BL Game: Tokyo Onmyouji (TYRANT)

Can’t believe the last update I did for this game was in 2012 ^^;; Anyway before we knew it, Tokyo Onmyouji will be available in 9 days’ time! The official site didn’t release any H-voices, so I guess I can’t tell if the main uke character would be any good… I’m rather out-of-touch with the newer seiyuus voicing BL.

Anyway, check out the countdown voices released daily till the release!
Countdown voice from Day 9:
I missed out Day 10 orz;;
Day 9 [audio:]
Day 8 [audio:]
Day 7 [audio:]

Last update: 17 Feb 2014

Have an appetite for supernatural BL?

Title: Tokyo Onmyouji Tengenjibashi Ryou(?) no Baai 東京陰陽師~天現寺橋怜の場合~
Genre: Onmyouji, supernatural
Rating: 18+
Release date: 27 June 2014 23 May 2014

Artist: Sakamoto Akira 坂本あきら
Scenario: 穂波, 御雄幸路 + MORE
Director: 神倉鈴
Company: TYRANT (HolicWorks)

Official site:
Available from comi-comi (ships worldwide):
With tokuten:
No tokuten:



This is the new 18+ BL game by TYRANT which is the brother company of LoveDelivery. If I’m not wrong, their parent company is HolicWorks (Yandere Heaven series)

Ah~ 2013… This will be a long wait but let’s keep our fingers crossed that the game will be completed when the release date comes. I haven’t received my copy of Cool-B yet and it probably has more information.

The artist for this new BL game is Sakamoto Akira 坂本あきら. She is the same illustrator who also did the art for Yandere Heaven series.

Why are these seiyuus’ pseudonyms in kanji mostly related to birds ^^;; Big bird, sparrow and falcon.

Main characters:
Tengenjibashi Rei 天現寺橋怜 (CV: 大鳥遊二 rumoured to be Takanashi Kengo 高梨謙吾)
Kamioosaki Suguru 上大崎優 (CV: 式神雀 is rumoured to be Kishio Daisuke 岸尾だいすけ Hmm I didn’t know he uses this pseudonym)
Meguro Masato 目黒将人 (CV: 鷹取玲 rumoured to be Tsuboi Tomohiro 坪井智浩)
Yotsuya 四谷 (CV: 四ツ谷サイダー rumoured to be Okitsu Kazuyuki 興津和幸)
Basara バサラ (CV: かとういつき rumoured to be Ishii Kazutaka 石井一貴) Tengenjibashi Rei’s shikigami

Side characters:
Ukyou 右京 (CV: 神代一) Yotsuya’s Subordinate
Sakyou 左京 (CV: ライトニング金山) Yotsuya’s Subordinate
Kingyo Matsuri 金魚祭 (CV: 安芸怜須ケン Akiresu Ken. Real name!) Owner of antique store
Kyoukotsu 凶骨 (CV: 丈隆志) Demon.
Kasane 襲 (CV: 木立俊) Tengenjibashi Rei’s Subordinate

Some information about what an Onmyouji is.

According to wiki, Onmyouji (陰陽師) was one of the classifications of civil servants belonging to the Bureau of Onmyou in ancient Japan’s ritsuryo system. People with this title were professional practitioners of onmyoudou.

Onmyouji were specialists in magic and divination. Their court responsibilities ranged from tasks such as keeping track of the calendar, to mystical duties such as divination and protection of the capital from evil spirits. They could divine auspicious or harmful influences in the earth, and were instrumental in the moving of capitals. It is said that an onmyouji could also summon and control shikigami.

Famous onmyouji include Kamo no Yasunori and Abe no Seimei (921–1005). After Seimei’s death the emperor had a shrine erected at his home in Kyoto.

Onmyouji had political clout during the Heian period, but in later times when the imperial court fell into decline, their state patronage was lost completely. In modern day Japan onmyouji are defined as a type of Shinto priest, and although there are many that claim to be mediums and spiritualists, the onmyouji continues to be a hallmark occult figure.

There isn’t any Onmyouji BL games I can recall from recent memory but I definitely love these supernatural themes and of course, handsome guys in traditional Japanese clothing.

Thanks to bt_tara, here are links to the artists works to tide us till 2013 :D

Link To This Page
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2. Right-Click then Copy
3. Paste the HTML code into your webpage

21 thoughts on “BL Game: Tokyo Onmyouji (TYRANT)”

  1. I guess I forgot to mention this as well, but she’s not new to the visual novel business. She did the artwork for a probably still new company called Senz. Link is down there. Which is how I found out about her because I came across the opening of the game. That should give you guys more of an idea of how her work is really going to look like.

    1. @bt_tara: Ah Daylight… I have impression of that :D It’s not exactly BL/18+ but they tried to make it seem like it. Thanks for the info! Looks promising! :D

  2. Ah, this artist has done a variety of work shonen, seinen, shoujo, doujinshi, and yaoi. Though there’s not a lot of information about her. I managed to dig this much out because of the type of fan I am ^_^; . Interesting how Relentless/Creative searching can pay off.

    I’ll provide a link to her blog and website (but the first one I gave you is the one she updates the most), which has a side bar that showcases all the commercial work she’s done.


    Website (kinda of abandoned):

  3. Okay art…can’t say I’m too into Supernatural BL, but then again it’s too early to say.

    I’m just cracking because I see Viscount Druitt.

    1. @bt_tara: No wonder she was roped in to draw the Yandere series :D Thanks for the link! I think she is probably a good match for this game XD

    2. @pony: I see you put up the character designs! Though she still needs work when it comes to drawing the lower half of the body and many other things, but her artwork is still pretty.

    3. @bt_tara: I’ll try to add the character descriptions later on. The artwork is not as polished as it should be yet but looks promising! They have a year more to work on it lol~ XD 2013!

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