BL Anime: Junjou Romantica Special Fan Discs R2 DVD (Junjou Egoist, Junjou Terrorist)

Eh??? More Junjou Romantica, Junjou Egoist and Junjou Terrorist???

Japanese release (region 2) DVD Fan Discs of the Junjou Romantica series will be released to commemorate Nakamura Shungiku-sensei’s 中村春菊 Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi 世界一初恋 anime that will be broadcast in April 2011,

1) TV Anime Junjou Romantica (Season 1) & Junjou Egoist DVD Special Fan Disc
2) TV Anime Junjou Romantica (Season 2) & Junjou Terrorist DVD Special Fan Disc
TVアニメ「純情ロマンチカ(第1期)& 純情エゴイスト」DVDスペシャルファンディスク
TVアニメ「純情ロマンチカ(第2期)& 純情テロリスト」DVDスペシャルファンディスク
Price: 3,990 Yen each
Release Date: 25 February 2010


  • Collection of re-edited scenes from the series. 純情ロマンチカ, 純情テロリスト, 純情エゴイストの名場面集
  • Character introduction キャラクター紹介
  • Misaki’s cooking special 美咲のお料理特集/本編で作った美咲の料理を一挙に紹介
  • Audio commentaries voice cast (planned)
    1st season: Itou Kentarou and Canna Nobutsushi 上条弘樹役:伊藤健太郎, 草間野分役:神奈延年
    2nd season: Hanada Hikaru, Namiki Noriko 宇佐見秋彦役:花田光, 相川絵里役:並木のり子
  • Illustrated CD Jacket and booklet illustrated by Nakamura-sensei
  • Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Promotion video preview 「世界一初恋」の先行プロモーション映像を収録!

I probably won’t put this on the priority list… I mean… I already have all 12 Japanese version DVDs of this series which cost me a bomb. But Misaki’s cooking special video looks like fun. :-\

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6 thoughts on “BL Anime: Junjou Romantica Special Fan Discs R2 DVD (Junjou Egoist, Junjou Terrorist)”

  1. Oh. I thought you also bought them English versions.XD Thanks for answering though.. Till now, I can’t decide whether to buy them or not. Maybe I’ll just wait till my other preorders arrive. Am anticipating the arrival of the Kenshin G.E.M. ^.^; Still need to pay the seller. haha. And I bet there are more Sekaichi Hatsukoi goodies to follow. *sigh*

    Added you at twitter already.^^ I’m!/nicismynick

    1. @banoni: If I didn’t have the Japanese DVDs, I would probably have bought the English ones already. Generally I think Rightstuf does a great job with packaging and stuff. Good reviews in general.

      I bought the English versions for Hetalia S1 and S1 by Funimation. We really pay for what we get when it comes to the decision between buying Japanese DVDs or English DVDs. Japanese DVDs cost 4800 yen (Limited edition) with 5 episodes + extras like drama CD and nice packaging + booklet. For the same price, we get the whole season in English DVDs but minimal packaging + no extras like booklets. :-\

      But it depends on the title too. Cos those that are expected to sell well in the English market are usually packaged much nicer. For example Durarara!! and Kuroshitsuji.

      Ooo~ which version Kenshin did you buy? Blue or red? I hope they have more Sekai-ichi goodies. They’re all going out of stock already DX

      Thanks for the add!

  2. I didn’t know where else to ask so I dug your blog for a Junjou related entry. haha.XD I wanted to ask whether you ordered the English version of the Season 2 DVD and if you’ve received your copy already. How is it inside? Any freebies or whatnot? Thanks!^^

    1. @banoni: Sweetie no worries. Well, I already have both seasons of the Japanese DVD release ^^;; so I haven’t got round to buying the English versions yet… too many other goods and stuff competing for my $$$ OTL;; According to the description at Rightstuf (who licensed the DVDs), this is what it has:

      Contains all 12 episodes of season 2 and a 24-page booklet featuring character bios, artwork and behind-the-scenes information.
      Special Features: U.S. Season 2 Trailer, TV Spots, DVD Commercials, Clean Opening and Closing, Previews.
      Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

      Hope it helps! :D

      Oh if you have twitter, add me ^^ @lalaparadise

  3. Cooking special vid? I wonder if it’s an animation of Misaki doing a cooking show thing? I’s love to learn to make the dishes in the episode where everything is salted salmon lol.

    1. @hirochan: I’ll enjoy it if it was done cooking program style XD But I have a feeling it may just be a re-edit of the scenes where he was cooking. Still cute tho XD~ I like the one where he made hotdogs and cut them into octopus shape at Usami’s request keke.

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