Game: Moe Gacha Danshi (Full-voiced, iPhone app, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Hirakawa Daisuke, etc)

Bishie gachapon for hours of knob-turning fun.

Title: Moe Gacha Danshi 萌えガチャ男子
Price: FREE (In-app purchase for add-ons available for full version and event gachapons)
Note: Since May 2012 (If I remember correctly), the game maker is making changes to the app due to new Japanese laws regarding games/apps that have “gambling/chance” elements like these that allow purchase of coins. So before the next update comes up, we won’t be able to buy coins or the full version anymore… The app is still FREE to play and complete, except for the exclusive items in the paid full versions.

Download URL:
Company: Cyberagent, Inc

Follow instructions here to create FREE Japan itunes account without a credit card:

Category: Entertainment エンターテイメント
OS: iPhone, iPod touch (2nd Gen), iPod touch (3rd Gen), iPod touch (4th Gen), iPad iOS 4.0 and above.
How to use: Download from Japan App Store
Official site:

Mayama Kyouichirou 真山恭一郎 (CV:森川智之) Morikawa Toshiyuki
Ichinose Gaku 一ノ瀬学 (CV:平川大輔) Hirakawa Daisuke
Saionji Ren 西園寺蓮 (CV:福山潤) Fukuyama Jun
Sakuraza Waruka 桜沢瑠風 (CV:代永翼) Yonaga Tsubasa
Kisaragi Touma 如月斗真 (CV:西田雅一) Nishida Masakazu
Ono Daisuke 小野大輔 was announced as the 6th character to be released in the future. His character is a “yankee-type” student.

After you start up the app, it follows the style of an otome game where you’ll get to meet the guys you can play with while you make your way to school. First up is your childhood friend and classmate, Kisaragi Touma 如月斗真. Then you meet your teacher, Mayama Kyouichirou 真山恭一郎…

Next, you run into your underclassman, Sakuraza Waruka 桜沢瑠風 and then upperclassman, Saionji Ren 西園寺蓮. Before you step into your classroom, you meet another teacher, Ichinose Gaku 一ノ瀬学.

When you step inside your classroom, something strange happens…

Gachapon vending machines appear. If you tap on the first guy, a screen introducing the character will pop up.

Morikawa Toshiyuki voices a cool and strict mathematics teacher, Mayama Kyouichirou. He is described as scarily strict and serious. FULL-sadist lol~ He likes dogs because they obey him. Drinks Japanese alcohol and likes it cold. The extremely “hard” type who doesn’t fall in love much. Very proud.

Height: 185 cm, Blood type: A, Birthday: 7 February. Touch the screen to listen to his self-introduction.

Hirakawa Daisuke voices a healing and (warm) gentle classical teacher, Ichinose Gaku. He is the type who is good at taking care of others. He is like a friend or older brother to his students. He finds it hard to refuse when he is asked for help. He is not used to love relationships. His hobbies are cultivating bonsai (a type of plant) and cooking. He likes German beer.

Height: 182 cm, Blood type: O, Birthday: 16 September. Touch the screen to listen to his self-introduction.

Please ignore the (x41 coins) ^^;; All characters start at 5 coins after the latest version update.

Your tsundere and genuine/pure childhood friend, Kisaragi Touma (voiced by Nishida Masakazu) plays the midfielder position in the soccer club. He may seem rough and unrefined but is actually easily shy and gentle. He finds it difficult to react honestly the joy he feels when he is being praised. He can’t leave a cat when he sees one. Loves to drink cola.

Height: 180 cm, Blood type: B, Birthday: 31 August. Touch the screen to listen to his self-introduction.

Fukuyama Jun voices the beautiful and seductive student council chairman, Saionji Ren. Son of the head of distinguished Saionji family and flower arrangement style. Usually polite and elegant but he has a sensual side. He likes cats because they’re unrestrained. He is passionate about art that involves flowers. His hobby is the “Way of Tea” (tea ceremony). He likes to meditate to classical music.

