Goods: BL Trading Cards Starter Pack (Junjou Romantica, Togainu no Chi)

BL Trading Cards Starter Pack

Remember I made a post about Alice x Cross BL trading card game for Junjou Romantica and Togainu no Chi? They released starter packs for the two collections too. Junjou starter pack features scenes from the anime while Togainu starter pack features event/gameplay scenes from the game. The good thing is, every card is different! No duplicates! However, there wasn’t any “new” art that we haven’t seen already since they’re mainly cropped or reprinted from these sources. Hopefully we’ll be treated to something new when the booster packs are released. Otherwise, I’ll be quite disappointed. Generally, the overall print quality for Togainu cards seems better than Junjou’s. Junjou cards are pretty but look less sharp (were they screencapped or what?). If they were reproduced from cels, maybe the quality would’ve been better.

I’ve not figured out how to play the game yet but it seems interesting. And if I’m not wrong, cards from both series can be played together. I’ll post a more detailed review later (must go whip out the J-E dictionary) o_O

Anyway, I already placed the order for the Togainu Side Joker Booster Box that’ll be released in May. I don’t have budget for the Junjou one but hopefully it’ll still be available when I have enough $$$.

Title: Alice x Cross BL trading card game starter pack
Each 840 Yen pack contains:
1 Special card (that can’t be used in the actual game. You can see them from the photo above)
20 cards (all different ^^)
1 Guide/play mat
1 Rule book
LP (love point) counter

They’re available from comi-comi. Order from them and you’ll also get the sparkly cards as special omake items. XD

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10 thoughts on “Goods: BL Trading Cards Starter Pack (Junjou Romantica, Togainu no Chi)”

  1. Yes, it can be good or bad. Depends how we use it.
    Other than credit card i use a debit card. In real life i don’t keep many cash in the wallet

    It’ll be great if one of us can figure out how to play it. The hotness of akira and shiki will make me lose concentration during gameplay LOL~
    Another thing we should do is play Dynasty Warrior XD

    Do you need to collect many goods this month?
    Anyway you’re not feeling upset for not getting togainu ‘joined hands’ chibis are you? I feel guilty becoz i sorta talked you into cancel it.

    1. Same here cos it’s more convenient (and safer?) to carry cards than cash. No worries about the chibis ^^ I’m very grateful you talked me out of it cos there are so many other goods that I would rather collect instead. For e.g. Yupon-designed Sengoku Basara chibis (2 vols! One set each for “good” and “bad” guys ~$$$~ but I think they look very well-made and worth it). Not released yet. End April and July. I still have a few big orders (CDs + misc goods) coming in end of the month so… I’m holding my breath. March was such a killer cos my Junjou Season 2 DVDs (vol.1~3) came at one go, a stash of music OSTs + goods + manga + artbooks *_* almost died looking at my bills last week. But I guess it still wasn’t the worst I’ve seen, compared to my uncontrolled spending last year. I’m glad I slowed down.

      Hahaha~ XD I think it is a 2-player “strategy” card game. So you better concentrate to win! Yep yep! I think Dynasty Warriors is a very good partner game! We’ll probably be glued to the TV the whole day :P

  2. ^^)x Let’s hope hehe… anyway, next time we meet we can try to play the game together kekeke (if I figure out how it works XD).
    Me too! I just paid up 2 big bills *dead* I have a couple more big ones to clear, so I shouldn’t be splurging either… but since this only arrives in May… I’ll stagger the bills ^^;;; Credit cards can be good…. and bad…

  3. Oops, what i’m trying to say is ‘i’m not convinced there’ll be new art in the booster box’

    I dunno yet, but it’s nice if we can exchange. Nobody here to trade with.

    Gotta check my latest credit card billing! I’m also gonna pay up for some car services (something wrong with the transmission lately hic hic) so still undecided.

    Probably good idea if i don’t splurge on everything. Who knows we might have Lamento etc etc trading cards.

  4. I’m convinced there will be new art in the booster box.
    It’ll cost more if they have new Togainu artwork. ha-ha

    but 840Y won’t Yay!! let’s go yoyaku for it!! (sucker….

    1. @fuuga: Hope for the best! *_*

      @akiyama: Starter pack is 840 Yen and no duplicates, so can get ^^. Are you pre-ordering the whole booster box? Cos if we get duplicates we can exchange hehe.

  5. Hello…

    Cool huh? for me, it’s too complicated to use it as a game.

    I like the packing. i was afraid it’s gonna be one of those trading Pokemon card packing hee hee..

    1. *MuUuackx XD

      It has promise! ^^ This is the starter pack, so the packaging is different. I’m not sure if the booster packs are the same but would be nice if they are. I also hope there’ll be new art in the booster box too.

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