BL Game: Shingakkou – The Gift (PIL/SLASH)

7 more days to game release! Countdown voice starts!

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Title: Shingakkou – The Gift +神学校-The Gift-+
Publisher: PIL/SLASH
Date Available: 27 January 2012 Delayed: 10 February 2012
Price: 6,500 Yen (w/tax)
Rating: 18+
Genre: Fan disk, mini games.
Official site:
Ordering the disk from PIL/SLASH store will get you a freebie game Shingakkou Bancho which was a April Fool’s Day special in 2011. The difference is, it is full-voiced!

According to the November 2011 issue of Cool-B magazine, the fan disk of Shingakkou – Noli me tangere, the occult, mystery BL game will contain mini games as well as a visual novel portion. Since this is a fans disk, the creators promise lots of rabu-rabu (love love) scenes and new illustrations.

Niel Route. The story will be adapted from the best scenario in the drama cd where Michael and Neil are continuing a long distance relationship as Michael is studying to be a pastor in Yorkshire. There will be lots of love and H scenes as well as brand new character illustrations. Also notice that Niel’s body has become more muscular and Michael too has grown up.

Michael: … … ? Niel? … …?
Niel: Well, I was just thinking that it got bigger…
(I censored Michael and he ends up with an invisible penis lol~ sorry about that!)

August Route. Follows the end after he said he was “Happy”? Please correct me. I don’t really know what this is about since I haven’t cleared the game ^^;; The story is a continuation of the ending. And his friend Father Lazurus also appears in the route.

August: Next, how about listing to my violin during tea time?

Next two pages of information of the remaining couples, mini game and goods.

Cecil Route. Also taken from the drama cd scenario, this is continuation from the game’s best scenario. During their picnic, Cecil remembers the bittersweet moments before Michael and him became a couple. Includes new casual wear designs for the two characters and Cecil’s design is given the France/Paris touch.

Michael: Erm…. don’t stare at me like that.
Cecil: Well, Michael, you lied, didn’t you?
Michael: Well, Erm… …

Leonid Route. The story is taken from the drama cd’s haunting episode which caused a grand commotion. The outdoor sex scene (青姦 ^^;;) is also included in the fan disk with full illustrated goodness.

There are a couple of mini games.
1) Sugoroku Stage (すごろくステージ) traditional Japanese board game.
2) Kamigame 神がめ block game.
3) Match the faces (temporary name) 顔当て(仮)
4) Shinkkagou quiz game (Temporary name) 神学校問答(仮)

There is also a typing game, wallpapers and desktop accessories planned.

Found a clearer pic of the mini games from Animate Japan :)

This fan disk is definitely going to be a treat, especially if you enjoyed the original game that it was based on.

The feature in the magazine also included some information about the soundtrack that was released in October 2011. They also announced that the manga of the BL game which begin serialisation in the December 2011 issue of Daria magazine.

From Cool-B November 2011 issue.

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22 thoughts on “BL Game: Shingakkou – The Gift (PIL/SLASH)”

  1. Omooo Soo Cuuute >////< your so updated XDD Can I rEpost most of your posts?i'll credit you and give a direct link to your site ,please?:D

    1. @chiaki~ tachibana: Thanks! I don’t like the idea of anyone copying and pasting everything I posted into their own blog, to be honest :-\ it takes effort to write and edit everything you see here, including text and pictures. I do appreciate that you bothered to ask tho. How do you plan to use the posts? And where is your blog? :)

  2. ughh i wanna play the fan disk but first, i have to play the first -__-; I have waaaaaayyy too many games where I don’t have any time to play.

    the chibis look so adorable! LOL i wanna play the april fool’s one tooo :D

    1. @momo: I bought the game and haven’t got round to playing it either ^^;; I’ll buy the fan disk first anyway and order it from the official store for the April Fool’s game orz;;

  3. I feel sort of bad for wanting the voiced April Fools gag more than the fandisc itself, haha;;; But that’s probably because I haven’t played the original game yet…hmm. It looks really good though, so perhaps I should check it out sometime in the future (after I get paid;;;)! > u <b

    1. @Puchi: The April Fools gag was quite silly when they first revealed it and I’m excited it’s voiced now! Ordered from the official store because of it too ^^;; Ah… money *_* we all need more of it!

  4. It’s me, or the uke in the cover is a bishier Youji? xDDDD

    Still love it XD, and Leonid *-*. It seems that this fan CD is a nice plus :P.

    But I need to play the game first XD

    1. @momo: Yeah I haven’t found the time for the game too… its sitting on the selves feeling lonely OTL;; along with omerta and Lucky Dog and…. (ToT) well, I guess it isn’t that lonely then.

      The fan disk seems light-hearted and fun! Great for a mood change for the dark and angsty original.

  5. Ooooh I didn’t know it was getting a manga adaptation~! Anyway, the fan-disc seems fun so I’ll be looking forward to that (but I wonder if they’ll troll like Tennenouji? asfsfgd)

    1. @Niii: Yeah me too.The lineart looks pretty lovely :)

      They probably won’t do a Tennenouji lol~ but I think Happy Lucky Life was cute XD Anyway, Lucky dog 1 + badegg is slated for 2012. Preorders are up it seems.

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