BL Anime: Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku (Sugita Tomokazu x Toriumi Kousuke)

More yaoi coming in November! Hey Class President (Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku 生徒会長に忠告) by mangaka Monchi Kaori 門地かおり. Although the character design isn’t exactly pretty the way I like it, I find that the characters drawn by the mangaka have very expressive eyes and enticing facial expressions. Very hot I must say. The manga is apparently very popular and two dramas CD were already released in 2006 and 2008 respectively. The mains are voiced by Sugita Tomokazu and Toriumi Kousuke, same as that of the drama cd.

Super quick summary: It’s a school boys love story about a boy who falls for another one who can’t help but give out COME-XXX-me phermones. Lol~ Of course there’s more to it than that but my head hurts. Down with flu. (T_T)

Vol 1 release: 27 November 2009
Vol 2 release: 30 April 2010

Damage: the usual wallet busting 9,975 Yen for the Limited edition.

Animated by PrimeTime, the trailer of this 2-part OVA is out~ No voices yet but expect some provocative, nosebleeding scenes at the end. ^^ I screencapped the most pervy scenes from the trailer, since we’re all pervs anyway. ////////// Not worksafe. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! Lol~ Enjoy! //////////

Yummy~yummy~ (^///^)

Ah… more to come?

For the full trailer:

Main Cast:

Yasuhiro Chiga 知賀: Sugita Tomokazu 杉田智和
Yuuzou Kokusai 国斉: Toriumi Kousuke 鳥海浩輔
Masashi Kondou 近藤: Kishio Daisuke 岸尾だいすけ
Akutsu Naoko 阿久津: Koyasu Takehito 子安武人

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20 thoughts on “BL Anime: Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku (Sugita Tomokazu x Toriumi Kousuke)”

  1. ~”Mmm, personally I found this rape scene even more disturbing psychologically than Hyakujitsu no Bara. Maybe cos the backgrounds of their relationships are very different. In Hyakujitsu no Bara, it seemed that Taki allowed it to happen partly to punish himself. But for Tyrant, from sempai’s point of view, it is an all-out betrayal of trust.”

    I completely agree. I think that was maybe why i didn’t enjoy it as much. Scene was to intense an heartbreaking. him repeatably telling him “no/stop” and his friend only thinking lustful things. I’m wondering how things will turn about after. seeing scenes like that are totally different in anime form manga. I honestly don’t know how my opinion would be if i were to read the manga before watching.

    1. @sigma: The impact of the rape didn’t seem as great when I read the manga but I can’t remember exactly already since it has been a number of years since I first read it. However, in the anime… it was indeed heartbreaking to watch :-\ even though I already knew what was going to happen.

      Anyway after what happened, sempai couldn’t make himself leave for one reason or another. He has become dependant on Morigana as a friend over the years. (Well, he didn’t have many friends except for Morigana. He is bad at relationships and making friends due to his personality ^^;;;) As the story goes on, even though everytime he said he didn’t want to, there are occasions that he still continues to have sex (supposedly unwillingly) with Morinaga =_=;; He turned out to be uke-in-denial. The artwork is definitely hot tho.

  2. I saw the Tyrant ova. There is only one part so far right? They leave it at a cliff hanger so wrong. OTL
    The rape scene was intense i felt bad for him.;n;
    Anime as a whole i enjoyed it. I think i would like it more if i read the manga. (seeing his sempai as a uke doesn’t feel right to me because he looks seme for some reason. XD)

    1. @sigma: yeah… just one part for now. Mmm, personally I found this rape scene even more disturbing psychologically than Hyakujitsu no Bara. Maybe cos the backgrounds of their relationships are very different. In Hyakujitsu no Bara, it seemed that Taki allowed it to happen partly to punish himself. But for Tyrant, from sempai’s point of view, it is an all-out betrayal of trust. As a whole, the anime is cute. I really enjoyed the rabu-rabu between sempai’s younger brother and his lover X3

