CD: OH YES! I’m coming! (BlackButterfly, Shukan Soine series vol.7-12)

Come, give us your money… hand… OTL;;

That’s what I actually see when I see their outstretched hands nowadays lol~.

So says each of the six men who are set to romance you in your bed every night come November/ December 2011

Title: Shukan Soine CD Series vol.7 (Sei) 週刊添い寝CDシリーズ vol.7 誠
Seiyuu: Kuroda Takaya 黒田崇矢
Available: 18 November 2011
Character setting: Gentle but thickheaded, mature type boyfriend. (優しくて鈍感で大人な彼)

Title: Shukan Soine CD Series vol.8 (Ryou) 週刊添い寝CDシリーズ vol.8 涼
Seiyuu: Okamoto Nobuhiko 岡本信彦
Available: 25 November 2011
Character setting: Timid but wholeheartedly thinking of you type younger boyfriend (気弱だけど一心にあなたを想う年下の彼)

Title: Shukan Soine CD Series vol.9 (Takahiro) 週刊添い寝CDシリーズ vol.9 隆弘
Seiyuu: Morita Masakazu 森田成一
Available: 2 December 2011
Character setting: Always smiling, dependable, brotherly type boyfriend (笑顔の絶えないお兄ちゃんのような頼れる彼)

Title: Shukan Soine CD Series vol.10 (Yuki) 週刊添い寝CDシリーズ vol.10 悠生
Seiyuu: Inoue Kazuhiko 井上和彦
Available: 9 December 2011
Character setting: Cheerful, fun and magnanimous (big-hearted) type boyfriend (明るくて楽しい器の大きな彼)

Title: Shukan Soine CD Series vol.11 (Touma) 週刊添い寝CDシリーズ vol.11 透真
Seiyuu: Fukuyama Jun 福山潤
Available: 16 December 2011
Character setting: Blunt but shows his respect and love in small glimpses type boyfriend (そっけない中に尊敬と愛をのぞかせる彼)
If I’m not wrong OTL;; So he is tsundere? Hmm, but after listening to his voice sample, he doesn’t seem like a tsundere :3 Listened to the CD! He -IS- tsundere and an extremely cute one too :D

Order his Dakimakura Cover here!

Title: Shukan Soine CD Series vol.12 (Satoru) 週刊添い寝CDシリーズ vol.12 聡
Seiyuu: Midorikawa Hikaru 緑川光
Available: 22 December 2011
Character setting: Earnest and strong sense of justice type boyfriend. (真面目で正義感の強い彼) Oh yea~ LOVE IS JUSTICE!* (*DGS quote)

Order his Dakimakura Cover here!

Official page:

This series is turning out to be Black Butterfly’s Honeybee Starry Sky equivalent lol~ but we definitely don’t mind. Keep the seiyuus coming! *sweatdrop* I just realised the double meaning there after finishing the sentence lol~

The character sketches look yummy! \(^o^)/ More opportunities to own expensive hugging pillows (dakimakura) of sexy 2D men OTL;;

October 2011 update! If you buy the First-press Limited edition of the new series of Soine CDs, you can collect the coupons and stickers inside and exchange for 2 different collection boxes to keep your CD collection.

1) Buy Vol. 7, Vol. 8 and Vol. 9 to get the coupon and 2 stickers to exchange for Collection box for vols 1-6
2) Buy Vol. 10, Vol. 11 and Vol. 12 to get the coupon and 2 stickers to exchange for Collection box for vols 7-12

Exchange period cut off date is 29 February 2012.

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46 thoughts on “CD: OH YES! I’m coming! (BlackButterfly, Shukan Soine series vol.7-12)”

  1. Hi Ponytale!! I know this is sooo old but do you know where I can get the Yuki body pillow? I want it so bad and can’t find it anywhere! White Rabbit express was supposed to have it but I haven’t seen it. I need it ): HELP

  2. Hey do you know where I can dowload some parts (or a whole CD) online for this series? I have a Mac and I found some downloads I guess, but they are .rar or zipped files and I have NO IDEA how to get it on my iTunes–> iPod.
    I’m a little depressed…
    Any of them would be awesome! ANY! But if you know of ANY I do favor vol 2,3, and 8 lol
    But yeah I’m just very depressed… So CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHERE A GOOD SITE WOULD BE? and also if it is a .rar or zip, how to get it on my Mac iTunes???

