CD: Honeymoon vol.7 Shindo Aoi (Terashima Takuma)

A honeymoon overflowing with cheerful and lively colours of spring!

Title: Honeymoon Vol.7 Shindo Aoi 進藤葵
Price: 2,000 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 28 August 2012
Seiyuu: Terashima Takuma 寺島拓篤
Cover Illustrator: Fuzuki Roa 文月路亜

Description: After you married your beloved husband, both of you set out on a dreamy Honeymoon trip! This time, you visit the Netherlands and Belgium together with your bright and lively hubby, Aoi. The two of you enjoy Aoi’s favourite food, desserts, and enjoy viewing flowers in full bloom and bask fully in the romantic atmosphere of Holland. Look forward to a honeymoon trip that rivals the sweetness of the sweetest desserts!

Terashima’s character, Shindo Aoi, is in his mid 20s. He is innocent (naive?), cheerful and energetic. He is frank and honest. He is the type who says or shows exactly what he thinks. He is stylish and attentive to others. He also has a good sense of the aesthetics. He loves sweet foods.

He enjoys fashion and the fine arts.

He is a young and handsome patissier featured in television and magazines. (Inspired by Jamie Oliver? lol~)

He refers to himself as “ore” 「俺」 and you as “kimi” 「君」.

Check out the voice sample! ( *3*) That’s quite a loud chuuu~


CDs in this series:

  1. Honeymoon vol.1 Hanamori Yuuto voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke.
  2. Honeymoon vol.2 Otoya Kosaka voiced by Toriumi Kousuke
  3. Honeymoon vol.3 Mizunuma Daichi voiced by Fukiyama Jun
  4. Honeymoon vol.4 Kashiwagi Ryou voiced by Yusa Kouji
  5. Honeymoon vol.5 Sano Eita voiced by Yoshino Hiroyuki
  6. Honeymoon vol.6 Inami Teppei voiced by Shimono Hiro
  7. Honeymoon vol.7 Shindo Aoi voiced by Terashima Takuma
  8. Honeymoon vol.8 Aizawa Reo voiced by Suzuki Tatsuhisa
  9. Honeymoon vol.9 Okumura Chiharu voiced by Ishida Akira
  10. Honeymoon vol.10 Miura Asahi voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki
  11. Honeymoon vol.11 Ichijou Yamato 一条大和 voiced by Yasumoto Hiroki

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    1. @King Rein: yeah the potential! I think these CDs are pretty fun to have an introduction to the countries visited. Like an audio travel brochure lol~

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