BL Anime: Viewfinder and YEBISU Celebrities?!?

YEBISU CelebritiesUpdate 24 July 2010:

YEBISU Celebrities finally released. Enjoy the pretty but still pictures with minimal movement. Think moving mouths and panning slides. It is still a lot better than I thought it would be.

The visuals for the H-scene are HOT. If you read the manga, you can more or less know what’s going to happen. Pity that no actual animation of the smexy action was involved ^^;;;

We all want our man-smex to be animated properly, don’t we? Lol~

As for the seiyuu, just as I predicted, Horie Kazuma’s uke was terrible. Moe-point zero. So don’t expect too much in the voiced smex department.

Updated confirmed cast

Daijou Takashi 大城崇: Kosugi Juurouta 小杉十郎太 and a different seiyuu is cast for Fujinami Haruka 藤波はるか: Horie Kazuma 堀江一眞

Other casts are the same as the drama CD cast including Canna Nobutoshi and Chiba Susumu.

Original YEBISU Celebrities drama CD pairing cast

Daijou Takashi 大城崇: Kosugi Juurouta 小杉十郎太
Fujinami Haruka 藤波はるか: Suzumura Kenichi 鈴村健一

I’m not very into this couple cos the uke in this story arc is just too weak for my taste ^^;

BUT that said, I’m still looking forward to the DVD. If it turns out to be a fully animated feature, it’ll be a really nice surprise :)

Changing to Horie Kazuma will probably be a bad choice ^^;;; He just doesn’t sound good as either uke/seme in the BLCDs he has appeared in so far. But maybe given more exposure, he would improve.

Update 30 March 2010:
YEBISU Celebrities Animix DVD (not anime, supposedly)
Estimated release date: 28 May 2010
Official info page:

Update 26 November 2008

Delayed (T_T) according to the official page, the release date is yet undetermined as they want to produce high quality work. I don’t mind waiting… as long as we really get the anime in the end.

YEBISU Celebrities anime

2 July 2008
Viewfinder ファインダーの標的 (Yamane Ayano やまねあやの) and YEBISU Celebrities YEBISUセレブリティーズ (Fuwa Shinri 不破慎理) will be turned into animes! Well… but if my guess is correct, they probably won’t be fully animated but more like manga with sound? ^^” Vol.1 DVD will be available in autumn 2008.

Viewfinder animeViewfinder anime

If they’re using the same voice cast as the drama CDs, we can expect:

Viewfinder drama CD pairing cast
Asami Ryuuichi 麻見隆一: Koyasu Takehito 子安武人
Takaba Akihito 高羽秋仁: Sasanuma Akira 笹沼晃
Liu Fei Long 刘飛龍: Ishikawa Hideo 石川英郎

I was quite disappointed by the performance in the drama CD but I hope they’ll sound better this time round.

Updated confirmed cast
Takaba Akihito 高羽秋仁: Kakihara Tetsuya 柿原徹也
Asami Ryuuichi 麻見隆一: Kuroda Takaya 黒田祟矢
Liu Fei Long 刘飛龍: Tobita Nobuo 飛田展男

Kuroda Takaya will be definitely be a convincing yakuza… he is cast as one very often but I’m not sure if he’ll be the Asami in my mind tho’… And he does “sadistic” seme very well too lol~ Ah~ we’ll see if he can create sparks with Akihito’s seiyuu Kakihara Tetsuya. Kakihara Tetsuya would sound like a young and genki Akihito who bounces back everytime he goes through a challenge. He has a clear and slightly higher pitched voice which gives him an air of innocence/ naiveness. I think he’ll sound more in-character than Sasanuma Akira from the drama CD. His H-voice is very enjoyable too. Listen to his performance in Hidoku Shinaide. He was very cute, noisy and sexy in it. I’m looking forward to his turn as Akihito! As for Fei Long’s seiyuu, Tobita Nobuo, I’m also excited about it cos he has a sexy low voice. If he sounds like his character in Ai to Yokubou wa Gakuen de, I think I’ll be quite satisfied.

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11 thoughts on “BL Anime: Viewfinder and YEBISU Celebrities?!?”

