Cosplay: Cutest Ren Kagamine ever with other Bishies

And babes at the Anime Festival Asia 2008, Singapore on 23 Nov 2008 :D

Anyway I’ll split this separately into one cosplay and one goods post.

I went to the second day of afa08 on Sunday for the cosplay contest and arrived in the afternoon, avoiding crazy, long, morning registration queues that were expected at such events.

My friend who also attended the first day to snap up Bandai’s overseas event-only limited goods told me that the queues were significantly longer on the first day. People were queuing from as early as 8~9am although the doors only open at 10am.

So anyway, since this post is about cosplay, let’s go on to the rest!

Such events always have the staple of Naruto and Bleach cosplayers but I only took pics of what I really liked keke… There were a couple of rather good cosplayers that I missed out but these are the rest of the best that I spotted and snapped. Lovely Final Fantasy Advent Children Yazoo and Kadaj cosplayers. Awesome costumes and weapons.

I saw a Lelouch and a sweet lolita cosplayer who were handing out pamphlets for the cosplay event. Hmm… looking at the photo now, I just realised that Lulu’s sleeve was a bit too short? ^^” He didn’t wear a white long-sleeved shirt that Lulu wears under the uniform. The white cuffs usually show when his sleeves are up. Oops. However, it was a really hot day, so yeah… must have been the reason.

Snapped photos of Vocaloid, Gintama, Rozen Maiden and Gundam 00 cosplayers. I wanted to take a shot of the Gundam 00 cosplayers with the cute orange Haru one of them was carrying but I didn’t notice he was obscured in this pose x_x gaah… I think I still have a long way to go capturing better photos at such live events. Anyway, the Rozen Maiden cosplayer was really impressive. Very well-made costume! Gintama’s Okita *squeee* and Kagura (very cute) cosplayers were a superb match too! If only somebody cosplayed Gintama’s Elizabeth/Sadaharu. That’ll be perfect xD


And finally… the cutest Vocaloid Ren Kagamine EVER! xD Girls still make the cutest bishi cosplayers. xD And alternate Boy-Miku (no long ponytails) with an attitude ^^ These vocaloid cosplayers look great!


Coming soon in the next post about Goods/Merchandise at the event ^^

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18 thoughts on “Cosplay: Cutest Ren Kagamine ever with other Bishies”

  1. I’m glad! Can’t wait to see the next issue of Kouhaku! xD

    Actually the fan is ok but the fear that it will suddenly power down while I’m in the middle of working on a big big photoshop file or design is really distracting and unsettling x_x I bought a DIY desktop this afternoon. The IT guy at the shop assembled it for me ^^ Gaaah… I’m 1k bucks poorer now *cries thinking about all the DVD/CD/figures/goods/air ticket I could’ve bought* but I have to say it was a good deal tho’

    I just came back from a Christmas dinner gathering with some friends. I think I’m probably going to spend the whole of tonight installing all my programs, etc… when everything is setup properly on the new computer, I’ll send my samsung baby for repairs.

  2. Definitely useful. thanks a lot^^

    Tht SAMSUNG laptop you mean?
    It’s related to your job so yeah you got no choice but to replace it.
    the big fan surely disturb your concentration…

  3. Mmm… indeed. I’m hoping to save some money starting 2009 for trips and backup purposes but my laptop has been acting up since Monday. It literally powered-off just like that in the middle of operation. Seems like the fan is dead or something and it overheated, so the power-off is to stop itself from being damaged. I’m now working on it with the aircon on and a big home fan blowing at its bottom at full blast. I’m wearing knitted gloves! Lol~ super cold hands :P

    Sheesh. I have to buy a new machine to replace it now.

    Just when I thought I could have some savings :(

    Anyway, hope the Shaw pictures were useful/in time for the mag ^^

  4. it is better but not yet stable or going back to normal

    but i gotta limit myself in anticipation for 2009, juz because the exchange rate goes better doesn’t mean the world economic crisis is over.

  5. Our future cosplay-plan will be lot more expensive than the previous one.

    Im going to ask m friend for tailor..and try to do some D.I.Y if not the budget will go skyrocketing.

  6. Watch the anime too… it is supposed to be quite good… I only had time for one episode tho’

    Hmm… I’ll probably check the wig and take the cinema photos this weekend :)

  7. Meanwhile i go look for cosplay pics of ROZEN MAIDEN on internet

    Gonna find the tailor too, must make list of the accessories tht the character wear

    Okie, keep me posted abt the wig.

    Take care of yourself, dun be sick during XMAS especially when you got lots of work.

  8. I hope so… I’m banking on the Nitro+Chiral reputation of awesome CGs. So far companies such as Nitro+, Vivid Color, Spray and Ein have been churning out consistently high quality CGs in their games ^^

    I’ll definitely splurge on the sweetpool artbooks when they are available.

    Rozen Maiden is a popular cosplay theme too. Gothic Lolita keke. Okie, let’s stick to the Gothic theme like Rozen Maiden and Kuroshitsuji ( ^^)b Afro Sebby? That’ll be for variety keke

    I’ll go find out about wigs in local shops when I find the time, update you soon. Xmas/news year is very busy retail period so more work for me.

  9. *faints*
    Good Luck-hope it turns out really HHHot and you’ll get marvelous bonus.
    I think it’s going to be hot…i’ll be looking forward for the merchandises, figures or visual artwork book.

    Same here, love the aristocratic feel. How abt Rozen Maiden? i forgot the name but i like the one wif big scissor. *scary*
    Since we have plenty time..maybe we should try out European style and once we establish a plan, we should stick with it instead of changing minds again and again.

    Do you think you can gimme info on wigs in SG? If you have the time of coz.
    Checking out the price range and the quality also.
    Wont be cute be Sebastian with AFRO wig. I dun wanna be reggae man

  10. I have a confession to make… I yoyaku sweetpool yesterday XD

    Okie ^^ I think doing Ciel/Sebastian would be cool and Ciel has an eye patch (hide my face lol) And their clothes are still quite wearable in normal occasions depending on how we accessorise… although a bit grand. Love the aristocratic feel. Add neko mimi to the variety since Ciel is a puppy and Sebby is a devil cat XD

    I’ve not looked very hard in SG for wigs… but they’re not hard to find. And with cosplay becoming more popular, there are more shops coming up that sells cosplay stuff.

  11. Yeah SWEET POOL, good to have a change XD

    Well…we’re busy people so cannot expect full time to think about it. we oso not cosplayers at heart…but dunno next year.
    How about neko-mimi?

    well it is good. izzit hard to find wig in SG?

  12. Thanks keke… sweetpool ava? XD~

    I’ll email u the pics in a couple of days… just finished the Events Goods post x_x and it took me longer than expected.

    lol~ and before we know it OMG! The event is already here! We had like 6 months to plan for it remember? XD

    Yeah they’re cute cosplayers huh ^^ There were cosplayers of varying quality. These were some of the better ones.

  13. Ho Ho Ho Ho nice phots..

    Report and big sized pics plz for KOHAKU-MAG#5

    Shall we consider to do more daring cosplay on next year’ EXPO? we have enuff time to actually think about it.

    Look much better than local cosplayers in here la~ seriously.

  14. yea~ I would’ve take more photos of the vocaloid cosplayers (esp. Mikuo and Ren) if they were standing and posing but all of them were just sitting there looking cute lol~ I like your avatar btw xD

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