BL Game: Taisho Mebiusline Era Boys Love (LoveDelivery, Taishou Era)

Taisho Mebiusline

Update Dec 2015: Vita and Fan disks coming soon!

Title: Taisho Mebiusline 大正メビウスライン Vitable
Price: 5,400 Yen (w/tax) Download version: 4,400 Yen (w/tax)
Expected release: 28 January 2016
Artwork/Character design: Shikida Ezoe 敷田 歳
Rating: CERO D (Age 17 and up)
Platform: PlayStation®Portable PSP

Scenario: 中条ローザ
Project planner: 御雄幸路
Company: LOVEDELIVERY / dramatic create
Official Site:

Title: Taisho Mebiusline 大正メビウスライン Fandisk
Price: 5,400 Yen (w/tax) Download version: 4,400 Yen (w/tax)
Expected release: 18 December 2015
Artwork/Character design: Shikida Ezoe 敷田 歳
Rating: R18+
Platform: PC
Available from Comicomi

Scenario: 中条ローザ
Project planner: 御雄幸路
Official Site:

Last update January 2014: PSP version of Taisho Mebiusline preorder is up!
Title: Taisho Mebiusline 大正メビウスライン PORTABLE
Price: 6,825 Yen (w/tax) Download version: 5,775 Yen (w/tax)
Expected release: 27 February 2014
Artwork/Character design: Shikida Ezoe 敷田 歳
Rating: CERO D (Age 17 and up)
Platform: PlayStation®Portable PSP

Scenario: 中条ローザ
Project planner: 御雄幸路
Company: LOVEDELIVERY / dramatic create
Official Site:

Reasons to fork out money for the PSP port: New events added for the twins (伊勢兄弟) New material for the original main characters will be added too, including the after stories of the PC’s endings. Definitely helps to be full-voiced too.

Last update: 23 August 2013

Can you guess the seiyuu from Kyouichirou’s voice sample? I have no clue ^^;; Rumoured to be Takumi Yasuaki 内匠靖明. What do you think? I like how he sounds! The background music sounds lovely too. Please share your thoughts! Check it out on the official site. According to the sample track, there will be count down voices nearing the release date! Let’s look forward to them!

Title: Taisho Mebiusline 大正メビウスライン
Price: 7,875 Yen
Expected release: 21 December 2012
Artwork/Character design: Shikida Ezoe 敷田 歳
Rating: 18+
Platform: PC Windows

Scenario: 中条ローザ
Project planner: 御雄幸路
Artist website:
Official Site:

Excitement this December! Hopefully there’s no delay :D Although the cast for sub-characters are announced, there are no sound samples yet. No idea who they are just by looking at the pseudonyms. Do you have a clue?

Release date and sub-character cast announced!

Sub characters:
1) Twins are voiced by: 藤城和真 (CV: Akabane Kenji 赤羽根健治)
a) Eye patch, younger brother: Ise Kaoru 伊勢薫 (いせ かおる),
b) Older brother: Ise Kahoru 伊勢馨 (いせ かほる)

2) Female soldier: Tokitou Youko 時任灯子(ときとう ようこ) Voiced by: カブキダイ子
3) Soldier: Yuuma 雄真 (ゆうま) Voiced by: ケンコバ

From left: Yuuma, Kaoru, Kahoru and Touko (Cool-B Mag July 2012)

Last update: 8 October 2011

Main characters

Hiiragi Kyouichirou 柊京一郎 (ひいらぎ きょういちろう) (CV: 鯱矛太郎) Takumi Yasuaki 内匠靖明
「だからと言って逃げるわけにはいかない。貴方のやっている事は違いだ! 」
Details: Protagonist. Born to the family of landowners. He is the eldest son and heir. Lives a blessed life and taught by his parents to live an unselfish and noble life (noblesse oblige ノブレス・オブリージュ) Basically, he is stubborn and hates injustice (I think). He is staying at his uncle’s place while attending university in the Imperial Capital. He was seriously ill as a child. When he recovered, he can see the dead. He is afraid of what he sees and hopes things will change if he moved to the Imperial Capital. He is excellent at swordfighting and uses a sword which is a family heirloom for self-defense. He gets along well with his parents and has an intelligent sister. Favorite food are desserts from a Japanese confectionery shop Daikokuya 大黒屋.