Height: 183 cm, Blood type: AB, Birthday: 24 December. Touch the screen to listen to his self-introduction.

After you decide, just tap on the “Play with this guy (Free)” button. Next you’ll see the downloading screen. It’ll appear quite often whenever new content is loaded ^^;; and the first time for any one character will take at least 15-20 minutes or more depending your internet connection speed. DARN slow. So be very patient.

I tapped on Morimori’s character when I tried the app (early version). Please ignore the (x10 coins). All characters start with 5 coins and you can buy more coins if you run out of them. Be patient as the coin will be regenerated at a rate of 1 coin per 10 minutes.

On the left is the Gachapon screen and to the right is the character’s Room. Actually I think it’s quite easy to figure out even if you don’t understand Japanese text :)

Everything is blank when you first start. Drama Voice Overview.

You can touch the guy even if you don’t have any item yet.

And of course, touching his various body parts will elicit a full-voiced reaction from the character :D YUM. But his physical strength decreases with each touch. Free version decreases faster than paid version. You can buy health tonic but since it costs money, I think we just have to be patient and wait for him to recover as time passes.

Pinch on the screen to zoom in and out. Slide your finger up and down to access *ahem* areas lol~ Pity we can’t spin him around like Maa-senpai app and molest his butt.

The Completion Record page. I can’t remember where I got that image on the right ^^;; It is from the earlier not-so-free version that stops you from playing after 5 tries.

Anyway let’s give the gachapon a try~ Drag the coin to the opening on the machine. Then turn the knob. You’ll hear “gacha gacha” and then an capsule will “drop” depending on what item you get, and whether the item is new or repeated, the responses would be slightly different.

In this case, I got a “Massage Goods” Touch Item. If I tap “Use it”, it’ll bring me to the page where I can use it on the character.

Touching different parts of his body with different items will generate different reactions. Each character has a few exclusive objects that are different from others while they share some of the same types. Oo~ when touched the right way, even a sadist teacher blushes too lol~ :D Oh and of course there are suggestive noises too (^///^)

If you get a piece of the illustration, this is what you get. When you complete it, you can download the illustration as a phone wallpaper.

After you fully complete the Drama Voice Collection, remember to click on the “Play the Whole Drama” button. Although downloading the full visual novel, complete with new illustrations and background music will also take another 10-15 minutes… You’ll be in for a treat :D

Page from B’s-log magazine which revealed some of the illustrations shown in the visual novel.

If you decide to buy the Full Version, you can get to touch the characters while they’re in their sleepwear and in the shower. There’s a feature where you can blow into the mic while touching them too. It supposedly generates different voices.

If you’re using the free version, all 4 characters share the same regenerated coins. 1 coin per 10 minutes. For paid, full versions, the coins regenerate separately from the characters that you haven’t bought.

There are also daily bonus coins or health tonics for paid versions, double physical health and higher chance of new items dropping.

Event gachapons are exclusive add-ons that you have to buy at 170 Yen each. Event gachapons each includes 1 item and 1 illustration. No drama voices.

The quality of the voice acting and artwork are fantastic. You definitely have to try this app if you have a compatible device :D Highly recommended for seiyuu fangirls!

It’s pretty fun and definitely possible to complete even without paying for the full version, thanks to many fans who complained when the app was first launched lol~. In the original version, we only have 5 tries. After that, we have to buy each character at 500 Yen if you want to continue playing it. However, prior to Moe Gacha Danshi, there’s a female version released by the same company and it is possible to complete the collection without paying a dime, so you can imagine the amount of hate it generated among fans of the seiyuus.

This is the kind of thing that creates a backlash.

Anyway, I’ll update this post about the paid event gachapons and maybe other characters if I can find the time but they’re generally quite similar :) Oh and you can also go to the official blog to watch videos of the gameplay in action.

