BL Game: Juicy, smexy updates Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ (Cool-B vol 2011-01)

Not safe for work although I kept the images small. Has SPOILER BL game event CGs.

Cool-B magazine included an interview with Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ オメルタ~沈黙の掟~ BL game scenario writer 菜摘かんな and his/her comments about each character. The game website has the most updated information about the characters and seiyuu information.

The next two pages are juicy character close up features of Ugajin Ken 宇賀神 剣. There are some scenario excerpts and spoiler event CGs showing Ugajin Ken as seme to JJ, his mega smexy tattooed body AND a threesome involving JJ and Ugajin Ken’s boss, Liu Jien 劉漸 after the latter found out about their relationship. HOTTTT. The artwork looks fantastic all around. Definite must-buy when the artbook is available.

1) Ugajin Ken x JJ
2) Liu Jien x JJ (at gunpoint) x Ugajin Ken
3) Liu Jien x JJ (2-page spread)

To find out details about Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite, read this post.

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12 thoughts on “BL Game: Juicy, smexy updates Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ (Cool-B vol 2011-01)”

  1. It made me feel a little better, hehe, thanks, I also wish to get better soon *hugs back* OMG, that’s perfect! I pre-ordered the limited edition from the official site, like, 3 days after pre-orders were available, so I’ll definitely have the official goodies and tokutens, and now we will be able to share the different tokutens with one another, great!

    I’m very pleased with the voice cast as well, Sugiyama HOTTT, Yusa HOTTT, I think he really is a good much for the character he’s voicing, and it’s refreshing to have Sugiyama again, don’t you think? I’m surprised with Luka Bellini a.k.a. Hirakawa Daisuke! It’s such an interesting choice, I think his role will be yummy too XD I also love the oyaji bar master >.< Sexyyyyy~~~
    Everyone is so well cast in this game, that's how I feel about it^^ I have played Otome games by this Karin company, and they were very good, so I have even higher hopes for their first BL release!

    1. @Xenia: That’s great XD Yep, cos comi comi opened their preorders for the game recently so, I quickly placed an order X3

      Sugiyama doesn’t do BL much but he sounds like he isn’t holding back, so that’s cool! I find his voice refreshing too hehe. I started noticing him after he voiced UK in Hetalia lol~

      Hirakawa’s other Caucasian role in a BL game would be in Vivid Color’s Hanakage. I don’t mind it very much but I’m still glad he didn’t use that same funny accent when he voices Luka Bellini :D I think Oyaji bar master is sexy too! Older male smexy~

      I’m sure Karin wouldn’t disappoint ^^ everything looks lovely so far! XD

  2. OMG Sweetie thank you so much for these lovely teasers! If I hadn’t subscribed to too many Japanese magazines already, I would be tempted to start buying cool-b as well, if only for these yummy sneak peeks XD In the meantime, I have pre-ordered the game, so release date, hurry up and come already XD

    P.S. I’m in the middle of a nasty cold and even nastier final exams, this is the reason why you haven’t heard from me ^^; The nightmare ends in two weeks, and by then I look forward to browsing all your lovely updates and replying to you *winks*

    1. @Xenia: Glad you enjoyed them! Hopefully they made you feel better and restore your energy keke… do get well soon! *hugz* Ugajin Ken’s seme/uke voice samples are up at the official site and Sugiyama sounds HOT. I’m relieved X3 Although I would love Yusa Kouji to voice him.

      I don’t buy every issue of Cool-B either… just selectively for the cover, content or freebie cos the contents can be repetitive if we buy every issue. Anyway, I pre-ordered the limited edition game at comi-comi :D Now we can have different tokuten CDs to share with one another! ;D

  3. Thanks for the review ^_^/

    The art style reminds me of Sweet Pool’s character designer though. I love the tattoo details!! This looks promising, I hope the game plot will be as awesome as the smut in it! lol

    1. @Nicky: yep, I thought everything about him screams Yusa Kouji when I first saw his character profile too XD but he’ll be voiced by Sugiyama Noriaki tho… which will be interesting since Sugiyama’s voice can have a cold quality feel to it and he has been voicing tsundere characters for some time lol. The most recent one is UK in Hetalia lol~lol~

  4. OH MY GOD! I gotta get my hands on this issue and the game!
    *MAJOR NOSEBLED* right now. The guys and the bed scenes are freakingly HOT!
    Oh yes, the theme is so COOL ~
    Btw, is this magazine sold at Kino Liang Court/Orchard?
    Oh man, I may subscribe to it from now on.
    OMG! Ponytale, why must you do this to me! Hahas (:

    1. @Buttertoast: I bought the mag for the DMMd information but it had so little. Felt a bit cheated. Omerta pix were a huge bonus and this BL game is must get :D As for the mag, I got my copy from cdjapan but its out of stock now. Cool-B game magazine is like the “adult” version of B’s-log game magazine :P You may have to try other online stores such as Amazon Japan due to the 18+ game content (the pics are all censored by mosaic tho’) but no harm asking the counter staff for it. Good luck :D

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