BL anime: Doukyuusei series (Nakamura Asumiko, Kamiya Hiroshi x Nojima Kenji, Doukyusei)


I just saw the full-length trailer… OMG THE FEELS…

Title: Classmates Doukyuusei 同級生
Release date: 20 Feb 2016 (movie only)
Official site:
1) Limited edition blu-ray with external bonus (9,000 Yen)
2) Limited edition dvd with external bonus (8,000 Yen)
Completely Limited Production Edition bonus:
-3-sided box designed with new illustration by original author, Asumiko Nakamura & newly written comic “suu senchi” 数センチ (lit. few centimeters) (included in special booklet)
-Bonus disc 1: Original soundtrack CD
-Bonus disc 2: Drama CD “mou hitotsu no” もうひとつの
-Special booklet
-Bonus footage: PC, CM collection
External Bonus: CDJapan exclusive 2L-sized portrait, 4-page manga by Asumiko Nakamura
Release date: 25 May 2016

Doukyuusei is one of Nakamura Asumiko sensei’s most popular BL manga and also one of my favourites too :D I’m really glad to know we will get to see “rabu-rabu” Sajou Rihito and Kusakabe Hikaru moving on screen… *tears of joy* The original voice actors of the BL drama CDs, Nojima Kenji and Kamiya Hiroshi will be voicing Sajou Rihito and Kusakabe Hikaru. I enjoyed the drama cds very much and I’m so glad they’ll be back in the anime!

Full trailer:

PV 2:

Last update 15 March 2015

The official site released a promotional video but it’s not accessible outside Japan… =_=;; Anyway check out the promotional video below if you can’t get through:

PV 3:

The format of the anime has not been specified yet. It seems likely to be OVA rather than TV animation? I rather have a few high-quality animated OVA than more episodes of crappy ones to be honest. Hopefully they keep the water colour and dreamy style as shown in the PV throughout the episodes. The music is beautiful and captures the mood perfectly :)


Author: Nakamura Asumiko 中村明日美子
Director: Nakamura Shouko 中村章子 (Mawaru Penguindrum, Kill la Kill episode director)
Character design: Hayashi Akemi 林明美
Art director: Nakamura Chieko 中村千恵子
Colour design: Utagawa Ritsuko 歌川律子
Director of photography: Nagase Yukiko 長瀬由起子
3D CG: Sato Kaori 佐藤香織
Editing: Nishiyama Shigeru (REAL-T) 西山茂 リアル-T
Music: Oshio Kotaro 押尾コータロー
Sound Director: Fujita Akiko 藤田亜希子
Sound Production: HALF H.P. STUDIO
Production company: A-1 Pictures


Sajou Rihito 佐条利人(CV:Nojima Kenji 野島健児)
Kusakabe Hikaru 草壁光(CV:Kamiya Hiroshi 神谷浩史)


The story begins during music class before the chorus festival, when high school student Kusakabe Hikaru notices that the bespectacled honor student Sajou Rihito is not singing. Although he thinks that Rihito just doesn’t like singing, he finds him practicing alone in the classroom after school. Without even thinking, Hikaru calls out to him.

Hopefully we’ll get to see related books in the series get anime adaptations :) including the spin-off Sora to Hara 空と原 and sequels Sotsugyousei 卒業生 (Graduates) and O.B.. Digital Manga Guild has released Doukyuusei and Sotsugyousei in English.

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4 thoughts on “BL anime: Doukyuusei series (Nakamura Asumiko, Kamiya Hiroshi x Nojima Kenji, Doukyusei)”

  1. I just found out about this too! My brain exploded when I saw the screen shots OMFG!! I can’t believe this is happening! *cries* The trailer is beautiful, thanks for posting~!! *3*
    The animation looks great!! So excited I don’t think i’ll be able to sleep now! lol *-*;;

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