I was really -stressed out- this week by work. Especially today. I’m fine now cos I cleared the most pressing ones already. Oh well, but while my brain was imploding from the pressure, I happened to be listening to a drama cd which gave me ideas. So after some editing…

Imagine responding like this to your clients/boss when you have to field off all those impossible deadlines and unrealistic requests.


Epic. (This seiyuu)

Listening to this (in the context of the drama cd it was from) seriously cracked me up. Am contemplating using that as a ringtone or sms tone LOL. XD

Well, thank goodness the week is ending! There’s still unfinished work but the mind just feels a tad better when it knows that the weekend is near. TGIF!

Meisaku Bungaku (Warai) "Hashire Meros" / Drama CD (Daisuke Ono, Tomokazu Sugita, et al.)
In case you’re dying to know who voiced that clip, here’s a less edited version. I merged a few bits together. It has more of the seiyuu’s voice. Doesn’t make sense if you don’t know the context but what the hell:


I’ll reveal the voice and drama later. XD

Guess who the seiyuu is? Quite obvious I think ^^I really love this guy <3 lol~

Have a Happy weekend!


Anyway the clips were edited from this drama CD Meisaku Bungaku (Warai) Hashire Meros 名作文学(笑) ドラマCD「走れメロス」: Starring: Kamiya Hiroshi, Ono Daisuke and Sugita Tomokazu = DGS HiroC x OnoD x Itsuki x Kyon lol~

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11 thoughts on “BWAHAHAHAHA…”

  1. So many delays with alot of big series…
    I wonder that reminds me eve no jikan series did that ever finish?XD
    I completely forgot about it i think ive only seen up to epi. 4;

    1. Yeah… *breathes* We need patience… better to have quality than a rushed and botched job kekeke Ah~ Eve no Jikan has completed! Go watch it at crunchyroll ^^

  2. *_* i gotta listen to that drama sometime.(has so many dramas cds to check out no time OTL.)

    speaking of Hiroshi kamiya when are the other episodes of bakemonogatari going to be released? The waiting is killer…

    1. Yeah me too… so many drama so little time. Bakemonogatari!!! I have no idea either. Apparently I heard that the studio gave a release date previously but they kept delaying it and made fans angry. I’m not sure if they announced anything this time ^^;;;

  3. @neko12: I was in that stressed out mood to get scared (and destressed) by him XD Zetsubou sensei is awesome silly smart! -Must watch- Well, at least try to watch the BL fanservice episode if you can lol~

    @Caddy C.: Yeah, sensei is so lovable <3 It was especially funny cos his character was scolding OnoD's character in the drama. Just like his tsundere Dear Girl Stories persona. Dejavu~ <3

  4. lol. I would be scared everytime I hear this if this was my sms tone.XD

    I googled Kamiya Hiroshi and saw that it was Nozomu sensei!!XD It figures I didn’t recognize him.. I’ve only seen 2 episodes of the anime. (But I still want his nendo. darn it~!)

  5. Great stress reliever! Funny thing is after I set it to be my sms tone, NOBODY texted me. =_=||| Anyway I’ve set it back to my usual one now. lol~ The seiyuu is Kamiya Hiroshi btw XD

  6. BINGO! XD

    And the person he scolded was OnoD ~LOL… DGS dejavu. But Kamiyan sounds more evil here cos he is the king in the Hashire Melos drama cd and yeah, OnoD is Melos LOL (again) They just sound incredibly funny if you overlay their relationship in DGS.

    And this is a refreshing Kamiyan, a cross between Fuyuki (the coldness)/Zetsubou-sensei (crazy without the hilarity)/HiroC (Tsundere DGS without the dere)

    Guess who is Selinuntius? Sugita Tomokazu. Itsuku x Kyon dejavu!

    A -must- listen. Meisaku Bungaku (Warai) “Hashire Meros” XD Do you remember? It’s based on the same story background of that touching anime we watched recently (^///^)

    An interesting thing about this drama cd. Kamiyan’s part was recorded separately after the other seiyuus have recorded their parts ^^ and he sounds so awesome!

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