BL Game: Omerta The Legacy (PSP, Karin Chatnoir, Chinmoku no Okite)

Omerta PSP The Legacy is released today! Daily countdown voice after the cut :D!

Countdown Day 7: Kiryu[audio:]
Countdown Day 6: Tachibana[audio:]
Countdown Day 5: Ugajin[audio:]
Countdown Day 4: Toudo[audio:]

Countdown Day 3: LukaI missed Luka’s countdown voice. Anyone has it? Please point me there D:

Countdown Day 2: Liu Jien[audio:]
Countdown Day 1: Azusa[audio:]
Released!! :D JJ [audio:]

Title: Omerta – Chinmoku no Okite The Legacy オメルタ ~沈黙の掟~ THE LEGACY
Genre: Love and revenge mafia BL game 愛と復讐のマフィアBLゲーム
Release: 20 November 2014
Price: First-press limited edition 7,800 Yen (w/tax)
Regular edition 5,800 Yen (w/tax)
Rating: D
Platform: PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Official site:

Production Planning: 花梨シャノアールオメガ
Producer: 風之宮そのえ
Director: 菜摘かんな
Assistant director: 能田凛
Illustrator: 立石涼
Assistant Illustrator: しまこ / 梶本
Scenario: 菜摘かんな / 雪薄 / 能田凛 / 青芝隣 / ハイボリューム

The story is based on the first 18+ game released back in 2012. As it is meant for PSP, the R-rated bits will be removed. However, new elements are added to the game to give old and new players reasons to buy it.

New Elements
1) Novel-style back story of each character before they meet JJ is added (no-voice)
2) Newly 60 illustrated CG game graphics added.
3) Mitsurin no Tora’s extra scenario added
4) “Voice Save” function added, so that we can save and listen to them anytime we like later on.

JJ          城ヶ崎 仁
遠野 梓       金田 亮
橘 陽司        藍斗 勇輝
藤堂 庄一郎    星乃 煌児
霧生 礼司      大石 けいぞう
瑠夏・ベリーニ   平井 達矢
宇賀神剣      紀之
劉 漸         青島 刃
稲城 真       四ツ谷サイダー
小久保 一彦    西島 古都夫
瀬戸 旭       魁皇楽
嵐風 丈       遥野光

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