BLCD: Chintsubu Series (Yusa Kouji x Sakurai Takahiro)

Chinko no TsubuyakiChintsubu
Vol. 1 – Chinko no Tsubuyaki ちんつぶ (31/01/2004)
Vol. 2 – Chintsubu 2 ちんつぶ 2 (26/01/2007)
Vol. 3 – Chintsubu 3 ちんつぶ 3 (28/08/2008)

Pairing 1:
Okiayu Ryoutarou x Miyata Kouki 置鮎龍太郎 x 宮田幸季
Pairing 2:
Yusa Kouji x Sakurai Takahiro 遊佐浩二 x 櫻井孝宏

Rating: Recommended
Quick Summary:
A hilarious story based on manga by Yamato Nase’s 大和名瀬. High school student, Toride (Okiayu Ryoutarou) has nurtured a crush on his cute schoolmate Ayase (Miyata Kouki) for the longest time. He finally gets to sit with him during the school field trip and is very excited about the opportunity to get closer to him. Unfortunately for Toride, the school bus crashes into a shrine and Toride’s soul ends up possessing Ayase’s “chinko” (p.e.n.i.s) LOL~ while his body falls into a comatose state. Will Toride’s love be able to bear fruit?

On the other hand, the schoolmate who indirectly caused the accident, Kamiya (Sakurai Takahiro) has his “chinko” switched with the schoolmate he can’t stand, Iwabuchi (Yusa Kouji). What’s worse, his “chinko” wears glasses and also has Iwabuchi’s no-nonsense attitude. Now Kamiya has no choice but to work with Iwabuchi to devise ways to get his own “chinko” back…

I enjoyed the drama cds very much. It is “burst-out-laughing” at times especially when you imagine the boys taking to their “chinkos”, their response to one another and to the strange circumstances they found themselves in. Superbly funny too when you hear reactions of their classmates who see them in seemingly compromising positions. (Kamiya was actually talking to his “chinko” which is now attached to Iwabuchi. Go figure hahaha XD) A very entertaining mix of comedy, HHHOT H and riotous fun. Yamato-sensei is a genius for dreaming up this story. The seiyuus have great chemistry and comic timing. Highly recommended. As a side note, Sakurai-san’s chinko voice is very cute! ^^

Catalog 1: MACY-2108
Catalog 2: MACY-2133
Catalog 3: MACY-2162

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4 thoughts on “BLCD: Chintsubu Series (Yusa Kouji x Sakurai Takahiro)”

  1. I’m currently reading Chintsubu.. Its so hilairiusly awesome >.<
    I mean for Yamato-san to think up something so wierd as talking "peepee's" I think it's just genuinly genius. She even has the luck for it to have become a drama CD! I hope i get to live up to her standards one day! A3A
    And also.. I am so looking forward to trying those yummy looking pigs testicals! xD

    1. @Jodie-kun: hi hi :D thanks for dropping by and commenting! Yeah this is the work of a genius cos she managed to make a ridiculous premise work so well! But I believe some men REALLY talk to their chinkos lol~ just that they don’t get a vocal response XD

      Ooo~ keep working at your craft! ^^)b Looking forward to seeing your works soon!

      LOL~ I think if the pig testicles are cooked in the “right” way they may taste good? ^^;;; it’s just the thought of eating it that is kinda… lol

  2. Uwa~ then you can’t miss the dramas of this manga series! It is REALLY FUNNY! The seiyuus did a great job!You’ll laugh yourself silly XD It is one of my favourite drama series that I find myself going back for a re-listen when I feel like having a good chuckle ^^

    Congrats for getting an ipod! XD

    Mmm the name of the manga sounds familiar… I became a fan of Noboru sensei cos of her lovely illustrations in those Vivid Color BL games kekeke… Her manga and blcd Renai Shinan was very cute too ^^

    Oh yea, I popped by your art space! Love your illustrations… You are really good!!! All the yumminess of food and bishi make me hungry X9~~~

  3. i’m reading this manga!^0^…its so werid!(and funny lol)
    Because almost every pages makes me go wth because its so random but very original story.

    The seiyuus don’t look familiar to me, but i’ll give this drama a shot.
    oh! i got a ipod! It was great investment. (now….i can download an take to work for when im on break doing nothing but taking a nap.;; )

    Hmm i was wondering have you read oku-sans daily fantasies by noboru sensei? I recommended! its funny like the chinko series in a odd way.XD

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