Misaki ミサキ (CV:オイリーはな) is Hanada Hikaru 花田光 last BL game voiced was Lamento Beyond the Void. And he is the voice of Usami Akihiko from Junjou Romantica
Details: A youth Kyouichirou meets in the Imperial Capital. His background is unknown and he does not talk much about himself. Whenever Ryouichirou gets into trouble, he’ll appear and help him and then disappear just as unexpectedly. He is sarcastic and has no mercy towards people he hates.

Tatebayashi Kai 館林開 (たてばやし かい) (CV:十利須我里) is Hino Satoshi 日野聡 woo! :D
Details: He is an imperial army officer and has a very real and direct character. He is leading a platoon hurriedly organised for a special mission. それゆえ隊章が間に合わず、不本意ながら白いままである。He takes pride in protecting the country and thinks that suffering from sacrifices is nothing.

Shigure 時雨 (しぐれ) (CV:泉菊之助) Miura Hiroaki 三浦祥朗
Details: Head of Gohondou 五刀衆現. His family used to perform funeral rites for the Emperor, however, they have since opposed the military authorities and is banished. The previous chief betrayed them and defected to the military authorities, sharing with them the family’s secret skills. He wants to retrieve the secret skills and kill the previous chief, thus challenging the military authorities.

Senge Iori 千家伊織 (せんげ いおり) (CV: 四ツ谷サイダー 大石けいぞう) is Kondou Takashi 近藤隆 is the hot long-haired seme! *salivates*Announced on 19 October 2012, cast changed to relatively new seiyuu Okitsu Katsuyuki 興津和幸.
Details: An imperial army officer who has a cruel character.
A hard-liner who use any means against anyone who oppose him, even within the military authorities. Cruel character who will do anything as long as it fulfills his purpose. Nobility.

Delicious bishie sandwich

Uke or not, he looks hot with a sword!

What the hell are you staring at?

Long haired Tetsuo x Youji in Yukata lol~

This BL game project was planned for development from as far back as 2008 if I remember correctly. But it was shelved for almost 3 years while LoveDelivery produced the sequels of their previously released BL games.

When I first saw the character design back then, you can imagine the amount of drool that flowed ^^ Meiji/Taisho era Japan is one of the yummiest. With delicious looking military uniforms and yummy men in traditional yukata. It was a fujoshi dream come true.

LoveDelivery announced sometime in January this year that they’re going to pick up this project again and have it released in 2011.

But someone please enlighten me what Mebiusline means?

Oh yeah! Zetsubou-sensei (I mean Youji, ah no Hiiragi Kyouichirou) slaying enemies

World domination. Oh yes… the stuff of wet dreams.

And twin-cest + eye-patch + military uniform moe . *nose bleeds*

Gosh the potential! Another eagerly awaited BL game.

Very beautiful and clean illustrations reminding me of Omerta~Chinmoku no Okite~. Anyway, I’ll add more information and translations of character bios when I have more time ^^

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62 thoughts on “BL Game: Taisho Mebiusline Era Boys Love (LoveDelivery, Taishou Era)”

  1. God, this look so promissing. =w= I’ve loved the twins sooo much. But I’m suspicious since I always love twins and twincest @_@
    And this kind of Taisho/Meijo outfits is an excuse for so much sexy scenes… *-*

    This remembers me I have to take a shoot of my fortunes from the lucky dog cookie and show you XD I still need to eat the last one.

    1. @Senkai: YES! Taisho/Meiji is especially awesome cos of the transition in their outfits <33 BL Twincest is hot :D

      That'll be nice! Looking forward to seeing them!