So have fun! If you don’t have a compatible device, make your friends or siblings download it lol~

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50 thoughts on “Game: Moe Gacha Danshi (Full-voiced, iPhone app, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Hirakawa Daisuke, etc)”

    1. @Mi: The character is Sakuraza Waruka 桜沢瑠風 (CV:代永翼) Yonaga Tsubasa. His character type is the “little devil” heh

    1. @Amani: yes, a Japan iTunes account is necessary. Just a note tho, they have since halted app developments, so although you can still play it, you can’t buy add-ons or coins anymore :)

    2. Whoa that’s a quick response ^^ thanks for answering! I don’t mind if I can’t buy the add-ons because well, I don’t have money xD

  1. Thank you for this post! I loved this game so much, but I tried playing it again and it won’t let me buy any coins… Was the whole game disabled? And if so do you know if its temporary or is it permanent?

    1. @Sugi7: They got into some legislation issues with how they make money with the app. They have since stopped developing the app. Hopefully they sort it out and come back but it has been more than 6 months since the last update :(

  2. I’ve got a problem here.
    When I gacha for Ichinose’s Drama Voice, that particular icon will disappear T^T
    But I still can hear it when it’s clicked.
    Now I’ve got four Drama Voice icons disappear which are number 2,4,14,15.

  3. When I gacha for Ichinose Drama Voice , that particular icon will disappear T^T
    His Drama Voice number 2,4,14,15 have disappeared but I still can hear it if It’s clicked. Any idea how to recover the icons?

  4. Hello~ I actually found your site through google whilst searching information on this app and I’m so glad I did, as it’s pretty much right up my alley. ♪ I love BL/fujoshi culture and otome games, etc. but actually I’m wondering if you can help me in regards to this app?

    You see, I’d really love to buy the full version but I’m getting a weird error. I’m hopelessly piss-poor with kanji. The fact that I can’t copy/paste the error dialogue prevents me from translating what it says, so can you tell me? This error prompt pops up each time I attempt to upgrade and it’s driving me mad. I hope you can help, and I’m sorry for the bother.

    1. @renn: Thanks for dropping by! The error message is telling you that there’s an error communicating with the server and please try again later. But there’s no solution cos there is no update for months already.

      If I’m not wrong, the company announced that they’re making some changes to how the app works in order to be compliant with laws governing games that has a “gaming” element like this where users can purchase coins for gacha. However it’s been a few months now and so far we’ve not heard any updates from them yet :( In the meantime we won’t be able to purchase the upgrades nor buy additional coins or tonics.

    2. @Ponytale: Ah, I see! I read a bit about that on the official blog but I suppose I should’ve figured they might have disabled in-game purchasing. Thank you so much for the help, you’ve really saved me some mental stress, haha. It was so annoying to keep getting this error, and finally after a couple of months of it I couldn’t take it anymore and sought help. >w<

      I really hope they continue to upgrade and improve this app, though. Thanks again and I'll definitely be visiting again! (Your blog is amazing ♡)

    3. @renn: Glad to help! I hope they’re doing ok cos I really want to have OnoD’s character too.
      Thanks for your encouraging comments! *hugs* I hope I can update my blog more often… been really busy with work and real life (*o*)

    1. @Shinta: They’re currently making changes to the app because of new Japanese laws regarding games/apps that has a “gambling/chance” element like these that allow purchase of coins. So before the next update comes up, we won’t be able to buy coins or full-version anymore for the app..

  5. I finally caved in and downloaded thus orz it’s FANTASTIC. I’m having an issue being able to buy the full version D: Would you by chance know why?

    1. @Yami: If I’m not wrong, they’re making some changes to the app. There are legislation changes in Japan about games that contain “gacha/chance” elements that allow users to buy coins to play.
      In the next update, the full-versions should be available for purchase again.

