Goods: 2012 DRAMAtical Murder, Togainu, Lamento, Sweet Pool Calendar (Comiket 81, C81 Nitro+Chiral Set)

Every DMmd illustration released so far are all so drool-some (*q*)

This calendar was part of Comiket 81 「ニトロプラス キラル」セット Nitro+Chiral Set

Nitro+Chiral 2012 calendar ニトロプラス キラル 2012 カレンダー
Featuring 8 illustrations by Nitro+Chiral illustrators: Yamada Uirou, Honyarara, Yu-pon, Chayamachi Suguro and Kurumazaki Mayu.
ニトロプラス キラルの公式作家陣による描き下ろしイラストは全8枚! 山田外朗、ほにゃらら、ゆーぽん、茶屋町勝呂、車折まゆ(順不同、敬称略)。

Flat packed with loose parts…

There’s some additional assembling required before you can use your calendar. I think they’re probably trying to save production costs? Not that I mind the assembling but doing it this way puts holes into the artwork… and I’m kinda upset about that. Last year’s calendar format was so much better! But having die-cut is probably a lot more expensive than punching holes :(

Calendar cover. The print quality of the paper is very good and it has a smooth finish.

January/February is Aoba from DRAMAtical Murder by Honyarara. The holes are very annoying :(

Almost all the pages are double-sided print like below, except for the last page.

March/January is THE CHIRAL NIGHT by Yu-pon :D

May/June is Lamento’s Asato and Konoe by Yamada Uirou… aww…

July/August is the Sweet Pool boys by mangaka, Kurumazaki Mayu.

September/October is Togainu no Chi’s Shiki x Akira pair by Chayamachi Suguro.

November/December is Yupon’s swirly-eyed Makoto and Youji from Sweet Pool.

Extra months in this year’s calendar. January/February 2013 has Yamada Uirou’s Akira and he has a hole in his head! OTL;;

March/April 2013 is Chayamachi Suguro’s Rai and Konoe from Lamento.

Assembing the calendar. After folding the cardboard and arranging the pages, put the rings through and snap them in place.

Voila! Desktop calendar assembled. The floppy rings are an eye-sore to me. I also have to turn the pages very carefully, so that I don’t tear or damage the pages accidentally. Although the calendar wouldn’t fall apart but the moment you pick it up, it feels like it would. Not classy at all.

The overall size of the calendar is bigger but the actual printed pages are the same size as the calendar in last year’s set.

The back of each illustrated page.

The back of each illustrated page continued.

Overall, the calendar is great to have cos of the beautiful illustrations. I”m just peeved by the holes that ate into the artwork. They should have cropped or resize the images, so that they are not affected by the holes. A huge pity, especially when compared to last year’s calendar format.

The rest of the items in the Nitro+Chiral c81 set will be reviewed soon :)

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16 thoughts on “Goods: 2012 DRAMAtical Murder, Togainu, Lamento, Sweet Pool Calendar (Comiket 81, C81 Nitro+Chiral Set)”

  1. Actually this calendar turned out better than I thought, but the holes are annoying. I agree with you, at least if they had done the images thinking about it, there would be some reserved space for holes, and not cutting the art itself. Poor Akira and Asato heads! =(

    But the images are very cute (Yupon) and beautiful, specially my (our, right ponytale?) birthday month with that so-sweet Asato x Konoe kiss.

    And Akira receiving that manly hug by Animate tenchou is cute (this is the item I’d love the most to have! XDD)!

    1. @planck-chan: yeah, if they didn’t want to make the images smaller, they could have moved the ring holes to the area where the calendar dates are, so that the art is not affected.
      Yep! Romantic May! :D
      Hehehe Akira is irresistible even to Animate Tenchou! XD

  2. Ahh, how cute~ My favorite would probably have to be Yamada Uirou’s Asato x Konoe but Yu-pon’s illustrations are always so adorable;;

    1. @Niii: They should release a series of poster prints or postcards for Lamento illustrations by Yamada Uirou. It has a dreamy quality and very romantic :3 Yeah Yu-pon is awesome XD

  3. Thanks for the pictures!(again)
    I think the illustration of last year are more prettier than this one..Chayamachi’s illustration are the most beautiful for this calendar.And..omg,Tetsuo’s noseO_o…

    1. @blackducan: Glad to share! Love most of the pics :D
      Yea… original illustrator Onizuka Seiji’s style is much better… but I don’t know what happened to him in the illustration he did for Sweet Pool novel. Both Tetsuo and Youji look so different. Although the boys look younger and closer to the age they’re supposed to be in the game, I prefer his hunky men in the game.

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