BL Game: More smex Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ updates (Cool-B vol 2011-03)

Check out that manly blush, I mean abs! *nosebleed*

Not safe for work although I kept the images small. Has SPOILER BL game event CGs.

I had a sweatdrop when I saw how otome JJ looked with that blush lol~ But OMIGOSH SUCH PREETTY ART! XDDD Wants the game NAO.

In this 2011 March issue of Cool-B Magazine, the main character of the BL game Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ オメルタ~沈黙の掟~ featured is Ruka Belini 瑠夏・ベリーニ. There’s a 2-A4 page spread of the illustration above, another 2 page short-story of Ruka x JJ and 4 pages of info about the game.

Also included an interview with BL game scenario writer 菜摘かんな and his/her additional comments about King Caesar and some of the characters. The game website has the most updated information about the characters and seiyuu information, so you may have probably seen some of the event CG shown.

Details of the content later. Here’s a peek of the pages.

I cropped one of JJ’s butt cheeks that clearly shows Ruka’s mosaic/pixelated bits inserted inside *cough* :3 You can visit the official site for the other half lol~ ^^;;

To find out details about Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite, read this post.

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10 thoughts on “BL Game: More smex Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ updates (Cool-B vol 2011-03)”

  1. The link to this artbook doesn’t work for me! Where else can I get it, it looks AMAZING? The first picture is just… wow. *Nosebleeds everywhere* Also, what magazines do you recommend for *this* kind of stuff? I’ve already got Omerta for like £40 about a month ago, AWESOME. Have you played Omerta?

  2. Holy shit the art is so good *^* so detailed and full of color yet so smooth <3!
    I wish this gets an english patch cuz I know I'm gonna play the hell out of this one day <33

    omg and the lighting in the first pic looks so… sensual /shot/ I wonder what the BG is behind them… Maybe a fireplace? I like how it's dark around them but the light shines on the uke's body and highlights his muscles and the seme's neck and kadjbkbjsdnajkd—/EXPLODES

  3. Yeah, probably both. XD;
    I have a monthly subscription to both B’sLog and Girl’s Style so you can probably guess how huge my magazine pile is at the moment. OTL It’s a good thing Girl’s Style is only published every 2 months or so if you exclude the seasonal specials.

    They’re too precious to give away for free. And I’ve tried asking at a Japanese bookstore, but they only want the current year’s issue. The only ones I can bare to part with are the really old ones from 3 years back or so. x_x I’ve thought about cutting the pictures out too, but… I couldn’t do it. orz All my books are like treasures to me. XD;

    1. @Luvi: Icic… I only buy selected issue when I want the freebies or certain game info, so I don’t have a lot of mags. Cos if you buy every issue, there’s bound to be a lot of repeat/similar info and hell… they’re not cheap =_= Mmm I’ve also tried to sell some of the older Japanese mags/monthly comics (Slyph which I bought multiple copies for the gifts) to the shop but they were all rejected. They were so heavy OTL… In the end I gave the comics to the shop and threw away the rest. I’m too lazy to put them up on ebay.

      Hmm… once you muster up the courage to cut up one mag, it’ll get easier and easier to cut up the rest. Speaking from experience lol~

  4. the game looks great, I’ve read the other post and I still can’t believe that Noriaki Sugiyama is going to participate xPPPPPPPPPPP.

    Maybe I get it, when I get decent pc too XD.

  5. Omerta. XD I’ve been eying this game ever since it first appeared in B’sLog. Or was it Dengeki Girl’s Style. I don’t remember which. XD

    Oh by the way, what do you do with your old magazines? Mine have been accumulating over the years and I’m kinda running out of space to store them. OTL And they’re too pretty to be thrown away too. ;A;

    1. @Luvi: yes, it looks absolutely delicious! Probably both mags? Well, I haven’t bought a lot of anime/game mags, so I don’t have this problem yet ^^;; but I forsee it happening in the future. Give them away, try selling them to used bookstores or ebay? Or cut out the pics you want before recycling them :P

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