    2. Oooooh lol Makes sense. Thanks! It was super odd when I was playing too. like when I first downloaded the game the coins regenerated at 10 minutes. now it generates at 17 minutes and resets after I close the app o.O Hopefully things get fixed soon ;-;

  6. I downloaded this immediately on my Mom’s phone after reading this article xD I love Mori-san’s and Nishida-san’s characters the best. Mori’s chara brings out the masochist in me but he somehow reminds me of a hotter and meaner ver. of my maths teacher… *shivers*

    And honestly after hearing Nishida voice a tsundere osananajimi I think I love his character the most. Its unrefined and cute ><

    Were you able to get the special item thats an alarm clock? I got it for Mayama Kyouichirou. Its basicially the almost same thing as Hakuouki app's alarm clock.

    1. @Kisa: I hope your mum have fun with it too! Lol~ cos its a great stress reliever! Yeah I love the tsundere osananajimi <3 Probably my fav character too. Yep, I got the alarm clock! I didn't want to reveal that since its a spoiler :D

  7. I downloaded this app almost immediately after the first version came out and back then each coin needed 2 WHOLE HOURS to get replenished, lol. It was almost torturous having to wait that long for more coins, but I sort of knew they’d fix that because obviously a 2-hour wait would generate complaints. Haha!

    To be honest the full version is a little on the expensive side, because, coin/tonic drink bonuses aside, the only extra stuff you get are the 2 special osawari scenarios. I absolutely couldn’t resist paying for Mayama-sensei, though, since Morimori is my absolute favourite seiyuu. Lol. Bought his Valentine’s Day add-on, too, even though I knew it was overpriced. But trust me, his bedtime & bathtime osawari are seriously nosebleed-inducing. Sure, it gets repetitive after you’ve touched him everywhere and too many times, but seriously, that doesn’t change the fact that Mayama-sensei’s damn sexy. The sounds he makes when you touch him in the right places are just…damn hot. Lol. If you have a serious weakness for megane characters, especially when they are voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki, then I’d recommend that you try out the paid version. His Valentine add-on was sweet, too, but that one is passable in my opinion.

    Aside from Mayama-sensei’s full version, I also bought Touma-kun’s (love his voice and that tsundere attitude) last month; his special osawari scenes are not quite as nosebleed-inducing as Mayama-sensei’s, but damn, that boy’s cute. Didn’t buy Ichinose’s because he doesn’t interest me enough (lol), but I do like Fukuyama Jun’s Saionji Ren. His character description and osawari reactions (all the intoxicated sighs and whatnot) probably already give you an good idea of how he’s like, but lol, his drama scenario was more eroi than I thought it’d be, considering that this is just a regular all-ages app. Won’t spoil it for you girls, go collect all the voice drama bits and then watch the full visual novel scenario. By the way, I do not recommend listening to the voice drama bits individually. Each time you get a new one, just leave it and wait until you get them all, then listen to them all at once within the visual novel scenario. It’s way more enjoyable that way.

    Actually, even the free version of this app gives you a lot to be happy about already — the drama scenarios are great, the illustrations are of high quality, and the voice-acting is top-notch. Some of the osawari items are really lulzy (you can aim for their crotches using the most inappropriate items, lol). Do note that once you get to 100% completion for each of the guys (whether in the paid or free versions), however, there’s nothing new left to do except to keep playing the same osawari while waiting for any new possible updates (none as of now). The daily coin/drink bonuses for paid characters still keep coming in even after you reach full completion, and I personally just let the coins accumulate because I have nothing more to collect. Also, since the coins regenerate after only 10 minutes, it doesn’t take too long for you to reach 100% completion if you play it often — in other words, it’s not an app that lasts you for months or even weeks. If you’re planning to pay for the add-ons, do take note of these points. :)

    This has turned out to be way too lengthy, but I hope my opinion helps. :D

    1. @Michiru: Thanks for the insightful and detailed share! :D It’s very helpful!

