BLCD: Egoist no Junai (Yusa Kouji x Kamiya Hiroshi)

Egoist no Junai
エゴイストの純愛 (28/10/2005)

Yusa Kouji x Kamiya Hiroshi 遊佐浩二 x 神谷浩史
with Horiuchi Kenyuu 堀内賢雄, Ichijou Kazuya 一条和矢, Shibuya Shigeru 渋谷茂

Rating: Recommended for the smexy H-scenes, especially people who love noisy semes

Summary: [There are some spoilers but no ending-spoilers ^^]

This drama is based on a novel by Toono Haruhi 遠野春日 and made up of two continuous stories of the pairing.

“I want to reveal the beast underneath that innocent-looking face.”

Matsubae Daisuke (Yusa Kouji) is a managing director of a large corporation, Matsubae Group. A beautiful and innocent-looking Hanamoto Yukihiko (Kamiya Hiroshi), an artiste manager of Kaji Production catches his attention one day. When the man notices the 25-year-old’s loving gaze towards the older actor, Yasuike Shun (Horiuchi Kenyuu) who is under his management, he feels a strong displeasure at the sight. Matsubae is determined to tear away Yukihiko’s innocent face and reveal the beast within.

A week later, Matsubae’s secretary, Sayama Yoshitaka (Ichijou Kazuya) contacts Kaji Production and requests for Yukihiko. He explains that in order to get his actor, Yasuike, special recommendation for a coveted role in a drama the company is sponsoring, he needs to meet their company’s managing director Matsubae Daisuke.

Matsubae offers Yukihiko an indecent proposal to sleep with him and satisfy him in bed if he wants to help Yasuike. Although Yukihiko is shocked by the proposition, he accepts it even though he has never had sex with a man before. Yukihiko’s decision convinces Matsubae that he is in love with Yasuike as he is willing to go this far for him. Thereafter, Matsubae wants Yukihiko to continue sleeping with him whenever he demands for it to ensure his continued support for Yasuike’s recommendation.

Later on, a misunderstanding occurs between the two and sends Matsubae into a jealous rage. He gets back at Yukihiko by manipulating Yasuike and causes Yukihiko to lose his job. However, after the vengeful act, he feels guilty and regretful of his actions. He also realises he has fallen in love with Yukihiko but will Yukihiko forgive him? And what kind of relationship does Yukihito and Yasuike have?

Comments [some more spoilers]:

Given the limited scope of the stereotypical material, the seiyuus’ performance is probably the only reason that will make you sit through the whole story.

Yusa Kouji’s arrogant sounding seme is enjoyable but I think he can also piss people off. Matsubae is petty and doesn’t seem to hesitate using underhand methods to have his own way. I really don’t see what is there to like about this character ^^;;; His guilt and sudden transformation into a loving and possessive seme once his discovers that he has fallen in love with Yukihiko isn’t very convincing to me. He is probably very good in bed… that’s why Yukihiko can’t get enough of him whenever they have sex. lol~ As for his voice, he sounds like Mido Takanori from Spray’s BL game, Kichiku Megane (鬼畜眼鏡). Kamiyan is beautiful as usual and his sweet, good-boy uke is a cutie. He reminds me a bit of his Natsume from Natsume Yuujinchou but don’t take my word for it. It could be just me ^^;;

All the sex scenes are long and relatively graphic. There are subtle but realistic sound effects mostly contributed by the seiyuus themselves. Their voice acting of all the licking, sucking, kissing, swallowing… you can visualise what is happening quite clearly. Delicious. The characters’ first encounter is a full 4-minutes from stripping, foreplay, preparation… till the end. Phew~ *fans self* Kamiyan’s “frightened rabbit“, obedient uke character is refreshing to listen to. His portrayal of the inexperienced uke is very convincing and I feel quite guilty for enjoying his deflowering. It is as if I’ve violated him myself ^^;;

I admit. Minds of fujoshi are scary indeed.

Fortunately, Yukihito is not an annoying and weak uke that you usually expect from this type of story setting. That is a major plus. Later on in the story, he becomes a hungry uke who enjoys sex. I definitely prefer this to weepy ukes who cry about it all the time *rolls eyes*

This drama is also recommended for people who love a noisy seme. Yusa Kouji’s loud moans can rival Kamiyan’s in the H-scenes. Very yummy (^///^)

The second story is rather bland. A third party, Chikami Ryouichi (Shibuya Shigeru) who is Yukihiko’s sempai from university, is introduced into the relationship but without spark or spice. I feel that Shibuya Shigeru’s acting sounds a bit unnatural too. Only the lovey-dovey and H-scenes between the main couple are good.

I particularly like the oral sex scenes *cough* of this drama. Yusa is hot and Kamiyan sounds sweet and hungry. I want an uke like him too *glomps* lol~

Ah~ as a side note, people who don’t like ukes with a high-pitched voice will probably not enjoy this as much I do but this is definitely recommended for Yusa x Kamiyan fans :)

Catalog: MMCC-3075

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14 thoughts on “BLCD: Egoist no Junai (Yusa Kouji x Kamiya Hiroshi)”

  1. *writes down titles*
    …Do I dare to go to Amazon Japan ratings? *_* oh, well, a wishlist should be long anyway, right? XDD
    Yes, you said it just right about Takamiya sensei’s illustrations ^^b my own description goes along the line of “he~y, this uke will most likely gets jumped up by the seme right away” . yes, I’m not good with words :P
    thanks for the recommendations ^^/

    1. @pokapi: yeah sometimes if I’m not sure about some dramas, I would go and check it out at Amazon Japan to see if I should take the risk to buy OTL;;; These things really aren’t cheap (T_T)

      No no… you said it there… a seme would sure jump the uke if he saw him (looking like that) lol~

