BLCD: STEAL! Koi suru Valentine / Ai sare White Day (Midorikawa Hikaru x Abe Atsushi)

Part two of Spray’s Valentine’s special drama cd project, STEAL! 愛されWhiteday is released. It was supposed to be released about a week after White Day (24/3/201 1) but was delayed due to the earthquake in Japan on 11/3/2011.

1) Title: 「STEAL!恋するValentine」 (23/2/2011)
Overall uke: Abe Atsushi
Semes: Midorikawa Hikaru, Miura Hiroaki, Tachibana Shinnosuke, Sasada Takayuki

2) Title: 「STEAL! 愛されWhiteday」 (6/4/2011)
Overall uke: Abe Atsushi
Semes: Maeno Tomoaki, Kamiya Hiroshi, Terashima Takuma, Horie Kazuma

Summary: Both CDs are basically love-love situations for each featured pairing. A sweet treat for fans of the game and seiyuus.

If you’re not familiar with the game, this is its background setting: Kaidou Gakuen 魁堂学園 is an training ground setup by Manus Pica (マ二ュスピカ), an organisation formed of top-notch “bandits” 怪盜 where you can learn all sorts of techniques for covert activities, for example, pick-pocketing, lock-picking, hacker skills, etc. Named, “True Eyes” the protagonist, Kobayashi Asuka will meet and team up with eight fellow trainees who are specialised in their own fields for various missions. In the process, they will uncover the mystery of a huge conspiracy surrounding them…

Looking at the cast list, I’m reminded of the surprise I had when the game was first released. Cos 6 out of 9 seiyuus used their real names in this BL game lol~ Midorikawa Hikaru has always used his real name for BL games but it’s the first time for all the other seiyuus. I read somewhere that said that the H-level for this game isn’t very high. Maybe that’s why? And now they’re probably compensating with lots of ecchi BLCDs to keep the fans happy :3

I didn’t buy this game when it was first released as I didn’t like Abe Atsushi’s uke voice much then. It’s personal preference though cos I’m sure there are fans of his uke voice. I was tempted by the seme cast but it didn’t push me over the ledge cos of budget constraints ^^;; These two BLCDs were quite enjoyable tho and I think Abe Atsushi has improved a lot over the months.

Have you played the game and how did you find it?

Cast list:

Abe Atsushi 阿部 敦 (神凪儚) as Kobayashi Asuka 小林明日叶
Midorikawa Hikaru 緑川 光 as Fujigaya Kei 藤ヶ谷慧
Miura Hiroaki 三浦祥朗 as Dio T Lotti ディオ T. ロッティ
Tachibana Shinnosuke 立花 慎之介 (皇 帝) as Uesato Hiro 上里ヒロ
Sasada Takayuki 笹田貴之 as Tsuchiya Taiyou 土屋太阳
Maeno Tomoaki 前野智昭 as Nikaidou Ryouichi 二阶堂亮一
Kamiya Hiroshi 神谷浩史 as KiryuTakayuki 桐生崇征
Terashima Takuma 寺島拓篤 御勒院鷹磨 as Nagakawa Matori 中川眞鸟
Horie Kazuma 堀江一眞 as Kusumato Hajime 楠本兴

For the fun of it, this is the email I received from Spray’s mailing list for the release updates.

1) Koi suru Valentine


ヒロ「明日叶ちんってば遅れてるよ? 今はバレンタインに男も女も関係ないし」
明日叶「そうなのか……。じゃあ、どうしてグリフのみんなは俺からチョコをもらいたがるんだ? 関係ないなら、俺だってチョコをもらってもいいはずだ」

太陽「え? 明日叶センパイが腹いっぱいチョコ食いたいって!?」
慧「それはどのくらい集めればいいんだ? 明日叶の望みは……俺が叶えてやる」

太陽「あー!! ずりぃぞ、ヒロ!」

ディオ「ドラマCD『STEAL!恋するValentine』今日発売だ。もちろん予約したよな? ガッティーノ」


2) Ai Sare White Day
明日叶「興さん!? なに食べてるんですか!?」


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15 thoughts on “BLCD: STEAL! Koi suru Valentine / Ai sare White Day (Midorikawa Hikaru x Abe Atsushi)”

  1. @ponytale Bringing Gin back would be a Plot-no-jutsu from Naruto, and I don’t think that jutsus work in Bleach universe XD.

    Yeah, I think that the angry mails motivate him to piss the fans, and I’m starting to believe he enjoys this XD. Means: he’s a troll, and a big one, he may even live under a bridge and draws there, not letting people pass xD.

    Besides, Gin clearly was killed. But maybe Kubo is crazy enough to use Plot-no-jutsu…

    1. @Asamisa: but if he did bring Gin back then I think fans would be upset too because they cried their tears for nothing lol. You just can’t win XD

  2. @ponytale Yeah, Non-tan is cool :3

    Yes, it’s commonly accepted that Kubo is a troll, and the only we can do about it is waiting every week, maybe he’s going to fix it, or making it worse xD. Usually he fixs it, but sometime he does things like that of ripping Uryuu’s arm again, but you’re right, he’ll have to fix his little joke, specially talking about Uryuu, he’s a popular character xP. Other times he lets things like that, like Gin Ichimaru’s death, he was a bad guy (and very popular), everyone thought that he would kill Aizen (the big bad) and be the new big bad: he does, but he fails and is killed instead. Nuff said, he’s a canon troll, but that kinda makes him and the series awesome xD.

    And I’m sure he got angry mails XD, all the time XD.

    1. @Asamisa: I think getting angry mails is better than nothing :D At least that means people are following and reacting to his manga plot hehe. O… maybe he’ll bring back Gin one day ^^ nothing is impossible in the manga world.

