BLCD: Wagamama Prisoner (Morikawa Toshiyuki x Sakurai Takahiro)

Title: Wagamama Prisoner わがままプリズナー (22/05/2002)

Pairing 1:
Morikawa Toshiyuki x Sakurai Takahiro
森川智之 x 櫻井孝宏
Pairing 2:
Suzumura Kenichi x Nakahara Shigeru
鈴村健一 x 中原茂
Pairing 3:
Sakurai Takahiro x Suzumura Kenichi
櫻井孝宏 x 鈴村健一
w/ Fukuyama Jun 福山潤

Rating: Recommended (For H scenes)

Quick Summary:
After his father’s death, 16 year-old high school student Atsusa (Sakupyon) inherits all the debts that was left behind. In return for debt repayment, Atsusa becomes the sex-toy of Kyosuke (Morimori) Not only does he have to contend with Kyosuke’s sexual bullying, he also has to endure the sarcasm and enmity from Kyosuke’s son, Makoto (Suzuken).

I love Morimori x Sakupyon pairings and this I feel is one of their best. The story is OK I guess… typical master-slave BL. I’m honestly not convinced why Atsusa can fall in love with the much older man, but I guess you can say that maybe sex with him is too good. ^^” At the end of the day, I still feel that Atsusa is a helpless youth who is manipulated by Kyosuke, even though he claims (or so he thinks) to love the boy. But fortunately, it did not sound too unnatural and did not interfere with the enjoyment of the drama. It is most probably due to the great chemistry between the seiyuus.

Anyway, the smex is very HOT! *fans self* Morimori’s character alternates between the gentle and cold seme persona and Sakupyon’s reluctant uke is always attractive and natural. That so brings out the seme in me X3 Forget about the story and just enjoy the H scenes. As a side note, look out for a cute Saint Beast tribute in one of the tracks. (Morimori and Sakupyon both starred in the Saint Beast series.)

The drama includes a short side story about Makoto’s little escapade at school. Makoto discovers that his teacher (Nakahara Shigeru) has a crush on him. He threatens the man with this knowledge and rapes him there and then. Like father, like son? “I don’t mind your type… Where do you keep the vaseline?” *faint* Such premises can only happen in the BL universe LOL~ If I discover something like that, I’ll probably just threaten him to give me full marks for exams or something. ^^” (Erm, maybe I’m stupid? LOL~) Anyway, logic aside, the H is very good. Nakahara Shigeru-san’s uke is very subtle and suitable for the scenario. Evil Suzuken is so enjoyable *fufufu*. Realistic sound effects! *nose bleeds*

Third story is the prequel to Yasashikute Toge ga Aru Series. This time, we get to hear an evil Sakupyon (Kyaaaaa~) (Note: This is also Sakupyon’s first seme role! X3) Ryo (Suzuken) is the next generation of a family who serves the family of Chiro (Sakupyon) the young master. The boys grew up together and study in Chiro’s room every night. Recently Ryo begins to feel rather uncomfortable and confused by Chiro’s nightly harassment. One night, after much prodding by his father, Ryo goes to Chiro’s room again. He brings some dessert but guess what Chiro ate instead… xD

Also includes tokuten tracks where seiyuus take turns to read the lines of different characters. Pretty interesting to hear how each seiyuu interprets and performs the same lines.

Catalog: LACA-5109

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28 thoughts on “BLCD: Wagamama Prisoner (Morikawa Toshiyuki x Sakurai Takahiro)”

  1. @dashlove: Glad to you enjoyed the reviews!

    Morimori x Sakupyon is my top fav pairing ^^ I was obsessed with them for a long time after discovering them in this drama.

    Listening to BLCDs definitely helps for learning Japanese ^^;;; My listening ability improved a lot over the past few years thanks to them, especially all the H bits hahaha~ *_* Imagine telling your Japanese language teacher that XD I’m not taking formal lessons now tho… ah~ maybe I should… *_*

    You’re welcome back anytime! XD Thanks again for dropping by!

  2. Thank you so much for all of your reviews. I wished I knew your blog earlier ^^. I send my comment in this article but this is a thanks for all the BLCD reviews and also other reviews that I have read.
    ^^ When I saw the name Takahiro Sakurai x Morikawa Toriyuki, I was like “aaaaa ….” ^^ (and very loudly, believe me), such a fangirl moment. Thanks to your post I found many BLCD I did not know and that have many seiyuu-san that I love so much ^^ ! I am still learning Japanese so I hope that with all the drama CD I can improve somehow ^^”””’
    I will keep reading your blog ^^

    Thank you and have a nice day

  3. I don’t watch much tv nowadays, maybe only Japan Hour I’ll try to faithfully follow hehe ^^ as for these idol contests, I’ll only watch if they happen to be showing on tv when I channel surf and there’s nothing else interesting on. Oh~ and I like to watch cooking shows and those makeover your homes kind of shows lol~

    Quan Yi Feng is a very entertaining host. She is very fast and quick in her responses so she’s very good to watch ^^ Fann is also in showbiz for a long time. Still very watchable hehe.

