Game: Love on the go! Hakuoki smart phone apps with voice (iPhone, Android)

Saito Hajime Trial version is available till 30 September 2011! GO GRAB HIM QUICK!

Title: Free trial version: 薄桜鬼 待受絵草子 ~無料版~ のサポート
Special free trial application will be available until 30 September 2011. Full paid version will have more voice clips and functions than the simplified trial version.
Japan iTunes store:
Japan Android Market:

Title: Smart Phone App Hakuouki スマートフォンアプリ「薄桜鬼 待受絵草子」
Available: 1 October 2011
Price: 500 Yen
Characters: Hijikata Toshizo 土方歳三, Okita Souji 沖田総司, Saito Hajime 斎藤一
Compatible OS: iOS (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, Android 2.1 and above (Smart phone and tablet)
Planned to be released: Todou Heisuke 藤堂編, Harada Sannosuke 原田編, Kazuma 風間編

There’s a demo movie on the official page located here:

What is so special about this app? Well, the app is voiced! YES! By the original seiyuu! So in this Saito Hajime app, you’ll get to hear Toriumi Kousuke’s voice. The cute thing is, if you start the application at least once a day, you’ll slowly increase the intimacy level with him as the days pass. You can check your progress by the pink petals of the sakura at the bottom right of your screen. He’ll change the way he talks to you when your intimacy level increases. And of course, if you don’t TURN him ON daily, the intimacy level will drop.

Update: Since this is the free trial, the intimacy level doesn’t go up or down…

See that cute manry blush *rabu!!!* His eyes blink and mouth move when he talks. :D

The only bad thing about this app is that everything is in kanji… but it’s free and you just have to switch it on to hear Saito, so don’t let all that kanji stop you!

Resting screen. Slide your finger on the left menu to see the options. To go to each menu item, double tap on the menu.

Bottom of the screen shows the date and time, as well as intimacy level in the form of the sakura. I’m not sure what that dango is for at the top right hand corner of the screen for. Maybe current status? Weather?

Setting. page
1) Soldier
2) Volume
3) Select type of news notification. A voice clip of Saito will highlight the latest Idea Factory news to you when you use the application. For example, this one is about Tokyo Gameshow that they’re taking part in. I’m impressed.
4) You can enter your birthday

Calendar schedule

Set alarm or voice reminder.

Looking forward to the release of all the characters! :D Still waiting for Starry Sky apps to be voiced but that’s probably not going to happen anytime soon.

Link To This Page
1. Click inside the codebox
2. Right-Click then Copy
3. Paste the HTML code into your webpage

38 thoughts on “Game: Love on the go! Hakuoki smart phone apps with voice (iPhone, Android)”

    1. Aww sorryy to bother you so much T.T !!
      The matter is now solved, I managed somehow to create an account :) Do you know maybe a good site where you can purchase coupon codes they send via mail >_<?

    1. Yeah I have the paid one :) But I found it aways, I through itunes or something ~ I found it under 情報 lol~ Thanks for the reply though

  1. XD Totally delayed comment but thanks for this, I picked up a copy and found out what the Dango seems to be for!

    It’s about your devices battery, mine started flashing and went down to a single Dango just as I got the “battery at 20%” message – once I had recharged my iPod, it was back to three dangos!


  2. It’s so sad that I don’t have the smart phone. v_v
    If I have, I will download Okita version.
    But Saito is really cute when he becomes shy……

    1. @Haruka: They’ll still be around in the future… maybe you’ll have a smartphone by then :3 Yeah the guys are so cute when they’re blushing *hearts*

  3. ;; okay, I’ll give it a try… Though I’ve been running the app once or twice in a day with no change. Saitou doesn’t want to like me xD

  4. I downloaded the app but I have no idea what I should be doing! Saitou’s affection never goes up ;-; how do you get him to like you!

    1. @Cris: according to official page, it takes time. Just remember to run the app at least once per day. There’s nothing else to do besides that unfortunately ^^;;

    1. @riya: that’s great! Thanks for sharing!

      I still have no idea what that dango is for… Lol~ and I think it takes quite sometime before he starts to like us huh? I’m still at 3 petals…

  5. I hope to get it too, but this is proving nearly impossible for mah poor Droid. Q A Q I’ve tried the MarketEnabler to work around the region locks, but unfortunately it didn’t work out so well. Then I tried to find a .apk copy of the app to simply by pass it that way, but I can’t seem to find one. ><;;

    Though I REALLY want it, I'm beginning to feel discouraged, thinking I might never find a way to work around the Android Market issue with this app. OTL

  6. @Ponytale: Well, I have an HTC Inspire, and the problem now is that when I try to download the app, the ONLY device that shows up in the drop box is the HTC Desire, which of course is incompatible…. OTL I don’t know why its not showing my device. I was logged into the email for it, it SHOULD be able to handle the app since my phone is one of the 2.1 models I believe. It might have worked if I could get the site to read that my phone is an INSPIRE, not a Desire… But like you said, there is still the possibility of a region lock. OTL

    I read the blog post you linked, but I don’t think I could really do it. Not in time to get the free app at least… OTL I still have to set up a bank account and get a card to make online purchases. Plus, I don’t know if Overplay would effect anything on my current AT&T plan.(As I am on a family plan atm) I would really LOVE this app, but I’m not sure if I can get around the restrictions in order to get it. Q A Q

    1. @Aya-chii: *_* oh my… I hope you can get it before the deadline… Hopefully they make the trial version permanent DX

      In the end, my friend used the iPad to download the Apple version. She registered a Japan iTunes account, so she didn’t have to workaround the issue.

      Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!!!

  7. I’ve been trying to find the android download of this app for a while now but when I tried your link, but sadly it didn’t work. Q A Q Is there a certain way I have to go about downloading the trial?

    1. @Aya-chii: If you loaded the link onto a web browser it shows up the Android market page. I don’t have an Android phone, so I can’t test it out yet… My friend tried and she couldn’t download too.

      Could it be because of Japan country restriction?

      Try this link… it has instructions that might help!
      Let me know if you’re successful. Good luck! :D

  8. @ponytale: no, it’s for the demo movie (the but it doesn’t matter, my sister already download the app :p
    I love the voice alarm/reminder lol

    1. @crystal_yuy: seems like they updated the link. I’ll change it.

      Hmm have to purchase those point cards in order to buy the apps when they’re available. No compatible credit card.

    1. @crystal_yuy: is it the iTunes link? If you’re accessing it from your iPhone, u gotta set your app store to Japan app store first. Maybe my instructions were wrong cos my App store on my iPhone is already Japan store when I clicked the link

      Try this:
      After you logged out of your app store, click on the Sign In button. Then tap Create Apple ID. Then select the store. Scroll all the way down the list. Japan is the 2nd last one in Kanji. Click next then close the app. The next time u start the app store, you should be loading Japan store. Then try that link again :)

  9. I can’t view the demo movie, the page won’t load :(

    But this look like a fun app :p Too bad I don’t have a iPhone (or anything else that’s compatible with it) lol

  10. Booo. I can’t download it lol. Apparently, for itunes, you have to have a japanese itunes account or something >__>!

    Haha, but that’s really cool though :) I’ll have to get one when I update to my androids phonne (which is who knows when)

    1. @momo: Log out of your iTunes account. Then visit this link will take you to the Japan iTunes. Click on install and sign up for a Japanese account (use some random/fake JP address) and you don’t have to enter any credit card details because this is a free app. Then you’ll be able to install it free :D

  11. Oh mannnnn, it’s things like this that make me wish I had a smartphone! ; A ; ‘Tis definitely quite an impressive application o A o;;

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