BL Manga: Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ (Tateishi Ryo)

What’s the best thing about having this HOT mafia themed BL game being made into a manga?
It’s having the original illustrator draw it! :D

Title: Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ オメルタ~沈黙の掟~ (オメルタ 〜胡蝶ノ夢ノ果テ〜)
Mangaka: 立石 涼 Tateishi Ryo
Scenario: 菜摘かんな Natsumi Kanna

Karin Chatnoir 花梨シャノアール (Karin Entertainment) has created the manga version of Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~. It is currently serialised and published in B-boy novels magazine.

Very often, original illustrators/character designers of these BL games are not the ones who draw the manga versions, for example: Sweet Pool (Kurumazaki Mayu 車折まゆ) and Lucky Dog 1 (Uzuhachi 渦八). So this is really awesome news, especially when we already know that Tateishi-sensei’s art is so beautiful.

From the looks of the lovely cover, this will probably be JJ x Azusa route.

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18 thoughts on “BL Manga: Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ (Tateishi Ryo)”

  1. Oh i just saw ths manga on yesasia but i dont know the story and it is new manga so i cant find it anywhere to check.
    Is it good?should i buy? 8D

  2. @Ponytale: Yep, and they’re thniking that someone is gonna buy it. B| (and it’s not even new.)
    You should take a look at Urumazaki previous manga too, Cor Leonis – heart of the Lion (コル・レオニス 獅子の心臓) with the hot dread-locks hair dude on the cover. It’s freakin’ awesome too and the art remind me of Kotobuki Tarako (my fav’ BL author).

    1. @KOKURAN ^^;; yeah they may get lucky. Oh unless it’s an autographed copy? I didn’t look at the details.

      Sounds cool! I’ll look that up too. Mangaka with masculine drawing styles are not as common :)

  3. @Ponytale: the first volume is released in japan since some month I think… I bought mine on ebay two month ago. After a little search, there is also one to sell (but not the same seller as me) but it’s quite expensive…. Ugh.
    But since it’s you, I think you can find it elsewhere. :)

    @Sigma: check the mangaupdate page. But I’ve not seen any scanlation arround here. But if you have played the game, the manga is really faithful so the original japanese volume is easy to enjoy.

    Since Togainu no Chi and Lamento’s manga are coming in france, I’m crossing fingers to saw it licensed arround the end of the year…

    1. @KOKURAN: Thanks for the info XD I’ll definitely be getting it from Japanese online bookstores at the normal price… USD 34,99 for a manga that is not even out-of-print is… *speechless*

  4. Wow the art works look stunning~<3
    I would love to read this!

    @KOKURAN: You've made me interested in sweet pool manga. I will check it out.<3

  5. Baw, I just got the one from June : | ( Though at least it has Kichiku Megane).

    The art like this really seems like a feast to the eyes, I might get it or just convince someone to purchase it for borrowing purposes.

  6. Yep, SWEET POOL game arts are by Seeji Onitsuka if I’m not wrong. The manga by Kurumazaki Mayu seems more mature, with older looking characters.

  7. Speaking of BL game’s manga adaptations, I have to say that the SWEET POOL manga by KURUMAZAKI Mayu push the characters on an highter level of awesome. This said, the game arts are gorgeous, but the manga version of the guys is far hottest than ever. SWEET POOL is the best official (because INUGATA Summit rules) Nitro+CHiRAL’s manga adaptation IMO.
    Sorry for the out of context, but it was just to say that sometimes, original arts can be surpass by other artists. But I enjoy Tateishi Ryo too! So, my message is not against his work. ^^”

    1. @KOKURAN: I think I’ll give sweet pool’s a manga a try now too XD your recommendation sounds really good!

      It hasn’t been released as a compiled book yet right?

  8. *gasp* so cool!! Love the art already!!! *fangirling* really? Sweet pool mangaka’s is different with the real, I mean the original creator? O.O *don’t realize*

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