    Yep~ Michelle Yeoh is lovely and elegant :) I like her too. Malaysia has quite a number of very talented and famous singers too. Like Fish Leong, Zhang Dong Liang and Penny Tai.

  4. oh yeah..i remember know abt her dark tones.

    I don’t follow any idol contest bt then a friend in SG is sooo crazy abt tht first SG idol and she talk abt it all the time, to follow her conversation i have to do some research.
    Taufik is not a bad singer at all, while Sly is more like entertainer type…but no specific opinion abt him too.

    I must say i’m impressed with Quan Yi Feng…not actually a fans but she is very attractive in her own way and the fact tht she’s not the body-type a.k.a not somebody famous becoz her super perfect body. it’s more like personality and hard work factor plus luck of course.

    Well at first i didn’t know Fann is an SG celeb, i saw her first in some taiwanese drama..later on my cousin told me she is from SG.
    Malaysia also have successful actress which is Michelle Yeoh, still looking good thou already 40-something.

  5. Celest Chong was a model for quite a number of years. Yah her long hair and long limbs were a trademark somewhat ^^ I like her photoshoots. She has a very classy look. I don’t have much impression about her TV works. If I remember correctly, she released a Chinese album and I think she sang quite well. Tried to go into the Taiwan market but not very successful. I think the Taiwan mainstream market prefers cute, fair girls. Her cosmo look and darker skin tone probably doesn’t have that kind of appeal there.

    Fann on the other hand has a wider appeal in terms of her looks. She is fair and can look cute :P She was considered a relatively more marketable artiste. She was quite successful in Taiwan too. Quan Yi Feng is a very strong tv host. She is one of the top Chinese hosts here.

    I don’t follow Singapore Idol but guess I know those two guys since it was the first season and hard not to know about since the entertainment news reported it quite extensively. Taufik was quite a good singer. I listened to his songs when they played it on radio. Sly… well, I have no special feelings/comments about him or his singing ^^” He did make quite a number of juicy entertainment news stories with another contestant named Maia.

  6. Celest started her career as a model or what?
    Heard abt her back in ugh 2001, all i can remember abt her is she’s tall with long black hair.

    Fann is Mediacorp artist, so i guess you’re right abt the ‘nurturing’ part. and yeah luck played a part too in somebody’s career.
    other than Celest and Fann…i know Quan Yi feng, read her profile in SG magazine.

    I also know Taufik and Sly, winner and runner-up of 1st SG Idol..thanks to a certain pushy friend.

  7. Well, Celest Chong is good looking, can sing and act pretty well but somehow she just isn’t successful enough. I think maybe she lacked the right timing and luck to make it really big in showbiz.

    Fann Wong is carefully nurtured by the TV station ^^ She has talent and the looks but is also one of the lucky ones.

  8. You’re really has something with backbone. Queen Latifah oso do tht..

    Years ago i have friend who very much ‘in love’ with Celest Chong, saw her in Taka one day. I think my friend almost fainted.
    I have no opinion of her, except wondering why she’s disappeared if many said she’s talented,

    Fann Wong is not an oscar-getter actress but i think her acting is quite good and she plays jolly well in dramas.

  9. Agrees! Even if someone did, it’ll probably be kept secret :P

    HAHAHA… and OMG I can’t breathe…. *crushed under two big boobies*

    And I read that the weight often causes backache too. Some Hollywood actresses, like Christina Ricci and Drew Barrymore reduced the size of their naturally big boobs because they were causing them problems like these.

    Hehehe… definitely! And I think cos it isn’t the boobs that gets Fann Wong attention, people can focus more on her acting and other talents ^^ Hmm… Celest Chong seems to have disappeared from the scene entirely tho’.

  10. Too bad there’s a plastic surgery for everything but nobody ever invented a money tree.

    My friend said to me, “OMG, not too big please….i cannot see anything else than her breast.”

    Big boobs is heavy..stirred up unwanted attention too.
    If you know SG actress named Fann Wong, she can be successful with her skinny and small boobs ha-ha, why can’t i?

    Eh, is Celest Chong still famous? she’s an SG actress and singer as far as i can remember.

