BL Game: Eye-candy galore Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ updates (Cool-B vol 2011-05)

Nevermind the hot, sweaty men. I’m only interested in the sleeping cat. Really.

Proceed with caution. NSFW!

Latest Cool-B issue (May 2011) reveals a couple of never-before-seen smex-CGs and they’re pure nosebleed material. But some are too R-rated to post in their entirety ^^;; but not to worry, I’m sure the official site will post them up real soon. The game is supposed to be released on 22 April 2011 but I haven’t received notification about its shipment yet. Here are the sneak peeks.

Quite a big spread of coverage. Background story of JJ.

Young JJ below :D cute kid.

New CGs revealed!

Seme-uke chart :)

Too smexy for this post ^^;; sorry I had to do a Junjou Romantica style black blur censorship.

Short story: 「邂逅別離のレイン」 橘xJJ

Sneak peek pics. The “juicy bits” cropped out ^^;; too hot.

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26 thoughts on “BL Game: Eye-candy galore Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ updates (Cool-B vol 2011-05)”

  1. @ponytale Congratulations! Sorry for not answering soon, time issues >.>

    What a nice B-day surprise :D, I wish something like that arrived at my B-day xDDDDDDDD (there’s nothing better like celebrating with sexy yaoi and nice cake :3)

    1. @Asamisa: no worries. I’m busy too. This month especially and I don’t have much time to enjoy myself or explore the game. Looking forward to the weekend!

  2. Has anyone played it yet??? I’m so curious as to how it’s going to be like :3
    and is the seiyuu for JJ really toshinobu iida?
    cause that would make this his first ever bl experience >:)

    1. @Nicky: I’m not sure but my game arrived today :D in time for my birthday but… I don’t have time to play it ;_;

      Well, that’s the general speculation XD There are a number of BL first-timers (virgins) in omerta hehehe

  3. @ponytale Yay! I may even get a little traumatized too, squeeing all the time xDDDDD. And if you say he’s a hot uke then must be a seriously, really hot one xP.

    I have a couple of friends who would love to hear that (Uryuu fans xD).

    1. @Asamisa: hahaha prepare your tissues to stop your nosebleeds :D they’ll definitely be traumatized.

      Your other friends will most likely enjoy it :)

  4. @ponytale I’ll watch the website right now *-*.

    No, I have not! I didn’t even know that he made a BLCD! I have to hear that! And traumatize Sasuke fanboys in the next con in the process xDDDDDDDDD

    Ok, I’ll wait until then xP…

    But I can’t wait to hear that BLCD, I’ve been looking on Aarin and it’s not there D:, and my inexistent bank accounts are frozen to buy it! D:

  5. Rawrs adsadasdasdasdasdasdas! *¬* I don’t mind the blurred bits, because I’m gonna get this game! Love the artwork, and I wanna know about the cast, I know Non-tan is there, but don’t about the rest of the cast.

    *-* will you do a review when you play it?

    1. @Asamisa: One of the blurred CGs can be viewed on the official site… and like OMG their positions and anatomy are *cough* serious nosebleed… Non-tan’s uke is awesome. Have you listened to the recently released 1 Yen no Otoko BLCD? His seme is Takahashi Hiroki.

      I’ll try to review when I play it… but they have to ship it to me first OTL;;; still awaiting notification.

  6. Oh, mein God, I simply LOVE the artwork of this game, and I specially love the fact that the main uke is SOOOO manly… *¬*

    I just hope for a good story and not a sex-base plot :-/

    1. @Lehanan: I think there’ll be a proper plot with good backstories to each character. I’m quite hopeful. Yes love their manly looking ukes!

  7. Love all the hotness! The first pic so reminded me of Tetsu and Youji though.;
    The art and character designs are great, love the detail.
    I screamed when i saw black blur, i was like “noo~” lol!XD
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. @sigma: lol sorry about the black screen XD I can email you the pic if u want… Hmm you have a point :3 they do look like Youji and Tetsuo <3

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