  2. Aw, no need to worry about that ^^ I’m having fun reading your posts :D (though I do worry with the constantly growing blcd wishlist ^^;;) I just realized lately I’ve never open bl related sites.. with the exception of publisher’s site and online bookstore OTL
    Yes, it’s quite rare isn’t it :3 Up to the point it always piqued my interest ;) Also, I can never say no to Takamiya Azuma’s illustrations XD

    1. @pokapi: My BLCD wishlist keeps growing too! I usually double-check Amazon Japan ratings :D

      The (in)famous Seikanji Series Vol. 4 ~ Tsumi no Shitone mo Nureru Yoru also has Yusa (seme)’s POV and Kamiyan is his uke too. Oh another one of my favourites is Sanbyaku nen no koi no hate. The first story is also told from seme’s POV. It’s one of the stories I wanna write about too. Konitan x Kamiyan.

      Yeah, Takamiya Azuma-sensei’s illustrations have an air of fragility to them and it is rather suitable for this novel :3

    1. @pokapi: :3 sorry for the late update for Kotonoha no hana, I’ll try to get it done over the weekend or early next week ^^;;

      Yep, Egoist no Junai is mainly from the POV of the seme. Come to think of it… that’s comparatively rarer in BL stories huh :D

  3. Thank you for answering my question! I can’t wait for your Slavers review! And don’t worry, I do listen to the dialogue, always. Even though I don’t understand what they’re saying, I just love listening to their voices. There’s just more of a pay-off for me when there’s h-scenes to look forward to. ^.^

    I don’t know if I’m looking at the right thing on the niconico page…is it the Just be Friends video?

    1. I’ll do my best ^^ kekeke good quality H is extremely important!!! XD

      It’s not the Just be Friends one heh… Try that link again scroll down, you should see that video. The song is very bubblegum pop and happy. Many cute illustrations of Izaya too :D

  4. Hello! Thank you again for such a wonderful and informative BLCD review. I cannot and do not say thank you enough, but as always, your reviews are very much appreciated. I am going to listen to both of the BLCDs you’ve reviewed just based on what you’ve said. Thank you thank you!

    Btw, what do you think of Durarara!!? Is Kamiyan’s performance SEXY AS HELL or what? I already loved the character design when I saw them in pictures, but then to hear his voice coming from him…I was drooling all over my keyboard. I love that he’s like a semi-villain…far cry from Natsume. And of course when we first see Izaya and Shizuo interact, I immediately fell in love with them. I cannot wait for that pairing’s fandom to blow up so we could get more yummy fanart and doujinshi for them. ^.^

    And sorry to bug you, but may I ask, out of all the Slaver Series BLCDs, which volume would you recommend the most in terms of h-content? I love dialogue of course, but since I cannot understand a lick of what they’re saying, the more h-content there is to look forward to, the better. ;-)

    1. No worries! *_* It reminds me I promised Ri to do the Slavers reviews 3 weeks ago *dies* So sorry about that, Ri (if you read this) I might have more time this weekend. I’ll try!

      Durarara!! is awesome! I love it too! XD Definitely one of my fav Kamiyan characters. It’s fun that they made Ono Daisuke Shizuo cos that’s probably a fan-service pairing of these guys due to their Dear Girl Stories popularity. Kamiyan’s persona is Tsundere in DGS and he is often mean to OnoD in the show. Kamiyan’s “meanness”/craziness comes across real well in Durarara!! XD If you have niconico account, watch this video. It’s fan-made Durarara!! song MV and sung by a guy who sounds almost exactly like Kamiyan Too cute! If you want to hear Kamiyan in similar persona, listen to Meisaku Bungaku (Warai) Hashire Meros CD (non-BL) where he plays the dictator in ancient Greece. For a taste, see my post here

      I think Slavers vol 1 has the best H out of the whole series in terms of hot *cough-angst-fiesty-ukerape-cough* but in general, if I remember correctly all volumes featuring Sakupyon and Morimori have at least 2 yummy and realistic H-scenes. All the business dialogue can be quite boring at times x_x but hang in there! Cos it’s worth it ^^;;; *pervs unite*

  5. WHOA! thank you for the recommendation. But too bad with my limited japanese language ability, i cannot really comprehend the angsty-ness (since i cannot understand their inner monolog) T_T. Sounds so sad with the chorus BG sound behind… ( i admit sakurai takahiro here sounds hot) I dunno if u will make review of this though :D.

    Looking forward you do the review again…

    1. Sakurai Takahiro sounds awesome huh? Especially the first rape scene, throughout his whole ordeal, he never gave in! And he was cursing Morimori in his heart all the way. Such a fiesty uke! I love him a lot for that <3 Although rape is very common in BL, so far he is one of the few uke in the similar situation has left me with such a deep impression.

      I'll try to do a review of Slaver's series as soon as I can. It is on my to-do list… just that I haven't got to it yet :) I'll push it up for the next review ^^)b

  6. Listenin to it right away. I always like your recommendation and review… Do you know of good hot drama with high amount of angst?(i dun mind rape even :P)

    1. Hey Ri, thanks for commenting XD hope you enjoyed this drama too. You like lots of angst and yummy sex scenes, try Slavers Series by Katoh Elena. It has one of my most favourite Morikawa Toshiyuki x Sakurai Takahiro sex scenes ever… and *cough* it was rape ^^;;

      I intend to write about this series eventually but since you asked… that’s the first series that came to my mind immediately when it comes to angst… I’ll update you if I remember anything else. Brain isn’t working too good lol. Lack of sleep DX

      Anyway this should keep you occupied for a while. There are 5 volumes in this series but one of them is about another couple in the story ^^ Enjoy!

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