BL Game: Usukurenai no Kasumi (iPhone app, IMAGECIRCUS, Renai Shuugi)

Fushigi Yuugi-inspired ふしぎ遊戯 BL game app for the iPhone/iPod!

Title: Renai Shuugi – Usukurenai no Kasumi 恋愛主義 – 薄紅の霞
Price: US$1.99 (Free lite version is available)
Available: 26 March 2010
OS: iPhone/iPod app
Official site:
App page of lite version:

General Summary:

Have I become the hero of this book?

The protagonist, Shiba シバ takes his usual path home from school and spots a mysterious bookstore. In there, he discovers a storybook of a fairy tale he read when he was a child, “Momo-taro”. He opens the book and finds himself sucked inside! An adventure inside the fantastical world of Momo-taro begins and with the choices he makes, he can even find love!

This is probably not new to people who own an iPhone/iPod Touch but I just found out about it! Very cute illustrations from the looks of it!

In the lite (free) version, you can play the complete route of one of the characters, Kenshin 謙信 who is Shiba’s school mate… That’s the yummy-looking blue-haired guy in most of the images here. The full paid version will allow you to pursue the other characters in the game.

However, the game is not voiced or translated, so you’ll need to understand Japanese to enjoy it. I think it should be shounen-ai and nothing explicit since the rating is for 12+ and above.

Their school uniforms remind me of Gakuen Heaven lol~

According to the website, IMAGECIRCUS has produced a number of dating simulation games catered to the mobile games market in Japan. This is a port of the original BL games the already published into iPhone/iPod. There are two other BL games that were also ported to iPhone/iPod, namely 恋愛主義 Night Stalker and 恋愛主義 ―street― If you’re interested, you can search the name of the company IMAGECIRCUS in iTunes App store for the list. All of them cost US$1.99 each for the full versions.

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