BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder updates (Bs-log vol 2012-03)

Noize: Hug me… :3
Aoba: D’awww… ok…

Updates from 2012 March issue B’s-Log Magazine published in 20 January 2011. Freebies include: Tokimeki Girl’s Side clear folder featuring different characters, Uta no Prince-sama pouch.

There isn’t much featured in this issue for DRAMAtical Murder. Only two pages. The real juice will be in Cool-B March 2012 issue. I’m still waiting for it to arrive.

Game package design illustration.

According to the description, Aoba and Noize are in an embrace. Aoba has a gentle expression as he cradles Noize’s head. Both of them are injured and it makes us wonder what transpired before this?

Below, all the semes are gathered and seated together. The atmosphere is unstable and delicate. You can view a better quality image at the official site. At the bottom of the page are screen caps from the second promotional video that you can also view on the official site.

About one and a half more months to release. Have you ordered the game yet? :D

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18 thoughts on “BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder updates (Bs-log vol 2012-03)”

  1. Noiz! :D Nothing really new, but it’s nice to see any DMMd-related stuff anyway.
    ;n; Haven’t pre-ordered yet… was gonna pre-order from melonbooks because of the Clear bonus goodie, but they’re closing down and I dunno what to do now really…

    1. @ponytale: Any item that comes out after their closing date, they said can be picked up at one of their physical stores; too bad the proxy service I used doesn’t go out and pick-up items, just online stuff (and they already have an item I bought, I wanted to ship that and DMMd together). ;u; Ah well… I guess I’ll just go for Noiz’s pre-order goodie then!

    2. @lemur: Aww… you can look out for the freebie on auctions after that. I”m sure you’ll be able to get it :3 I’m going for the Animate Japan one. Weakness for boys in kimono XD

    3. @ponytale: Yeah, I’m gonna look out for it on auctions~ c:
      Ohh, that was my third choice! Traditional Japanese clothing is so lovely *o*

    1. stylish aesthetic approach? =D Either that or its symbolic like maybe Aoba is seen as kindhearted ect and maybe Noize gets backstabbed at some point?

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