  11. They have plastic surgery for almost everything… smaller nose, perkier butt, longer penis… you name it, they probably can do it. Success and risk is another matter altogether… *shrugs*

    A guy friend once mentioned that he likes to be able to hold a woman’s breasts in his hands, not too big, not to small lol~

  12. Ha-ha…pervertly natural, so problem for me.

    Whoa? sillicone bursting out? It’s deadly, right?
    I’ve heard there’s also cheap implants..and mostly they injected a liquid sillicone.
    Big boobs isn’t everything, i’m sure there are also groups of guys who prefer small or average boobs rather than the err..”watermelon”

    Reminds me of a japanese model named Megumi Kagurazaka with big boobs, i think i saw her many photobooks at Kinokuniya.
    All in bikinis….her ‘pair of watermelons’ must have been insured.

    Talk abt big boobs, are we women or cow? let’s be reasonable and appreciate whatever God gave us.

    Also there’s butt-implant, it’s like having a cushion on your butt. Ha-ha

  13. *nose bleeds*
    we’re both pervs lol~ x3

    I remember reading a similar article too. I think that’s cos the woman was already self-conscious about her breasts, so she went for the surgery. Since low self-esteem is a mental state, even after surgery, if the patient doesn’t deal with the mental, changing the physical won’t solve the original problem. Also read real horror stories of implants bursting inside the breasts… eek…

    A natural way after puberty to grow bigger boobs is to get pregnant… that was what i as told. hahaha and massage.

  14. seiyuus *growls*

    Ahhhh come on…there’s no better words to replace ‘loosen’ and ‘penetrate’, maybe you should add ‘stimulate’ to make it complete^^

    XDD I think it’s not a’s probably the way it is LOL.
    I’ve read an article in magazine, written by a guy expressing his opinion of fake boobs.
    He was saying tht men can be annoyed to by fake boobs, of course they’re great to look at but there are times in an intimate relationship tht the woman (owner of fake boobs) don’t wanna be touched.
    For example: This day she don’t want her left boob to be touched and the next day she don’t want her right boob to be touched and the next day she don’t want her boobs to be touched at all.
    I always imagine implants are not comfortable, no matter how safe it is there’s no guarantee tht it will be 100% safe.
    We’ve heard a lot of women with tragic end becoz of dying to be pretty with surgery, i don’t want to be the next victim.

  15. Yummy~ and with Muraki voiced by Sho Hayami, Yuki by Inoue Kazuhiko and Asami by Koyasu Takehito *meeeeow*

    Agrees. I think Playboy is trying to “loosen up” the tight grip of the authority and probably make it easier to penetrate the market in the future. (“loosen” and “penetrate” sounds a bit BL and hentai in this context lol~) Indonesia has a huge market potential, since Playboy isn’t just about the magazine. They have a wide range of goods as well.

    Mmm… there was this joke about how to spot fake boobs, you get the woman with the big boobs to lie down and if the boobs stand up like mountains, most likely they are implants ^^”

    Yea, especially since plastic surgery can go wrong too. Why take that kind of unnecessary risk… Shopping is better! :D

  16. YnM is all about teasing and harassing…no big deal. Hardly erotic just very much fun XD
    Who won’t be aroused by Kazutaka Muraki or Yuki Eiri or Asami Ryuichi? XD

    Actually Playboy (Indo ver.) is pretty lame, why would they published a magazine with strong image as a porn magazine but make it similar in content with FHM or Maxim?
    Come to think of it, those who wanted to read Playboy know what they want…

    Big boobs such a Vic Beckham’s (Posh Spice) is scary, big natural boobs is okay but knowing so many women do breast implant just scares me whenever i look at the pictures.
    I have insecurities with my body image but i’m not desperate enuff to have a plastic surgery or implant.
    (prefer to use the money to shop haha)

  17. Gosh… Yami no Matsuei anime is so mild! What is YnM compared to hentai and yuri that the guys watch? An idea suddenly crept into my mind. Since BL can be very erotic and explicit, maybe they’re scared that they’ll also feel aroused if they watch it. Now, we all know this is not an indication that a person is gay but they’ll probably feel threatened by the possibility LOL~ so they condemn.

    I read about it in the news. I’m quite surprised that Indonesia allows Playboy too but it seems that the version is something similar to FHM and Maxim, etc. Nothing explicit but I think it is what the original magazine stands for that created the controversy?

    Hmm actually I don’t mind looking at photos of women with big boobs and great figures if they are well taken. xD But yeah, I have insecurities about body image too ^^ which girl doesn’t? :P

    Stolen??? That sucks big time… those horrid @#%^^%$#!

