BL Game: Sweet Pot-tyari (Nitro+chiral)

Eh??? New sweet pool spin-off game!?! sweet pot-tyari[スウィート ぽっちゃり] available on 19 December 20009!

And oh my God. Youji is FAT (oAO)


OYAJI (previous pic) IS A WASHBOARD ABS HUNK!!! *dies*

But could it be just an April Fool’s Joke? kekeke…

Check out the main site: and

Sweet Pool April Fools

Here are the limited period wallpapers for download


Download: {filelink=82} | {filelink=83} | {filelink=84}

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4 thoughts on “BL Game: Sweet Pot-tyari (Nitro+chiral)”

  1. @yurapon: yeah I wasn’t expecting to see that and I really thought it was a new game! Like a fans disk or something… XD but I was like… eh~ but feels strange kekeke…

    @Fuuga: YES! I literally went puuuff-HAHAHAHA when I saw the two balls of fat cheeks lip locking XD XD XD

    Yeah, chubby (not chibi) XD HAHAHA… so cute! Nitro+ is awesome! Makoto is in danger!!!

    @jayer: lolx lolx

  2. Ahhhh~~~~~~LOL!

    Omg They made them all fat and the old dude young!! iwaufwfaq~*chokes*
    Fat Makoto is epic win~(we knew this was coming to him! XD)

    The pic of Youji and Tetsu kissing! Killed me! XDDD

    Wah this made my day Nitro has a great sense of humor.<3

  3. wow.. they actually made a subsite for April Fool’s eh? O_o”
    the name sounds nice though.. sweet pot-tyari[スウィート ぽっちゃり].. hahahaha..

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