      Hahaha :D I remember feeling a bit surprised he turned out to be uke when I first read the manga too. The sempai is a tyrant, maybe that’s why his character setting is more seme-like. Anyway, I think that’s kinda cute too X3

  3. *Agrees* one of the best things about Ai no kusabi is the extra detail/semi-realisum. The sweat an heaving abs oh yes! lol XD

    hmm i’ll keep that in mind as long as theirs no blood. o-o

    Hmm i think she will end up writing about Norio and Kunimasa. (Because she likes strong characters like kurogane from Tsubasa.) I hope she will like Madarame and Shiro. ;v;

    1. @sigma: Hopefully the company sort out their issues and finish the OVAs soon DX I hear rumours that the production is currently on hiatus.

      Mmm, there’s no blood in Koisuru Boukun ^^ Let me know what you think after you watched it.

      Kekeke Norio and Kunimasa is such a cute couple. I like that Kunimasa is so patient with him. I think Shiro is hard not to like… it was so nice when they figured it out at the end and became a real couple :3

  4. It is scary! Being a girl is tough work. Most men look at use like were meat to them.=_=

    Yandere Heaven that sounds interesting. i still havn’t finished the drama i’m listening to. (Tyrant Falls In Love) i saw you made a post about it i had to give the drama a try.

    lol now that i think about it i made her watch Ai no kusabi 8 min clip before showing her sex pistols she didn’t comment to me about that one but i think she liked sex pistols. I had to leave before she got done watching it so i don’t know if she liked it are not. I have to ask her when i get a chance. (will make her watch more in hopes that she will write a yaoi based fanfiction) XD

    1. @sigma: yeah, so we have to stay alert and protect ourselves :3

      The post is about the anime hehe. It was quite funny too but Seitokaichou was cuter :D As for the sex… well, I prefer it consensual in real relationships of course but if you look at it purely as a BL work’s technical point of the animation quality, the hotness factor was quite high to be honest. ^^;; I think it can be very disturbing to watch for some although it is not physically brutal like the Hyakujitsu no Bara’s rape scenes.

      Hehehe… Ai no Kusabi’s trailer was so hot! Sex pistols is cute XD It would be nice if they made episodes of the other couples in the manga too. Ah~ icic kekeke which couple are you hoping she’ll write about?

  5. That’s good that they have those women only cabins. sucks for the guys though.
    I don’t think that is such a problem here because the trains aren’t so full.

    wasn’t till later i found that Toriumi Kousuke did his voice omg, he doesn’t sound like him but then again i haven’t heard a lot of his acting aside from bleach and Togainu no chi.;

    I can’t wait for sex pistols 2! (I got one of my friends to watch it the funny thing about it is, she has never watch a yaoi flick nor knows what yaoi is. I think i maybe gave her a shock. XD)

    I love private prince~
    I can’t believe this isn’t updated either i search an i found on forums that the mangaka dropped the manga because it wasn’t popular… ;__;
    beautiful soup had the scan saying that from gush magazine. I went to there site an found that it is no alive. so i don’t really know the whole truth behind the story. i want to buy me a recent gush magazine just to see but there not available in any stores that i searched. i only found a doujinshi an a special story on aarinfantasy. i hope it will continue someday the story is very funny an cute!
    I like how his coworkers always come up at the wrong time an find him harassing the mannequin!XD

    1. @Sigma: hmm over here the cabins can be really crowded during peak hours… people are like sticking onto the doors already! lol~ so I try not to squeeze into the cabins if I can help it. but I usually carry a haversack that holds my laptop so I’m not to afraid of being attacked from behind ^^;;; and I’ll cross my arms to protect my front OTL… the things girls have to go through. I don’t really get the fetish of being molested that is so common in BL and hentai. It is damn scary to be attacked (T_T)

      Hahaha yeah, Torikou sounds so cute :3 He uses that voice when he voices younger characters. Btw, he recently voiced this non-BL drama cd called Yandere Heaven… where he talks to the listener and goes Yandere on us… I read about it so I was mentally prepared and found it funny in some parts to listen to but as his voice and attitude darkens, I think that if it happens in real life, woah darn scary! *~*

      OMG~ you made your friend watch Sex Pistols? lol~ I think she’ll be real shocked by the sex scene XDD What did she say after watching it?