      I’m looking forward to OnoD’s character and would most likely buy it too. I actually bought all the charas and add-ons during the 350 Yen per character sale period when Junjun’s chara was launched orz;;; ~goodbye-money~ and its truly a pity that there’s nothing much we can do in the app after we complete the collections (;A;) Expensive indeed! And like you I just login everyday to get the bonus coins anyway. I guess it’s still helpful to get free tonics.

    2. :D @ michiru: totally agreed! More replay would be nice but overall I think the app is very polished! ;) gotta like the touchie time~!

    3. @ Michiru: After reading your review, I really feel like purchasing it XD
      But I’m from Malaysia and I can’t access to its purchasing site T^T

    4. @Yurik0: You won’t be able to purchase it now cos the app company has disabled it :(
      But in general, if you want to buy Japan apps, you need to create a free iTunes Japan account first, then charge it with Japan iTunes gift card. Our usual credit cards won’t be accepted.

    1. @Urusaiii: You can complete the collection for all characters for free.

      Paid portions:
      1) Items to access sleepwear + bathroom touching and daily bonus coins/tonics
      2) Event gachapon add-on

  8. Omg awesome!! Downloading this NAO!!

    Did you see (Sleepytime boyfriend app nakers) the have a new app called something like “love me I’m your pet darling” v. similar to sleepy boyfriend and subbed!

    Also another otome game (w/ voices) was released a little while back by a group called Interactive Brains (great for people studying Hiragana)!


    1. @Jiji: Yep I saw that one :D the pet app hehe. I’ll write about it soon!

      I saw that otome game too! The art and voice cast is awesome but gameplay is mendokusai!!! I’m always too slow. And I’m too cheapsake now to pay for the walkthrough pass orz;;

      But I agree with you, its good for practising hiragana. For the first time, I was motivated enough to find out how that Japanese hiragana touch pad on my iPhone works :D

    2. Yeah, the first one or two aren’t so bad, but after that it gets too pacy… I managed to do well on the first few but after that…. (/ToT)/ at least it gets you to try and quickly recognise the characters so it’s excellent for recall (if that floats your boat…)

      And yes! I finally got my Hiragana-pad going XD;;; though I don’t like holding down the character to make the others appear lolol.

      (^o^) I’ll look forward to your pet review! <3

    3. @Jiji: wow you’re good! :D I usually use the romanji alphabet to type Japanese characters in my iPhone. I’m really slow with the touchpad but I’m glad that now I know how it actually works lol.

    4. just found another Otome-ish game (don’t know if you saw it already, Pony, called “Love&Study” (or maybe it’s Study & Love? It’s one of those!) seems to be a game with some English questions? Maybe it’s to help Japanese gamers learn some English? dunno…. Only just got it. Doesn’t seem to be voiced (or at least not from what I’ve seen so far) but the art is quite pretty…

    5. OTL Sorry, Pony, I feel like a total spam bot for posting so much!!

      I found out how you got that picture of the Mr. D-Esu Math’s teacher on the white BG – you have to tap a single area (either on him, or off of him) and that picture will pop up with some differing voiced comments depending on where you were touching.

      So far I’ve seen 3 versions for Mr. Do-Esu including one where he’s scolding you (frowning and pointing at you), that one where his arms are folded and he’s grinning and one where he’s taken his jacket off, his tie is draped around the back of his neck and he is blushing at you…

      All very lol-worthy and the other charas have them too~

  9. I want to play this!! It looks great! CURSE YOU IPHONE! LOL I like my androiddddd, but then itunes decides to release great otome games >: They should release it for android tooo!!

    1. Actually, for once, I was bale to get this to work on my ipod touch! Yay! Its cause my ipod is 2nd gen and it didnt seem to work for other japanese games XD

  10. Ah, iphone you vex me again. I really like my Android phone until I find things like this. Hoping they share the love with Android users..

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