Goods: Chiral Gakuen second limit one-coin chibi figures (Kotobukiya, Togainu no Chi, Lamento, Sweet Pool)

2nd limit character designs revealed :D Huge love!

And now to wait for the prototypes! Up for preorder from all your fav stores :D

Just like Chiral Gakuen 1st-limit, there will be rare colour versions of 2 selected chibis. This time, they are Shiki-senpai and (scary turned pink) Gunji-senpai.

Gunji’s rare colour version is pink OTL;;

Title: Nitro+ Chiral Gakuen – The second limit (ニトロプラス キラル学園 2限目)
Price: 6,000 Yen (w/o tax)
Available: December 2011

Even more Love for the Lamento boys. Asato is such a cute in megane.

Update with the final prototypes! Incredibly cute.

Had to stick Kiriwar here cos he had no place to go :P

And pets kitty and iguana :3 Too cute too cute! Zenya <3 and Kamiya-sensei! YAY! Wish fulfilled :D

So that strikes him out as a secret… it’s not likely but would the next secret be Togainu no Chi’s Kau? :D

I really love how they materialised these two <3

Kamiya-sensei’s final was a little disappointing for me tho.

And finally the secret! My guess is he is Nano. Pity for Kau fans…

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30 thoughts on “Goods: Chiral Gakuen second limit one-coin chibi figures (Kotobukiya, Togainu no Chi, Lamento, Sweet Pool)”

  1. hmm…i actually prefer the normal version of shiki, gunji’s pink version is pretty, but i can live with the red version too…

    the secret looks like nano with a tie on, and his cat next to him….too bad it’s not kau, i would kill for a chibi of him…

    1. @iced_wine: me too I prefer the normal colours… so I hopefully I get them in my set :D yeah… there’s no Gakuen version of Kau so its unlikely :-\ but I’m sure one day we’ll see him materialised in his cute chibi self.

  2. I think I know who the secret is but not sure who… It doesnt look like Nano though. hmm… But then again, why would they bother to make a figure for some unknown chara, right? So it could be Nano… lol. IDK.

    But ohgod. megane!Asato is so damn freaking cute, I dont even know what to say. X.X I would do anything just to get my hands on it, lol. (to be honest, I am never sure (more like I dunno) on how to order things online even though I google on how to. Prolly because I dont trust what I read? lol. I am such a noob. ;o;

    On a side note, the Poet looks pretty. *w*

    1. @Lurker: I think it’s highly possible he is Nano. Notice at the side the small black pixelated image of something that looks like a black cat :3

      Depends on the store. You are referring to an English language store right?

  3. shi-shironuma-kun with cute kuro neko…. *hold breath then die* GOSH… shiki in that uniform make him look much younger 10 years!! *JKJKJK* GAHHHHHHH!!! NO MORE NEDOROIDS!!! I CAN’T HOLD MY WALLET IF THE NEDO-NEDO IS ALL THIS CUTE!!! *try to brainwashing myself* >______________< SOOO CUTEEEEEEEE~ *take a joy with you*

  4. Oh my god, finally, punishers ; www ; Now I can swap their heads with everyone.

    And I can also split shipping because this means I’ll be having more people join my order, uff.

  5. It seems like in the games by Nitro+Chiral, they gotta at least have one megane character, huh? I can only remember Tetsuo in Sweet Pool, not sure in TnC, but then suddenlt, MEGANE ASATO. In Lamento Gakuen.


    1. @hirochan: megane asato is alternate universe lamento gakuen lol as for tnc I have no impression too. Unless u count arubitro’s mask as one lol. Kamiya sensei is megane too!

  6. oh….my….god~!!!!! so cute!!!!!!!!! would kamiya sensei come with his chair? that would be amazing~ and zenya’s iguana…i personally hate lizerds, but that iguana is so cute~

    please let kau be the secret, that would make my entire year~!

    1. @iced_wine: Yep! I hope Kamiya-sensei is also removable like how Military Shiki is when he sits on his chair :D And yes! the pets are so cute hehe

      Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for Kau secret too!

    1. @momo: Shiki is still kinda in a similar pose as his normal clothes chibi, you know with his katana sword out pose XD But he looks yummy in gakuran uniform.
      The Lamento boys are so sweet! I love Asato! Hehe looking forward to the prototypes too!

  7. Yay! Your wish is fullfilled! Mmmmm I think Kau would be the surprise, I can’t think in any character for a surprise like that xP

    1. @Asamisa: Yep! XD Just that I don’t remember seeing Kau in the Gakuen setting. It’ll be a big (but pleasant) surprise if he was the secret :D

  8. oh my lord~ They look so good!
    lol you finally got your Kamiya-sense!XD
    I’m also looking forward to seeing him in figure form.

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