Event: Anime Festival Asia 2011 AFA11 (Atelier Royale Wonderland Butler Cafe)

The butler cafe is back for the second year with a Alice in Wonderland theme.

Title: Atelier Royale Wonderland Butler Cafe
Venue: Anime Festival Asia 2011, Singapore Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre
Dates: 12 -13 November 2011
Operating hours: 10 am – 8 pm
Official site: http://www.animefestival.asia/
Atelier Royale site: http://www.animefestival.asia/atelier_royale.html

Description: Fall down the rabbit hole into a Wonderland of Adventure and Excitement at the Atelier Royale Cafe. Back by popular demand, Atelier Royale Cafe is here for the 2nd year at AFA11! A themed restaurant catering mainly to female clientele, Atelier Royale features well-dressed male employees dressed as butlers, welcoming the lords and ladies of the house back to their abode. This year’s cafe features a special theme – “Wonderland”, where you will be treated to a flight of fantasy into a never before dreamed land where our dedicated butlers are here to wait on you and serve you delectable delights at your fancy. Come join us and be utterly spoilt like a princess for a day or two. Only at AFA 11

Besides all the other awesome events and performances happening at the yearly anime festival, a butler cafe is supposedly the one that a fangirl would like to try at least once? Must be quite an experience to be served by attentive, bishie butlers.

There are new members to the butler cafe, probably in anticipation of the demand.

The guys in “normal” butler uniform.

The “dressed-up” versions of the butlers, each representing a character from the Alice in Wonderland story. You can go to the official page for the character bios. I think they look better without the make-up ^^;;

Top left: Cheshire Cat, Twiddledee, Twiddledum
Bottom left: Knave of Hearts, White Rabbit, March Hare.

Except for the Mad Hatter butler who you can’t really tell which is the dressed up character at first glance lol~ But yeah, its the left picture.

Anyone going for event? Share with us your photos please! ^-^)/ Here’s my post about the butler cafe at the AFA in 2010.

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34 thoughts on “Event: Anime Festival Asia 2011 AFA11 (Atelier Royale Wonderland Butler Cafe)”

  1. i went to AFA, but not to the Butler Cafe.

    Took lots of photos! Too much cosplays fun XD

    did you went to the fortune-teller booth as well? it’s fun too!

    1. @Kisa: :D Ooo~ how was the event? Did you have fun?

      Yeah, its not cheap. I heard that they increased the price slightly this year.

      And… your artworks are beautiful XDD

    2. It was alright. Though I was alone when my teacher and friends left =_= I discovered my new love for nendoroids so it was worth it xD

      I’ll go to the Moe Moe Kyun Cafe next year if possible :3

      And thank you x3

    1. @ponytale Yes, actually. All the time XD mostly maids, in the lollipop events we even had hosts once.

      But you know, I want to try a real one, in Japan xD.

    2. @ponytale yeah XDDDD. Japanese girls look for foreigner butlers, and foreigner girls look for japanese butlers XDDDDDDDDDDD.

    3. @asamisa
      if i were served by a “foreign” butler i’ll probably be like

      but if i were served by a japanese butler then…
      inner fangirl going wild

    1. Yeah, at least I’ve been to German ones. But only one of them has a “host cafe”, and the hosts are not my type at all :/

    2. @Sug: I find that host clubs feel rather sleazy D: but that’s not to say I’m not curious about them ^^;;

      Butler cafes seem a lot more fun in a much wholesome way lol~

    3. Well, it seems to be like a mix of butler and host cafe. I think they stay at your table for a longer period of time and try to entertain you with conversation, card games etc.

      I’ve been in a host club in Japan once (we went in a group of 6 girls, of whom only 2 could speak Japanese pretty well), it was quite amusing :D

    4. @Sug: sounds like a good mix of both minus the sleazy overtones? I get that vibe whenever I see those host clubs ads lol.

      Ah~ must have been an interesting experience xD would u go again?

  2. oh mai… moe~<3
    i got shocked to see the mad hatter, i was like "eeeeh, isn't that yutakis" then i checked the name, it's him XD

    i read his blog and he's so cool..
    wish i can visit a butler cafe someday ╮(─▽─)╭

    1. @mai-chan: Yep it’s Yutaki. He really good at self-photography~ and definitely is the most photogenic and sexy of the butlers in all the photos posted for the butler cafe.

      I’m sure you can! :D

  3. OH NOOOOOOOOOOO——–!! (i’m sorry pony-chan, i’m in depressed situation right now… your comment will be full of “OH NO”) ITSSSSSSSS NOTTTTTT FAIRRRRRRRR!! WHY I GET BUNCH OF TESTS WHEN I WANNA GO TO AFAAAAAAAAAAA—-!!! *cries of depression* ARGGGGHHH!!! AND KANAME ALSO GO THERE!!! OMG!! I’M SO SUCKS!!! GIMME BACK MY TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!!

    1. @izas: Kaname is incredibly bishie indeed <3 I read that he works as a butler in real life too and he gave pointers to the Atelier Royale butlers on how to serve customers last year.

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