Game: Touchy feely bishonen game Osawari Danshi (Android, Ateam Inc)

I know what you’re probably thinking fellow pervs *cough* lol~ but this is not what it looks like XD

Title: Osawari Danshi Ototo-kei Danshi to Matsuri Date
おさわり男子 弟系男子とお祭りデート♪

Price: ¥210
Updated: 26 April 2011
OS: Android 2.2 and up (To enjoy the game the “Adobe AIR” must be installed.)
Producer: Ateam, Inc.
Official site:
App page:
Update: Now also available for iPhones


New sensation dating simulation game! You can now touch his body! That’s Osawari Danshi おさわり男子♪

As the story goes, you run into your childhood friend, Hiro ヒロ at the matsuri festival 祭り! And oh no! The soft-serve ice-cream ソフトクリーム that Hiro is eating is melting and it is dripping onto his yukata 浴衣! Use your handkerchief to wipe Hiro clean!

Lol~ pity the game is not voiced…

About the character:
Name: Kiyose Hiro 清瀬 ヒロ
Childhood, younger brother-type of guy. A boyish young man. 。

You can choose to enter your own name.

How to play?

  1. Wipe the ice-cream from Hiro’s body!
  2. His reaction will change depending on where you touch him!
  3. If you touch him the right way, a heart-thumping special ending will be shown!

Oo~ there’s ice-cream on your yukata… and my gosh, your yukata is coming off let me help you. Gaa… It hurts? Oops I didn’t mean to pinch your nippl… lemme… try again…

The marketing text says: Enjoy his expressions and what he says when you touch him over and over in many different ways (lol~lol~) 表情・セリフパターンも複数用意♪いろいろ触って楽しんじゃおう!

Touch him right and you’ll get the best ending!

The illustrations are so blatantly suggestive that even though this is supposed to be an otome game and best ending is having the boy kiss you (the girl), you know this application is meant for fujoshis and BL fangirls/boys. They’re clever in making the character’s gender not too obviously female too.

Also, according to the official page’s keywords, Hiro is a tsundere! lol~ 美少年,男子,イケメン,乙女ゲーム,恋愛ゲーム,夢小説,女性向け,ショタ系,ツンデレ

Well, I don’t have an Android smart phone. Those of you who have it can enjoy it :P

As indicated on the company website, more types of men coming up in May 2011!

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27 thoughts on “Game: Touchy feely bishonen game Osawari Danshi (Android, Ateam Inc)”

  1. I have the game but I haven’t been able to get the best ending even after playing for so long D8 (also haven’t solved the Date Masamune and the brothers in the onsen ones xD)

    1. @ponytale for the osawari danshi series, there are only 1 picture to unlock per game xD;; except for the one with the 2 guys in the onsen. I’ve only unlocked 3 out of their 7 games ;A;

    2. @ponytale it’s not random and there are guides for some of them but I’m not gonna spend $0.99 each for them so not buying |D gonna try and try again. The later games have voices so mmm (you know you got the right ending when the character starts talking to you xDDDD)

    3. @hikaridranz: Wow the new ones are voiced? That’s definitely motivating XD I usually don’t play games which are not voiced… cos I hardly have time for games and if I have any, I’ll spend them on voiced ones instead. Do you wanna do a simple review of them for us? :D

    4. @ponytale sorry for late reply D: laptop spoiled, needa get it fixed soon.

      I’m not good at writing reviews…. xD;;

  2. I like how you linked certain sentences to that ecchi anime about the incest love story, in particular to the BL-scenes.


    1. @hirochan: hehehe so that people who missed that anime can have some fun too XDD since the yukata and matsuri bit is similar in context lol~ *pinch*

  3. omg lol hahahahaha the target market for this is definitely aimed towards the fujoshi!
    especially with the blatantly obvious areas the ice cream dripped to ;)

  4. @Shiki It looks like Valshe because the illustrator is Hakuseki (like Misaki-kun said). She has done all the art for Valshe’s videos and even her CD covers ^^

  5. Damn… I want a Android smart phone D: cue in weird questions of my sister of something if she found that I have that game xDDDDDD

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