    THANK YOU <3
    You will be my life savor

    1. @Natsuki: You can try using a program for mac that can decompress .rar and .zip file, cos iTunes can’t import compressed files. I definitely encourage you to buy the actual CDs if you can afford them :)

  3. Good things always comes last. I want Midorin! ; -;
    Yusa Kouji would be nice~ (Or maybe Kondou Takashi)
    I love his classy, smexy voice. I was hoping he’d do smth like that for Shukan Soine, if he’d ever gonna participate in it. :3
    And lol at the vol. 10 cover, the first thing that came to my mind was Kaoru from GH.

    1. @Liru: Yeah, hopefully they still have tantalising ideas after 12 CDs :D

      Ah~ Kaoru! Kamiya Hiroshi need to be part of a series like this too. Anyway, this is such a beautiful cover, I hope the dakimakura will look just as lovely. I’m especially attracted to this character design as well as Midorin’s.

  4. sad face. I wonder if yusa will ever even get picked up to play a soine role ;u;
    Yusa reading a fairy tale for bedtime would be great!

    I’ve listen up to only vol 5. and though its lovely to hear all the seiyuus voice and *cough* producer abusing dummyheadmic*cough* I havent found a character I like in personality yet xD;;

    Do you have a vol you like in the soine series? XD

    1. @K.K. Yeah I would love to have Soine Yusa too! Yucchi did read fairy tales in Kannou Mukashibanashi’s Hans Anderson cd :D I have it!

      I generally like them all cos each one has some qualities I liked lol~ (except for vol. 4 cos I found the character too noisy. I’m trying to sleep here! But he is cute in his own way tho.)

  5. @ponytale No, it’s not, but I wish it were xDDDDDDD.

    It’s ok, the anime breaks a lit of the basic rules of soccer already xD. They literally beat each other with the ball, and they hardly are scolded. If I can rememer, I’ve seen a yellow card ONCE in all the anime. But anyway, it’s pretty fun, cute and shonen-ai-esque xDDDDDDD.

    Oh yes, I haven’t watched KHR, but there’s fujoshi buzz about it too xDDDDDDD.

  6. @ponytale LOL! thanks, it’s all well. We’ve just moved out and classes were suspended XD. Bit it’s ok, it always happens were I study.

    Fujoshi buzz! More LOL! Yeah xD, it’s awesome because almost everyone get their gay moments XD- Yuki Kaji voices Fudou (pretty popular), and when asked about his character and other two (male) players’s relationship he answered “uh… Love triangle?” and admitted that Fudou is all KidouKidou himself sometimes xDDDDD (Kidou is one of those two players XD).

  7. Woooooo! It’s been awhile since I passed around here. Sorry, college hold me back xDDDDDDDDDDD.

    Anyway, this sounds reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally good, can’t wait to get some ear candy :D!

    LOL I’ve been in into Inazuma Eleven for quite a time xDDD. I recomend it to you, not only for the super-dimentional soccer XDDD, it’s a shipping fest, specially for fuyoshi XDDDDD. I make this recommendation is because in B’sLOG made an interview with Level-5’s president and he commented on the idea of making an otome game for Inazuma Eleven.
    The link to the news here:

    Take care ^^

    1. @Asamisa: Glad you’re back! Hope all is well :D Yep next round of ear-candy starts November!

      Inazuma Eleven? Hmm I’ve seen quite a lot of fujoshi buzz around it. I’ll give it a try when I can! Thanks for a recommendation :D

  8. Waahhh, so many Jun fans?? When I found out he was also featured in this series I went totally fangirl crazy (*≧▽≦)!! And his character design is so lovely~
    Do you know if you if you can get the boxes if you live oversea?
    And by the way what’s special about the limited editions? (aside from the coupons).

    1. @usagi: Yeah I think Jun Jun is most popular among us international fans. He won a Seiyuu Award based on votes from International fans if I remember correctly.

      I think it’s a Japan only thing but we’ll need more details to be sure. I’ve preordered the CDs and wil update you guys after I see the coupon instructions inside.

