretend that she forgot or something, but I’m not dumb and I’ll insist in my prize, no matter how much it takes XDDD (yes, I’m a determinator xD) . My 15’s birthday wish was eating sushi (I’ve never ate it before), guess what? I’m almost 19 and no wish fullfilled until now, she says that this year we really will go to a sushi restaurant, and it really looks like we will go, luckilly.

  2. @ponytale That unprocessed sugar is like caramel, it’s liquid caramel, in fact. After various steps of production, that caramel transforms into sugar crystals, in resume, real sugar. Just that in the case of panela, they let that caramel get hard, and don’t convert it in sugar.

    Yeah, I know school is my priority, but damn! I have other needs too! I can’t wait until “I earn my money”, because my mother doesn’t lend me much money (or doesn’t give me at all), and if I want a part time job, she doesn’t let me! Damn, give me money for my stuff, or let me have a part time job and stop whinning about that I spent too much money ¬¬, I guess I can handle school and a part time job, it’s not a full time, I mean ¬¬.

    Three thumbs for coffee :D!

  3. Mmmm I need to make a profile to start looking for a job. Sad, that I’m not surprised that I’m willing to pay US$15 for a can of bread XDDDDDDD, nah, when I want something I work to get it, I saved my money for lunch about 3 months to go to a convention and buy a Sebastian plushie and other indulgent anime stuff XDDDDDDDD

    Oh, thanks! I have the contacts now, I only need to know how to charge money to my Paypal account… or a bank account xDDDDDDDDDDDD (my mom doesn’t let me have one yet because she says I don’t have enough money for that yet… And it’s true XD).

    Yeah, coffee and bread are a common breakfast in Colombia, the other common breakfast is bread and panela’s water, that, putting it simple, panela is unprocessed sugar in form of a round rock (like a hard candy, and it is consumed as a candy sometimes) boiled in water. Nothing said, just a little taste of it and will send a diabetic to it’s sweet death, and personally hate the taste and the smell, I feel deasy with just smelling it XD. Many yays for coffee :D!

    1. @Asamisa: If you’re still in school, then school takes priority ^^ you can always buy these goods when you have a job next time.

      Lol~ unprocessed sugar? Sounds interesting :D I’ve never seen it before. Two thumbs up for coffee too!

  4. I’ve never had canned bread in my life, but you make it sound so sexy and delicious :D It’s probably very hard to resist such sexy Akira/Shiki bread!

  5. Ohhhh! You said over 15$ per can? Maybe a little expensive, but now I feel like I can get at least one of each, I just need to save some money…

    Any suggestions of middlemans? I don’t know about any and the guy that I said was kinda middleman, well, he can’t get things like these, he told me he doesn’t work with GIFT stuff :/

    Anyway… MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNTTTTTTTTTSSSSS!!! I love bread with coffee (coffee and bread are basics in colombian’s life xD)…

    1. @Asamisa: Yeah… it’s affordable when you save enough :P It is indulgent bread I tell ya OTL;;; us poor fujoshis working our ass off for a can of US$15 bread.

      I bought directly off Animate Japan when they had it then shipped with forwarding service Maybe you can try if Tenso can buy them for you directly off Gift online shop cos they have a shopping service.

      Coffee x Bread. Yum XD~

  6. The cans are so pretty and it was actually pretty cheap! (considering other versions that came out from other animes).

    I’ve read other reviews of their bread but didn’t know there was cans for TnC (such a bad fan, baad). Now I want, the baw… and yeah, mostly like sigma said, it’d look great on my desk or anything useful like that.

    1. @Oru: Oo I didn’t know other anime series selling canned bread lol~ The original price is ok… it’s just all the shipping and handling that jack up the price :-\

      I didn’t get round to tasting Shiki’s bread. Probably do that tomorrow :P Yep, the cans will be put to practical use ^^ I’ll make sure to clean them carefully.

  7. I love your sense of humor so much! I lol at the pulling in and out part. XD
    The cans are pretty, i’d just like to have one to put my change are pencils in. The bread looks tasty too. Yum! The wonders of canned bread~

    (i’m hungry now;;) XD

    1. @sigma: Thanks sweetie~ my BL filter fired while editing the pictures XDD

      Yeah, I intend to keep the cans as pen/pencil holders too. It feels heavier than 100g even without the bread. I washed it carefully so that the outer label doesn’t get wet :3 It definitely doesn’t taste like it came out of a can lol~ I remember reading that Solid isn’t very tasty, so I was keeping my expectations low for the bread. But it’s yummy!

      I’m hoping to buy the other cans in the old series if they reissue them again.

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