BL Game: Omerta CODE:TYCOON (Karin Chatnoir)

Limited edition cover art above, release date and other information updated!

Title: Omerta オメルタ CODE:TYCOON
Planned release: 27 December 2013
Price: 7,800 Yen (w/o tax)/8,190 Yen (w/tax)
Producer: 風之宮 そのえ
Scenario: 菜摘かんな . 雪薄
Artwork: 立石涼
Genre Broken Oath and Bonds Hard BL Game (破戒と絆のハードBLゲーム)
Rating: 18+
Official site:

More information is published in B’s-LOG Magazine October 2012 issue (20 August 2012). Since this is a fan disk, it should feature all the characters from the original story.

殺したいほど、愛おしい。How would you interpret it? Something so precious that you’ll want to kill/murder it (so that it belongs to you and only you and no one else.) Obsessed much lol~

The fan disk for Omerta ~ Chinmoku no Okite is slated for release in 2013. JJ sure look “loved” the way it was described in the opening tagline ^^;;

Site layout

JJ          城ヶ崎 仁
遠野 梓       金田 亮
橘 陽司        藍斗 勇輝
藤堂 庄一郎    星乃 煌児
霧生 礼司      大石 けいぞう
瑠夏・ベリーニ   平井 達矢
宇賀神剣      紀之
劉 漸         青島 刃
稲城 真       四ツ谷サイダー
小久保 一彦    西島 古都夫
瀬戸 旭       魁皇楽
嵐風 丈       遥野光

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9 thoughts on “BL Game: Omerta CODE:TYCOON (Karin Chatnoir)”

  1. hngggggggh♥ so excited for this one… I’m hoping for Gakuen Omerta as a fandisk, but this might go well, I guess… more Omerta is ♥

  2. Che!
    You always find out things before I do! Even though I am a big fan girl and I check their site every single day!
    The site is so luscious… >_<
    It doesn't look like Gakuen Omerta.. well hopefully that will eventually come true.
    Just hope that the length isn't too short like other fandisks tend to be.

    1. @urusaiii: Well, I just happened to see it I guess XDD

      I thought they would go with Gakuen Omerta too but turns out to be a side story of the original. I’ll update when I find out more but it definitely looks like it can stand on its own. And maybe they would do a drama cd or tokuten mini game using Gakuen Omerta theme.

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