BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder INSTALL BOOK (Comiket 81, C81 Nitro+Chiral Set)

Check out what’s new in the DRAMAtical Murder INSTALL BOOK!

This booklet was part of Comiket 81 「ニトロプラス キラル」セット Nitro+Chiral Set

24-page, B5 size full colour cover booklet about all the information of Nitro+Chira’s latest work, DRAMAtical Murder. 最新作『DRAMAtical Murder』の様々な情報をこの一冊に収録。世界観からキャラクター紹介、更に開発スタッフによるインタビューを掲載。(サイズ:B5、頁数:24ページ、カラー:フルカラー)

Like the awesome Nitro+Chiral mascot he is, Naitou-kun strikes a pose with the book.

Beautifully illustrated front cover with matt finish.

The brain icon at the back of the book.

First page! :D

Story setting summary.

Description of the environment setting and the residents. We’ve seen most of the images already.

Description about the popular battle game that the young people are crazy about.

Tag art. Most young people who are in teams would have tattooed these marks on them. Those who do not have a tattoo are called “no-mark” ノ-マ-ク and often targets for bullying. My guess is that Aoba is one of the “no-mark” guys which explains some of the earlier CGs that were revealed.

About entertainment centre, Platinum Jail, its main street, etc.

Relationship chart and feature pages for main characters

Character relationship chart

Aoba’s expressions

Koujaku and Noize feature.

Facial expressions of the two semes. (I’m assuming they’re all semes like the character setting in sweet pool ^^;;)

Mink and Clear feature.

Holy… CLEAR IS SO INCREDIBLY ADROBABLE!!! (I’m so taken by the cute expressions, I couldn’t even spell right lol~)

Side characters pages.

Allmate feature. That’s a sexy, pooch! New info!

COIL. Something like a wrist watch that the residents use. They use it for identification, communication, email, payment and as TV, music player, etc. Image shows the model Aoba uses..

Interview with the staff.

Ending credits.

That’s all for the book. :D I’ll review the rest of the set over the next few days.

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21 thoughts on “BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder INSTALL BOOK (Comiket 81, C81 Nitro+Chiral Set)”

  1. LOL Clear’s expressions are so cute! Totally did not expect them to do his expressions that way. XD Also did not expect Noize to be obsessed with Aoba. o_o;; I thought they’d be rivals or enemies~ lol

  2. just ordered my own!!! dang!! nv expect the book to be filled with this so much information
    nv bought any mags, so maybe this worth for me ^///^

    Thanks for the review as always!!
    and CLEAR!!! he just sky rocketed to my fav CHiRAL guys chart *shoot*

  3. unfortunately I missed being able to get this ahhh ;A; But it’s so nice!! Thank you for taking the lovely pictures *U*

    I definitely will have to hunt down the schedule though.. So I can take down my classes and HW *A*

  4. You got iiit /rollsdiesherjklsghsjkefallover

    I’m in debt around ~500 euros thanks to online games and cosplay, so no more anything for me, although I really wanted the schedule at least : C

    Will look forward for the whole set review.

  5. woo-hoooooooooooo——-!! the play game is so refreshing~ OMG!!! CLEAR’S EXPRESSION IS SO CUTE! THAT FLOWER~ xDDD isn’t he suppose to speak all the time with that CUTE EXPRESSION??? XDD OMG… he surely is the most anticipated an mysterious guy! XDDD

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