BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder plot, characters, setting (Cool-B vol 2011-09)

Guess who is giving us the manry, hadaka-apron service while preparing dinner?

I got my hands on the latest issue of 2011 September Cool-B Magazine a while back but never got the time to post the updates. So you guys might have already seen this.

There are more CGs and setting details revealed about upcoming BL game DRAMAtical Murder (Nitro+Chiral). And illustrator Honyarara (ほにゃらら) delivers!

A short story of Aoba and Koujaku. Aoba returned to his room after work and sees Koujaku on his bed waiting for him…

Close up. Their pets are so cute!

More information revealed. The game is planned for release on Feburary 2012.

Beauty! :D

According to the magazine, the young people are crazy over a virtual reality computer battle game called ライム(Lime) In the game they can do anything they want and fight with strangers but they will not get hurt in real life. The image below is a symbol of the game, called usui 卯水.

On the other hand, young people are forming teams in the old settlement to battle each other for real in another game called リブスティース Reverse Taste (?) Please correct me if I’m wrong… I didn’t check the dictionary in detail :P (Note: Jyuri suggested that it reads Libsteath. Thanks! :D)

More character CGs revealed.

Koujaku is Aoba’s childhood friend :D Like an older brother. Freelance hair braider(?) and very popular with the ladies.

Mink. Older brother type who has a very commanding presence and looks violent. For some reason, he seems to have something against Aoba.

Noise. A young man staying in the old settlement. He does not display any emotions and there’s no way to read what he is thinking. In the CG the two are engaged in the battle game and Aoba can’t tell if it was real battle or virtual.

SHINING ASS Lolz… nothing else to say XD

Ok, that’s Clear. Mysterious guy who fell from the sky. Because he never removes his mask, there’s no way to see real face and expressions. He really hates people who try to forcefully remove it. Always end his sentences in –masu and –desu and speaks in “respectful” speech pattern.

Very good-looking CGs and interesting plot so far. I’m also looking forward to seeing the funny and quirky bits in the game.

From Cool-B September 2011 issue.

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46 thoughts on “BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder plot, characters, setting (Cool-B vol 2011-09)”

  1. lolololololol Hentai Oyaji! XD <33 it can't be help. he's oyaji!! XD
    if there was a special route… the two oyaji can have a route together ;u;!
    then it might turn in to a seinen category *shot*

    but yeah… Luchi <33 I dun like his route all that much… its like.. I dunno.. more like bromance or something OTL.. it wasn't very convincing. such a wasted hottie.. OTL

    Bernardo x Gian<333 taht pairing to me is the the" Teeehee honey I love you so no violence please " version of Momotaros & Urataros from Kamen rider Den-O XDD;;

    the other two guys' route are so violent LOL xD;;; ;

    1. @K.K. Lololol XD cos its usually the hentai oyaji who esp. love hadaka apron XDD

      Can’t be helped with Ivan (foul mouthed) and Gulio (this kid got serious issues!)

      But the relationships are still interesting for the variety :3 I find Luchino’s sex-scenes quite hentai-jiji poi XD

      Are both seiyuus (Yucchi and Tattsun) in Kamen Rider? :D

  2. I came here because of CLear’s naked body+ apron popped up as random distractions LMAOOo xD;;;

    He got me OTL”” that mask needs to come off… You’re not kakashi in disguise you are you ;A;!

    Ahh each time I look at lucky dog… I jsut wish… there would be a route for Luchi & bernardo TAT!!! OTll I am soorry but I cant see the main character with them at all.. I see noo chemistry OTLLL *SHOT*

    1. @K.K. lol~ XDD HADAKA APRON FTW! No one can resist that shining ass!

      We’re all speculating if Clear is an oyaji since all the other semes are young guys going by Nitro Chiral’s usual pattern… Sweet Pool was an exception OTL;;; but even if he was, hopefully he is a HOT one XDD

      Luchi is quite hentai oyaji lol lol lol XD But I do like the Bernardo x Gian pair. It’s definitely more interesting if it was multiple pairing including the semes.