  1. Omg.. I’m SOOOO excited for Kakki to be Akihito <333 Even when he does yancha he still has that very, very innocent and almost boke quality about him hahaha. Idk how well that will fit Akihito but Kakihara NEEDS to do more BL (or just anime in gen.) imo. I don't hear his voice enough anywhere!! He hasn't appeared in too many dramas lately either… ;___; Augh he's absolutely adorable. I agree his voice is so clear and nice sounding ahh<3 I remember when he first started doing dramas his aegi voice kind of sucked but his voice in general was so lovely I didn't care XDD.

    Also as much as I love Koyasu, I'm glad that Asami will be voiced by Kuroda papa, I feel that he is a much better fit for Asami.

    And a last line here to express my love for Kosugi<3333 I love him so much, I wish I was more active in bl in the era when he voiced alot of things still. I don't follow YEBISU but I might check it out knowing Kosugi is the seme. He's such a cute old man during his out of character moments and I have to say I love his dynamics with Midorikawa Hikaru 8DDD.

  2. His uke aegi koe well… *raise one eyebrow* you gotta hear it and judge for yourself. It wasn’t nosebleed material so don’t have too high expectation hehe but the scenario was quite funny. Anyway his character was threatened by Suzuken’s character for him to end up in that position ^^”

    Koyasu Takehito also mentioned before that he doesn’t like to do uke, that’s why it is very very rare to see him in an uke role nowadays. The only ones I know are Zetsuai and the x-rated Legend of the Blue Wolves. I was quite surprised that he did it. I didn’t even notice it until I read about it somewhere ^^” But at that time I hadn’t become a seiyuu-phile so i guess that could be the reason why I didn’t recognise the voices. It was the DVD version and I’ve watched the subs. Stars Morimori too!

  3. WHAT!!!!!!

    It’s like the world is upside-down. He’s gonna be surprise to know tht some fans have long memory…kekeke
    I cannot imagine how the guy taking uke role (with all tht moaning and stuffs)
    must be really weird and awkward for him too. XD
    He should read his contracts more carefully…XD

  4. Okie~ I’ll keep a look out cos the official site didn’t seem to say anything about the price yet hehe if I read it correctly, it said to look out for updates at the site :D

    Hehehe… I think his most famous BL role is probably in Okane ga nai ^^ to be honest, his voice is more suitable for seme cos it is so low. His one and only uke (If I’m not wrong) was… dunno how to descibe wahaha and it was really funny to hear it cos his seme was….

    *drum roll*

    ……………………………………………………………….. Suzumura Kenichi!!! in evil mode

    Like role reversal couple of the YEBISU Celebrities lol~ Very comical although it wasn’t supposed to be funny :P Title of the blcd is Yuuwaku no Dekameron Sento Ichiya no Ai ni Oborete 誘惑のデカメロン~千と一夜の愛に溺れて~ The drama cd is made up of a few unrelated short stories.

    Apparently Juurota Kosugi admitted in a freetalk that he took the role cos he thought he was going to seme Suzumura-san. It was a mistake he was still regretting hahaha… XD

  5. Eh actually i’m thinking of buying one too (after finding out how much the damage is), will count on you upon updates kekekeke~

    Dun wurry becoz im willing to corrupted Ha Ha

    Being nice and innocent (Yuuch) i dunno if Juurota Kosugi quite famous in BL world.
    and the fact tht he is always doing seme oso surprised me.

    Errrr…who his seme this time? MoriMori?

  6. He appears in quite a number of BL works leh… OMG Corrupting u again XD He has done a variety of BLCD genres, romance, period, smut *sweatdrop*, office drama… If you want I can give you a list. He also appeared in BL game Silver Chaos. And not to forget, BL anime and BLCD of Okane ga Nai.

    This time it is YEBISU Celebrities. It is a manga made into BLCD where he is the seme and Suzumura Kenichi is uke. Kosugi Juurouta is always seme but the most interesting one would be his uke. Yesh, he did uke!!! Shocked? And guess who his seme was? XD

    Your anime world revolves around Saiyuki and mine is BL *dies*

    I’m not sure how this manga w/sound DVD would be like ^^” Not sure how much the damage would be and I’ve not placed an order yet. Have to first figure out where and how to get it. :P

  7. Please enlighten me, Kosugi Juurota appear on what anime/manga/BLCD?
    So far all i know, the guy is doing role for Dokugakuji in Saiyuki.
    (My world revolves on Saiyuki ^^)

    and manga w/ sound? does it sounds like children book that makes noises/songs??
    Ah well, maybe it’s time that we (Adult) have one of those make-noise-book.

    So what’s the damage?

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