Goods: Bocchan, I want to pinch your cute chubby face (Gift, Kuroshitsuji Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis Plushies)

Update! The plushies will be available for order on Gift’s online store from 21 December 2010! Release date: April 2011.
Good news! The boys are available for general release, so we can grab them from our favourite figure stores ^^

1) Nendoroid Plus Ciel Phantomhive Plushie (3,675 Yen)
2) Nendoroid Plus Sebastian Michaelis Plushie (3,675 Yen)

Wow I definitely didn’t see this one coming!

At the recent Gift plushie event (第2回Giftぬいぐるみふぇすてぃばる) held on 28 November 2010, our favourite demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis (セバスチャン ミカエリス) and his eternal master Ciel Phantomhive‘s (シエル ファントムハイヴ) plushies were revealed!

At this point in time, the price and available date are not finalised yet but we should expect to see them only in 2011.

Here’s a bigger pic of the boys. I absolutely love the details of their outfit! Very very nice! I hope we are able to remove Ciel’s eyepatch to reveal his contract. Their expressions are rather in-character too lol~ Ah~ and Sebby’s ahoge!

Judging from their ability to sit and stand… they’re probably priced more expensively around 3,500 Yen, like the Vocaloid Nendoroid Plus plushies (ボーカロイド ねんどろいどぷらす ぬいぐるみ). I think my guess should be right since they were all displayed together in the same shelf.

Hopefully they’re considering making their figma too.

And the pic below is like A Mega-Big shelf of Bishi-Plushie WANTs. On the right was the event poster.

And Togainu no Chi’s Y-shirt Akira was HOT as usual. Another Bishi-Plushie that sold out durng the event was Lucky Dog 1’s Gian Carlo.

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12 thoughts on “Goods: Bocchan, I want to pinch your cute chubby face (Gift, Kuroshitsuji Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis Plushies)”

  1. i saw these at AmiAmi online store. There so cute~~!;o;
    I still don’t understand why would amiami release them and not togainu ones? ;-;

  2. @ponytale So I’ve pre-ordered them! No exclusives, finally, I’m so relieved, no need for proxies, they’re on my good AmiAmi… But really I have now 4 preorders for this month, plushes: Sebby, Bocchan and Yuri Lowell, nendo: Hideyoshi (and maybe Bakuman guys). Please, no more for April, if Kenshin comes out in April, gosh, better live of salty water!

    1. @planck-chan: Yeah, it’s great that they are making all these boy figures and plushies so it’s a happy problem when they’re all released around the same time ^^;;;

  3. @ponytale It seems 2011 will be a year of male figures and stuff… fear our wallet! Have you seen this ? OMG, I love Kenshin! Hope no more for April, let for other months hehehe

    And still there’s the two boys of Bakuman turning into nendos by April… We are lost XD! For my lucky and sake I don’t like Kyon that much, the case is I can’t stand Haruhi series, and he comes with only 2 faces, so I can pass him. But I’m happy GSC gonna release him cos he has so many fans and it’s a health indication for more male nendos!

    The TnC plushes were the great pain of this 2010, I bought yshirt and the military Aki, bleeding my bank account so bad, next year will be Shiki and Naito… but now with so many awesome things dunno when I’m gonna have money to buy them…

    And about the Kuroshitsuji plushes, I agree with you all, Sebby is beyond perfection, and don’t like Bocchan hair, although his clothes are awesome. We keep on our mantra, NO EXCLUSIVES PLEASE! NO EXCLUSIVES PLEASE! NO EXCLUSIVES PLEASE! ………

    Ooh my, this is a sign, the captcha says “April” XDDDD

    1. @planck-chan: Kenshin looks good! I’m waiting impatiently for RAH Hei from Darker than Black to be released… *fingers crossed* Yeah… they should spread out the releases OTL they’re killing our wallets! Oh I don’t mind nendo of the Bakuman boys. They look rather cute. Not the recent preorder for trading figures by Phat right? I’ll be getting Kyon ^^ hehe but you’re right… it is a happy solution for our bank accounts if we don’t like the character lol~ Mmm having lots of guy figures coming out means we should be more careful with our choices and buy the ones we really love :) If I buy Sebby, most likely I’ll buy Ciel too =_= but let’s see how it goes.

      Lol Apirl is a lovely month! XD

  4. Hi, ponytale, so sorry I did not comment here for so long! I always see your posts but only now that I’m free from school gonna update things! Miss talking to you =3

    So it’s another agony doubt, to be or not to be exclusive, that’s the question! And why everything now is for April? Sebby, Ciel and Yuri Lowell plushes, Hideyoshi and Kyon nendo, and I’m only talking about male figures and plushes that I collect! Ok, put them for April, but please Gift, let them available on AmiAmi, HS, HLJ, CdJapan etc etc

    1. @planck-chan: Missed ya too!! Yay for the holidays! XDD Enjoy it!

      I hope they’re not Gift store exclusives too. The new togainu plushies caused quite a bit of pain and panic :( especially on the $$$ side.

      Gosh you are right! *_* These male plushies and figures are all due April 2011!!! OTL;;; OMG. May have to survive on bread and water in April lol~ I’m glad Kyon nendo is made <3 I hope they make Itsuki too!!!

  5. OMG, they are SUPER cute! I want!! And hopefully they’ll be priced much less than the Hetalia chibis. Ciel’s hair looks a little wonky but I love the clothing details and his facial expression. Sebby-chan looks PERFECT.

    1. @Razberry: They should be around 3500 Yen cos they’re the same type of plushie as the vocaloid ones. To be honest, the standing feature isn’t THAT necessary I feel. The slightly cheaper Lucky Dog 1 and Togainu sitting type of plushies look just as good.

      Hehehe you can arrange their hair and try to puff em up. Yep, Sebby is perfect! They should give him his forks like how they gave plushie Gian his cigarette lol~

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