  2. OMAHGAH. THIS IS LIKE, THE SECOND TIME IN HISTORY THE MC IN A BL GAME IS TOTALLY MY TYPE. (Aoba was the first) Agggggh I have this HUGE kink for elegant, feminine black-haired men. …Actually, now that I think about it, that’s the type of girl I usually like IRL; Liv Tyler and Katie McGrath are two of my biggest celebrity crushes. lol, predictable. But anyway.

    Looking forward to this and the potential prospect of twincest. *eyebrow waggle* I was dissapointed by the lack of Virus/Trip in DMMd, so hopefully this game will make up for it.

  3. damn it.. Yes! finally a game where I’m not picky about which route I shall start first. all of them are soo sexy OMAIGOD ;A;!! I dun care which route! I’ll decide whoever I like after I played all of the routes! and holy crap D8! twincest that I finally like! I’m never a twincest/incest fan because its not my thing but… those two right there looks promising!

    though I have to say… the seiyuu cast are… soo clashy… I mean… what a strange cast XD;;
    I am definitely looking forward! ^^

    1. @K.K: And I love the uke! He looks so… delectable :D~ I really hope I like his seiyuu too. x(*_*)x *fingers crossed*

      Semes I don’t mind so much cos usually they’re ok since the bulk of the moaning is done by the uke OTL;;; but that said, the revealed semes are HOT as well.

  4. This BL game looks so interesting and hot! The artwork is really beautiful! And Hanada Hikaru in this game….. SOOOOO COOOL!!!!! I really love his voice especially in Junjou

  5. I’ll only have one thing to say. ‘HURRRRR!!’ :X

    Omg Kondou Takashi and Miura Hiroaki!! Ever since Kondou voiced Kiryuu, I’ve been ‘stalking’ him especially in drama cds! XDD
    Who couldn’t forget about Hiroaki’s smexy voice in STEAL! as Dio?~ Hng~

    1. @Liru: Kondou Takashi has many good and enjoyable BLCD works :D

      I’m not that familiar with Miura cos I didn’t play STEAL! But I’ll take your word for it xD

  6. Military uniforms, yukata, AND hakama?! Plus the gorgeous character designs, oh my..I’m not a game person but will definitely keep an eye on the visuals and merch for this game.

  7. *sparkling eyes* uwaaaaa~ the art is so clean~ :D so good… :D and… *LAUGH* what do you mean by long haired Tet-chan and Yo-chan! XDD they do look yummy in yukata~ XDD (Parody?)

  8. >.< I'm definitely gonna preorder. *nose bleeding from traditional clothing and military uniform*

  9. Aha, this was looking pretty familiar and now I remember where from: Cool B.

    Was with a friend and it was probably one of the games that caught our attention the most, though I like the CG’s much more since the twins looked very uke-ish and apathetic on the magazine while some other characters not despicted here looked… very plain? Uhm, well, glad they raised the bar! : >

  10. Wah *^* The characters look hot and omg, especially their uniforms! LOL, I’m a sucker for Meiji/Taisho era too. *__* Damn~ I want this game to come out sooooner!

    1. @momo: me too! I was checking it’s updates regularly when it was first announced a few years back. I was really disappointed when they shelved it. Glad it is revived! There were a few good looking BL games that were announced but never completed cos companies went bust :(

      I think the earliest we can see it is probably december. I want them to do a great job for it and not rush it too much.

  11. Wow this looks really good! Very happy to see it since there aren’t any ninja/Taisho era BL games at all (which we really really really need! :D )
    Thanks for the info~

    1. @Yumii: yeah there’s a nostalgic and fantasy atmosphere to it and style looks awesome. I believe there are older non voiced bl games that is set in that era? But so far nothing that looks as luxurious as this one. Correct me if I’m wrong :O

  12. MOE! *screams*
    Traditional clothes and military uniforms during the Meiji/Taisho era are definitely moe.
    Arrghhhh what beautiful CGs for my eyes to feast on. *yum yum*
    Thanks for providing the infos. <3

    1. @maku: Totally! The illustrations are pure eye candy :D The artist seems to be relatively new with little works but her art sure is delicious! And it looks like she can do both action/dynamic and love scenes well too :3

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