      I enjoyed Private Prince too… I can’t believe that it was dropped cos it wasn’t popular. I thought it was hot and very funny! Hahaha I think his coworkers are very understanding too XD Hopefully it can come back… at least maybe in doujin form.

  6. i got around to watching this it was great! I enjoyed ova 1 most. The scene were they were on the train was to much i burst out laughing. XD
    (honestly i have to wonder if this really happens on trains during rush hour.;;)
    The h-scene was nice~ they are so cute.

    I think i’ve seen about every yaoi vid now. I have nothing to watch anymore~;_;
    I ran into the 8 min clip of Ai no Kusabi an wow that 8 min was awesome. i love it, they are doing the classic justice an whoa i love the seiyuu voices! At first i thought i wouldn’t be used to it, but he plays a great lead voice.♥

    Have you ever read a manga called Private Prince (yaoi)?

    1. @sigma: hehehe me too… he is so clueless and so cute :3 but I think the sexual harassment really does happen a lot in Japan. It is such a big problem that they even designated women-only train cabins during rush hour if I’m not wrong. But in this case this wouldn’t help since they’re all guys :P

      Anyway, yeah it is kinda silly how they just did it like that in the 2nd episode OTL;;

      Ah~ the new seiyuu for Iason really changed a lot! When he first did the remake of the CDs I was really disappointed and nearly died listening to him cos he sounded 100% yakuza and very sleazy (sorry to say it but it’s true). But now he definitely sounds a lot more like Shiozawa Kaneto whose voice literally brought Iason to life giving him a restrained, elegant yet commanding presence.

      O~ you’ve seen everything? XDD there’s always more to look forward to ^^ Sex Pistols 2 is next!

      Private Prince sounds familiar. Is it the one about a prince cursed to become a mannequin? Has it completed yet? I really enjoyed it but there were no updates on it so I forgot about it :P

  7. I was really excited when I heard the anime came out, this was my fave manga!!

    I listened to the drama cd, and i couldn’t focus properly in the dirty scenes because of kokusai’s constant panicking! i can’t help to laugh so much xD

    though i am really impressed with both the drama cd and anime, i like how the seiyuus’ portrayed chiga’s deep-voiced coolness and kokusai’s cute panicky voice!

    1. Yah… feeling better now ^^ Thanks! Rest a little, work a little. Sucks to be sick! DX

      I also never read it before I saw that they’re coming out with the OVA :P cos the character design didn’t strike me as attractive. The manga’s H scenes were hot!

  8. @SaffronSugar: yeah me too lol~ the beginning of the trailer was quite ordinary and tame but when it got to the end woah~ those were the most perv shots that I capped from the trailer… Animate’s link works but you gotta scroll down the page for the embedded video ^^

  9. Wow… It’s me or Sugita Tomokazu become more and more affiliated to BL project… It’s still difficult to imagine me Kyon’s voice in gay sex scene (I’m waiting SexPi OVA which is my first yaoi)… ahah… X3
    Itsuki… Where are you Itsuki-kun…

    1. Yeah I noticed that too. I think the name of the seiyuu probably stands out more when it comes to voicing BL anime. Ah~ Kyon (Sugita) is good in gay sex scenes! You’ve gotta listen to his BL dramas then. Lol~ I think Prime Time has got enough experience in BL anime now to include stuff that makes fangirls happy cos they sure know that animating sex scenes properly are a big deal judging from the more recent releases ^^;;;

      So far I haven’t seen a Ono Daisuke x Sugita Tomokazu drama anywhere… let’s wait and see lol XD but if you want to listen to Itsuki seme, do make time for Kotonoha no hana. It is a lovely story. ^^

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