  18. I just don’t like the common fact tht girls are not allowed to see naked men illustration. tht’s all.
    Not allowed to be exactly, seems like naked-thing belong to men only.

    I once have the exprience to be called, “sick” from a guy just becoz i watched Yami no Matsuei.
    Come to think of it even boys watch yuri and hentai, so why suddenly BL becoming dirtier?

    There is Indonesian ver. of Playboy, create a quite controversy in here. I dunno if the magazine still circulating anot but the contents probably suck, not becoz i’m a feminist but i’m not eager to see Indonesian female celebrity or model in a skimpy lingerie or bikinis.
    Let’s face it..i’m female and pretty cautious with my below average boobs size, why torturing myself looking at big boobs on men’s magazine?

    I don’t think censorboard really works here. your items will be destroyed or stolen by some jerk-ass officer or they sorta blackmail you in a nice way then let you have the items.

  19. Mmm for here, if you have the misfortune of having your package checked… It’s more or less a random thing with other shipping methods but if your courier is DHL, they will always send it to the board for review. If that happens, what they’ll do is open up your package, take out the items, then deliver the empty box to you with a little card that says they’re going to check your stuff. That’s what I read from other people’s ordering experience here.

    For books, they’ll flip through the pages, if DVD/CD they’ll watch and listen to the contents. If they find questionable things, they’ll destroy the materials and inform you. It almost happened to me for my Fuyu no Semi Limited edition orders but I was lucky cos the courier called me up to check if I want to let the 3 DVDs go through the review. Instead of taking the risk, I just decided to return everything. Cos even if you try to return them to the sender (or shop) you won’t get any refunds for opened items. Amazon Japan’s service was good cos they refunded all of it and didn’t charge me for shipping at all.

    We don’t have Playboy or Hustler here. Heck, you can’t even access the website cos its blocked! LOL~ I don’t really care about that tho’. I mean people will only crave for things they don’t or can’t have. When I was overseas, it never even occurred to me to access those sites. Only when I’m back then I was like. Oh yah… forgot to go and see what the site looks like. :P Yea and BL or anything that are pro-alternative lifestyles can be very sensitive issues here. So, it depends…

  20. How does censorboard actually works?

    Do they inform you when they found something not appealing in your package?

    I’m not trying to justify myself or judging anyone..but let’s be frank tht men’s magazine such as FHM or Maxim is close to porn and models on the mag are real women, so why does everybody suddenly become disgusted by naked men illustration?
    I’m no underage viewer and if men can drool over Playboy or Hustler surely we can drool over BeBoy or BeBoy Gold. XD

    Of course there’re things called privacy and preferences, i won’t force my friend to like or to hate BL. It’s all about your own choice and preference.

  21. Pfft~ yeah me too… sometimes by one look can tell already. Our BL radar is very well tuned xD

    *nod nod* me too… same here… customs ( -_-) so far the art books arrived safely. Only DVDs have potential issues so always keeping fingers crossed.

  22. Most of the time i know if it’s BL or not..

    Well, if i have the time and $ i probably will end up buying lots of stuffs on impulse.
    However custom regulation is something i have to consider especially when buying BL items and like it or not for most people BL is a sensitive issue.

  23. Yep~ reviews are definitely helpful ^_^ but if we have the luxury of time and $, it’s always nice to experience the works ourselves and form our own judgment.

    We’re all attracted to pretty things xD Hehe but did you know the artbooks contain BL before you bought them?

  24. Oh yeah…there are lots of ugly cheap BL stories…so it’s an absolute joy to find BL with good stories (plot, characters, voice actors, etc)
    But of coz i’m trying to be objective, there are also plenty of lousy non-BL anime/manga as well…
    (Tht’s why a review is always helpful. ^^)

    I admit there are some BL artbooks i bought not becoz i like stories but the artwork attract me.
    Youka Nitta’s artbooks for example (Charisma and kiss of Fire)
    Anyway, i do have some weird BL artbook which i bought without knowing anything about it.

  25. Yesh! They have wonderful chemistry! d(^_^)b And they are one of my top fav pairings.

    Most of the BL stories are nothing to shout about and just pander to our pervyness *falls down* Not that I’m complaining cos they can be entertaining LOL~ To find an occasional gem is a nice thing tho’ :D

    Fanlisting? geee… neither am I… :-\

  26. The pairing between Morikawa X Sakurai is absolute first class thou in my own personal opinion the plot is pretty much standart or else boring.
    All those ‘becoming sex-toy and bullying thingy’ is pretty much daily life for an Uke.

    Well, the reason i go for the CD is none other than Morikawa T..
    Which remind me i’m not included in his fanlisting yet LOL

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