  3. I see, I figured it would be something like that. (I hope there will be fun extra’s too~)
    Somehow I feel like I’m the only one who’s really interested in Usui. She looks so awesome.
    And I’m totally fangirling about everyone (Except Mink, because I don’t usually like the very manly characters)
    Am I the only one hoping that Clear is not an Ossan, with his white hair? (like that old guy in Hadaka Shitsuji), I hope he’s still a young man.

    1. @Nipah-Nyaa: I love Usui’s design too :D This is a BL game, so everyone is only interested in the main male characters lol… well unless she turns out to be something else… ^^;;

      Well Shion (No.6) has white hair! So don’t worry. But then again… if Nitro+Chiral continues their usual practice of having at least one type of moe in their semes, then there is a high chance that Clear is an ossan.

  4. @Ponytale
    I seriously have no idea if it’s tagged with 18+ in Japan, after all I’ve never been there and live in Europe (*sob*)
    I hope DMMD will have a Limited Edition version. I’m totally going to buy this. I wonder how much it will cost (I managed to safe myself a lot of money after slapping myself away from Starry Sky lol)

    1. @Nipah-Nyaa: Don’t worry… these games will always have a limited edition version XD I just hope that the special bundles are awesome and worth the extra cash. Usually limited editions cost around 7000~9000 Yen depending on what they bundle with the game.

  5. @Ponytale: Um, well… I’d like to buy a Cool-B, but… how should I put this… my mom usually likes to see the things I buy because she likes Anime too, but I don’t know what she would say about me buying (18+) BL magazines. I mean sure I have BL things like Junjou Romantica, so I guess it’s okay. But even if it’s censored it is clear it that they are having smex. So I don’t know.

    @Nipah-Nyaa: Yeah I know, Ishihara is just so baka!

    1. @MisakixUsami well it’ll probably be awkward if your mum sees them ^^;;; have you read the other Cool-B mag game updates I’ve been posting on the blog? That’s just a small sample of what you can see in the mags.

  6. @ponytale: I have the impression DMMD will have more graphics than TnC then. And less CGI backgrounds too. Interesting to see how Nitro+CHiRAL’s gamed have graphically evolved. WTF factor remains on the same level though (oh Clear…. ROFL). I’m really looking forward to the release (and congrats to Nitro+CHiRAL for making me await the release of a BL game, no one would have expect that from me before XD)

    Regarding the game’s name, I thought of dozens of possibilities… and LibSteath was the least ridiculous one I came up with. But I’m pretty sure it will be something else XD I’d really like Nitro+CHiRAL to give an official romaji transcription for this XD

    You know, the official DMMD page describes the game as an “intracerebral crash adventure game”. At first I was like “WTF is an intracerebral crash?”. Now I get it. The game isn’t even out yet and they’re already messing with my brain (thanks to リブスティース and Clear)

    1. @jyuri: haha yeah they’re messing with our minds! XD I love to see what other surprises they have in store for us and look forward to all the yummy merchandise and artworks that’s going to follow!!

  7. @MisakixUsami
    I believe that that is something which was applied lately. Because of Ishihara’s new rules in Tokyo (the anti-loli/shota law and the “Do not fuck up the young ones with ‘evil’ manga” law <- They're allowed to read his dirty gang rape novels though)
    If there isn't an 18+ tag on manga which is just a bit sexual, or anything related to boys' love (So even shonen ai) it will be banished from Tokyo.

    1. @Nipah-Nya: is Cool-B labelled with 18+ tag in Japanese bookstores? If my local book store carries it, it’ll definitely be sealed up in plastic and labelled as mature.

  8. Okie I was just curious. In a website were i usually buy my magazines they (rarely) sell Cool-B, but they don’t put the 18+ warning. so I was wondering if it was a 18+ mag.

    1. @MisakixUsami: would it be a custom issue for you if it was 18+? Cos although we can’t see the vital genitals in the magazine, it is very clear that they’re H-scenes… There are 18+ otome games CGs where breasts are clearly shown too.

  9. Wowww this looks so interesting!! I’m betting the plot of the game is to find out /dark secrets/ behind the games! Do you think this game will focus on the BL side more?

    It’s been a while since I commented here, ehe (- u -)/

    1. @hirochan: Missed ya! :D *muacks* Busy with school and stuff?

