Fun at LalaParadise Treasure Hunt Find the White Rabbit 2012 (Blog game)

Fun at LalaParadise Treasure Hunt is BACK! :D

Game Mechanics: (Big change to the mechanics. Please read through carefully)

  1. I’m really bummed up with real life to crunch out so many clues, so instead of posting one clue per day, this time there is only ONE simple clue for you to find the “White Rabbit Treasure Post” on LalaParadise.
  2. Find any ONE post in LalaParadise that contains an IMAGE that depicts the clue.
  3. Once a post has been submitted, you can’t choose that post again.
  4. First-come-first-served :P Please check entries from other players.
  5. It’s much easier but there’s more luck involved… but on the bright side, everyone can play ^^;; I’ll come up with a better scheme when I can orz;;
  6. When you think you’ve located the correct White Rabbit Treasure Post, leave a comment on THIS game post, like this:
    Fun at LalaParadise White Rabbit Treasure Hunt September 2012 Cycle 2
    Treasure Post: Put the URL link here
  7. Please remember to fill in the Name and Email address fields. Entries with missing data will be disqualified.
  8. To be fair, you cannot change your entry to another treasure post after that, so please think carefully before you submit your entry.

About the clue:

  1. Find one post with any IMAGE thats contain the clue. It can be any post (o_O) so Good Luck everybody!

How to win:

  1. There will be one winner per cycle.
  2. The game will run twice per month, TWO treasure posts and TWO winners per month.
  3. There will only be one player with the correct post, so once again, Good Luck!


  1. Prizes will probably vary with each cycle.

Sounds simple enough? I hope so :P If you have any questions about this game, please post them in the comments here and I’ll try to explain further.

Similarly, past winners of previous games can continue to take part in new ones :)

Clue of Cycle Two

Good luck!

Last day to submit your entry is 30 September 2012, Sunday 2359 hrs (in your timezone)

Cycle 1 Results here!

Btw, the blog is being cached and refreshed automatically every hour to save bandwidth, so if you have submitted an entry, it may not be updated and shown immediately. Try refreshing the page or check back later. Thanks! :)


  1. Cycle ONE: Natsume Yujincho Ring Notebook (Natsume,Natori)
  2. Cycle TWO: Utapri Keychain (Masato, Jinguuji)

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