  3. @ponytale Non-tan was voted as the more suitable seiyuu for tsundere roles, no less XD.

    Yes, he took a level in badass at that point. He was bleeding like hell (he used medicine and pain killers, though), and yet was doing pretty amazing archer things with only his right arm, he’s leftie, he has to be pretty skilled to use his non-usual arm. Too bad Ulquiorra was Safer Sephiroth at that moment, nothing of what Ishida did worked, man, the bad guy even killed the protagonist.

    But they got better, Ichigo is revived, and Ishida has his two arms again ^^ and… guess what? The mangaka (Tite Kubo) decided to rip off his left arm again. Kubo is a troll.

    1. @Asamisa: Seriously? XD I’m not surprised. He does a great job lol~

      The mangaka is trying to screw the readers lol~ but he has no choice but to restore everything because of fan reactions :P They probably flooded his mailbox with angry emails.

  4. @ponytale Really? I have to hear that!

    I didn’t understand much of the radio show, my japanese wasn’t that good, but a friend told me that one of the jokes was about Orihime, who likes Ichigo, was trying to revive him while Ishida was fighting the Bad Guy, trying to protect her WITHOUT AN ARM, AND THE BOY IS AN ARCHER (Nuff said, many Uryuu fans, including me, were annoyed. Uryuu is an awkward gentleman xP). Non-tan joked saying “ehh… I need a little help here” xDDDDDDD.

    Yeah, England is adorable :3, I love british boys xD. I also like Japan, he’s su cute and polite xD.

    1. @Asamisa: He was really cute as ramen XDD He is a sweet boy in this drama. Although there’s a tsundere version of him as well. He gets cast as Tsundere a lot huh. Recommended.

      How can you be an archer with only one arm? :O that’s major skillz lol.

  5. Oh! I was talking about him in another game, his upcoming role in omerta (that was the tittle?). xP sorry if I confused you xDDD.

    Now I see, so that’s why they use alternative names. Maybe I’ve thought about that xDD, again, I’m a little clueless xD.

    Really? Wow, in a Bleach B Station radio show he and Masakazu Morita did a lot of jokes and laughed all the time :O, maybe it was for the show itself xP. I guess he has fans because his characters are sometimes tsundere, or because of the characters are pretty popular too (like Sasuke). I just love his role in Bleach and Hetalia; Uryuu is soo awkwardly cute and funny, specially when he argues with Ichigo; and England is so tsundere, totally adorable XD.

    1. @Asamisa: Oh… Yep Omerta is his FIRST BL game :D He is also taking up more BL jobs. There’s a new upcoming BLCD he is voicing. I can’t remember if he was seme or uke.

      Icic :D I don’t follow Bleach so I’m not familiar with that. Maybe they’re really comfortable with each other and like you said, the show has lots of jokes that they have to do keke. England is definitely one of my fav characters in Hetalia XD

  6. opps i mistyped, wasn’t talking about Noriaki Sugiyama, was referring to Sasada Takayuki in the game. yea Sugiyama Noraki is always so serious x_x, i watched him in some events and he never ever talks unless prompted to, and doesn’t joke or laugh too! but he seems to have garnered alot of fans with his personality haha

    1. @chibi: OH I see lol~ XD

      Yep, I also find his personality endearing, especially after seeing him during the live Hetalia event. He seems like the “shinken 真剣* and *majime ni 真面目” type :D coupled with his awesome voice, he is rather cute.

  7. yay steal! love this game although it’s very much gakuen heaven in an alternate universe. kamiya’s kichiku voice is scary O_O (in a good way) but i only liked the main pairing with hikaru. Noriaki Sugiyama’s voice is annoying and i mean really annoying, so much so that i have to lower down my speaker volume…i haven’t felt that way since kappei yamaguchi’s role in Kannagi no Tori >_>

    as for the above comment, i believe the seiyuus didn’t want to see their name identified under an 18+ game when some people google them. After all, they have an image to keep :p
    A pity Noriaki Sugiyama is not very outspoken though, he’s always very shy and quiet when it comes to events and free talk cds…

    1. @Asamisa & chibi: etto… which character is Sugiyama Noriaki in Steal!? ^^;; I must be missing something here OTL;;

      If I played the game, I would go for Kamiya first :D Love him sounding like a do-S lol~ after that would probably be Maeno and Midorin. And yep, what chibi said is the main reason why they use fake names and I read somewhere that suggested that it is also to prevent their under-aged fans from trying to buy the 18+ games.

      Sugiyama Noraki looks like he is a serious guy with a nice personality. I’ve only watched him once during a Hetalia event :D And during freetalks, he always seems to try his best to answer the questions posed to him even when the rest of the cast is trying to be funny lol~ Most recent impression was the Menkui freetalk (funny BLCD about Japanese ramen noodles in human form lol with an all male cast. Some BL involved + mpreg XD)

  8. LOLOL Iadmire Hikaru Midorikawa, pretty brave to always use his real name for BL works. It’s a funny thing this about alias, I wonder, why they use them, if people can recognize their voices? I’m pretty clueless, but usually I can identify voices. Even more, some of them have a really identifiable voice, for example, Noriaki Sugiyama. You always catch his voice “hey! It’s Non-tan!”, and he’s going to participate in a BL game, but I think he knew this and decided that it was useless to use an alias, or he’s pretty brave, or just to bug the fangirls xDDDDDDDD, or all the above xD.

    As for Non-tan, I never thought I’d hear him in a Bl role, that the only I could do was imagine about it xDDDDDDDDDD. Man, now I can erase this from my “things to do before I die” list XD.

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