      I think it should have a good balance of plot and smex. Looking forward to being surprised!

  10. I am so ready for this… mind wise.
    Obviously I’m still as broke as ever. AND THAT’S A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR YA.

    Really, I’d seen the pv a couple of weeks ago and feel in love. Now… Pff, Clear’s arse sealed the deal.
    Nice character design, I like the concept of the two games and the possibility of “mistakes”,
    the charas seem nicely portrait, for the first time I LIKE the main one AND… even the music was good.

    /manry tears

    1. @Oru: *group hug* Yeah, I’ll be relatively much richer girl $$$ if I didn’t like BL, anime/manga :D

      Yeah the PV was out about 2 weeks ago. This is definitely a refreshing theme… and Nitro+Chiral never disappoints when it comes to soundtracks!

  11. What the—-? *speechless from looking Clear CG* who is not gonna shock when s/o is using apron, naked and cooked using ur kitchen like a nice waifu? I AM totally SHOCK! But the CGs all clear and good~ love the situations! XD muscle man with soft feeling somehow?

    1. @MisakixUsami: It is a normal BL magazine with 18+ CGs (The CGs are censored/pixelated at the vital parts like they are in the games) but I’m not sure about its rating in Japan tho. I bought it from CDJapan.

  12. Oh mannn. Datassss. Clear is surprisingly muscular under his raincoat! o A o!!

    I wonder if they’ll do the whole face-reveal thing at the end of his route…?

  13. I’m totally going to jump on Koujaku and Clear. Since Clear’s a cook I’m guessing he might be the token oyaji since it kind of seems like oyajis kind of have the stereotype that they can cook (at least it feels like that to me).

    1. @bt_tara: OMG oyaji!!! But if he is someone like Motomi and Kotetsu (Tiger and Bunny) I’m perfectly fine with it… but he’ll be such a typical oyaji perv with hadaka apron interest lol~ XDD

  14. I’m not so fond of the characters’ designs actually… Except maybe for Aoba.
    Kou-chan looks too much like Iruka for me (that’s bad). The only one who caught my eyes is the dreadlocks one.
    Looking forward to the more explicit CGs to have a real impression on this.

    1. @Mayon: Ah~ now that you mentioned it, he does look a little like Iruka (from Naruto) right? Explicit CGs usually come a lot later during game promotion… so gotta be patient.

  15. Naked apron + Gas Mask + Shiny ass = Win.
    Rofls! I’m getting even more excited about the game already! Clear’s the first character that attracted me so yeah. But seeing all these crack made me think even MORE about the game’s bad endings. Knowing Fuchii Kabura, he/she really makes unpredictable/unthinkable bad endings, don’t you think?

    Off-topic: Are there any recent updates on Gakuen Heaven 2? I’m really curious about the relationship between the eyepatch guy and the main protagonist!~

    1. @Liru: Yep, happy to see surprises and unconventional characters like these. I think Clear will probably become a very popular character in the game lol~

      I’ll be updating on Gakuen Heaven 2 in a bit. Watch out for it :D

  16. WOW WOW WOW!
    I don’t know who of the Mink dreadlocks guy or DAT ASS in the kitchen with a mask make me dream the most. I’m really, really, really fond of guys with dreads (really.), but this masked guy is so strangely dreamy. Haha, DramaMurder is sure gonna be something.

  17. Thanks for the scans. The story already looked promising from the official page, but these pics are even more WOW! Nitro+CHiRAL are really good at teasing. I want to play the game just to understand the shiny ass cooking Clear scene.

    I’ve only played Togainu no Chi, and I was not exposed to pre-release promotion. Are all those illustrations likely to be part of the game, or could they just be promotional pictures?

    Concerning the game’s name, リブスティース reads as “libusutiisu” (with “ti” being “ti”, not “chi”). As for what it’s supposed to be in romaji… I’d say Libsteath or something like that (because of the long “i” sound).

    1. @jyuri: I think Aoba was the one who discovered Clear after he fell mysteriously out of the sky. Aoba probably took care of him and he wants to show his gratitude by giving him hadaka apron service lollololol

      Most of these images should be in-game CGs :) And thanks for the headsup about the name! XDD

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