      The limited edition features a Track of freetalk by the seiyuu recorded using the dummy head mic :D Regular editions do not have the track.

    1. @plup: the full sized dakimakura were made to order, so Yahoo Japan auctions and Rakuten Japan are probably your best bet now.

      As for the smaller ones, BlackButterfly may sell them again at comiket, AGF and similar events but if u don’t want to take the chance then auctions are still the best place to look.

      Good luck!

  9. @ponytale

    He’s looking good too. For me, hm, it was a tough choice but i’m liking Morita Masakazu’s character. But I’m also liking his voice since he voiced one of my favorite characters from an anime :D But they’re all very cute! I’m excited to see the other 3 character designs.

    Yes! Sakupyon & Kamiyan~ <3 Omg! I would love if they did adult situations. That'd be like…major nosebleed!

    1. @momo: are you referring to his Bunny-chan? XD

      I wonder what other surprises they have for us in the upcoming series. I hope Kuroda Takaya’s character will become a sexy beast towards the end like the characters he is often cast as lol… Although the setting is that he is supposedly thickheaded xD

      Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the realization of our seiyuu wish lists!

  10. @ponytale

    lol, late late reply but…that’s great! I really liked his character design :D

    Hmm, for the 3 new boys, omg, Idk which one I want haha. It’s all so hard :D TIME TO GO SEE SAMPLE VOICE XD

    btw, I’m looking forward to seeing the dakimakuras o.o I wonder when that will come out~

    on another note…I really want Kamiyan to voice in one of the next 6 volumes~~~ (13-18?) That’d be likeeee a dream for me <3!

    1. @momo: From the illustration and layout, I’m really digging Kuroda Takaya’s character XD The other two boys look cute but not as striking. The dakimakura will be up for preorder from 18 November onwards, that is the date of Vol.7 release.

      Me too! And Sakupyon <3 And I want them to feature adult situations like Hirarin's Vol. 1 lol~ *pervy*

  11. i love the second story of scarlet *-*
    but i really dislike the 1st one… it keeps me from buying the manga in english… -.-
    i might consider buying it next year… ~.~
    now u got me intrigued by the drama cd *0*
    time to download~ xd

  12. That’s such a tough choice, so many good ones to pick out of! But I’ll probably end up picking them based on their seiyuus or how their dakimakura’s look. :D I def want one this time since I missed the ones last time -3-; (And I kind of passed on v5 & v6. lol Was sooo poor then).

    1. @momo: Oops… I think I missed out on this comment ^^;; Sorry…

      The new illustrations look pretty good! Can’t wait to see the rest.

      The dakimakura I ordered of Vol. 5 Ryou (orange hair guy) arrived! Haven’t found the time to make a post yet but it is really quite beautiful and I’m happy with it :D I hope you can get the dakimakura of the boy you like most!

  13. Scarlet was released in 2010?

    /forever embarrassed

    ah, but did you make a review of it? Is it reaaally good? was Wa-chan really cool as the seme for One Night Stand?? owo

    1. @hirochan: Yea lol~ but can’t blame you for it cos scanlations aren’t dated are they? :D

      I didn’t review it. I didn’t like the first story with the frivolous seme. The second one starring Waccha was pretty good tho. His uke was Suzuki Chihiro if I remember correctly. Their H-scene was hot!

  14. Aah I remember my first Shukan Soince CD, the one with the megane-moe ness in it. Love love love “o-hime-sama~ <3" xD

    Ooooo Pony!! Have you heard?? There's gonna be a BLCD of Madarame Hiro's Scarlet manga!! /screaming/

    Hatano Wataru is going to be in it!! I found out about this from the Blissful Sin scans group, apparently Madarame-sensei did a short comic about her going to the studio to observe the actors~ /swoons/ the comic's hilarious though, she got a nosebleed listening to the 'ahem' scenes! xD (you can download it in the 'M Corner'~)

    1. @hirochan yep that’s our beloved Hirakawa Daisuke :3

      If we’re talking about the same title, the Scarlet BLCD is already released quite some time back in 2010 ^^ I quite liked the story that Waccha voiced and his H-scene was pretty hot. Or are you referring to a sequel? :D

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