CD: Kareshi Igai Series ~ have an affair without the consequences (Cineria)

NSFW!? :D Features some of the male characters you get to have an affair with from Cineria’s Kareshi Igai situation CD series.

I’ve been meaning to write about this situation CD series ever since volume 1 was released in May 2011… And now that the fifth CD is coming out, I guess I better do so in case I procrastinate any further. I’ll have to slowly work my way backwards from the latest one I guess.

Kareshi Igai can be literally translated as “Other than the boyfriend“. This series by doujin/independent CD maker Cineria puts the listener into first-person situations where you are having an affair with the main character. Depending on each character, the listener is either already in a relationship or is married. So far, we’ve got the following situations:

The official pages have more detailed character profiles of the guys:
1) 彼氏以外~同僚との過ち~ (c.v. Ishida Akira 石田彰)
Listener has a boyfriend but has an affair with her colleague. Age: 28
Official page:

2) 彼氏以外2~上司との過ち~ (c.v. Yusa Kouji 遊佐浩二)
Listener has a boyfriend but has an affair with her superior/boss. Age: 32
Official page:

3) 彼氏以外3~後輩との過ち~ (c.v. Okamoto Nobuhiko 岡本信彦)
Listener has a boyfriend but has an affair with her colleague who is younger. Age: 23
Official page:

4) 彼氏以外4~元彼との過ち~(c.v. Miki Shinichirou 三木眞一郎)
Listener is married but maintains a sexual relationship with her first ex-boyfriend. Age: 33
Official page:

And now in vol. 5, Listener is in love with her brother-in-law (sister’s husband). The summary didnn’t say what relationship status the listener is currently in. We’ll have to listen to find out.

Title: Kareshi Igai 5 ~Ayamachi no Daishou~ 彼氏以外5~過ちの代償~
c.v.: Kuroda Takaya 黒田崇矢
Price: 1,575 yen (w/tax)
Available: 24 December 2012
Scenario: 蒼井こんぶ
Illustrator: 雨宮
Order from Comicomi Studio to get a lucky draw coupon for a chance to win Kuroda Takaya’s autograph :D

So far my favourite CDs from the series are Yusa Kouji’s and Miki Shinichirou’s :D but all of them are entertaining and worth listening to. I’ll work on the details of previously released CDs when I can find the time. In general, I find that the stories are well-written and enjoyable. The production values are pretty good. There are no background music to distract the listener and I felt that it actually made the CDs feel more intimate and realistic, even without dummy head mic.

Have you listened to this series? What do you tihnk?

Anyway, besides these good points about the CDs, I’m probably FINALLY motivated to write this because it is an excuse to post the updated sauna pic recently uploaded by Cineria lol~ Check out the Ojisan Paradise April Fools’ version in this post XD

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9 thoughts on “CD: Kareshi Igai Series ~ have an affair without the consequences (Cineria)”

  1. iiiii!!! does the pic mean there’s more guys coming? I love this series so much. And the Ojisan Paradise, I wonder if they sold 100. Haha~ I-… I really don’t mind some of the Ojisan drawn there. -///- ((most seiyuus I like are ojisans anyway))

    Did you order one, btw?

    1. @Gakki: The guys in front are the ones who are released. The rest of them appear as side characters in the cds but it’s likely they’ll get their own affair experience too :D

      Are you referring to the Ojisan Paradise pencil boards? Yeah I ordered them XD Should I post an update about it lol~

  2. I have listened to vol 1, 3 and 4 since the three features my most biased seiyuu. |DD Skipped volume 2 because I’m not much a fan of Okamoto. :p I say this series gets more and more emotional. I loved Mikishin’s volume the best so far. It made me cry as I don’t want *insert spoiler ending here*. ;;A;;

    Plus, it’s rare to see Mikishin does this kind of situation CD, isn’t it?!

    wooo volume 5 seems VERY interesting! *_*

    1. @SnowMiyu: I think my bias for Yucchi may have been in play too XD And I’m glad they gave his story an alternative ending :3 IshiAki’s was so depressing ^^;; I think cineria had some feedback and did one for the next one.

      Yeah, I agree! Mikishin’s story was so good! I found it so relaxing to listen to this particular cd cos of Mikishin’s voice <3 I fell asleep twice before completing it lol.

      I'm looking forward to vol.5 too :D

  3. lolz, so immoral. I’m too much of an idealist to enjoy these even if they’re for fun, the guilt will ruin it for me.

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