BL Anime: Antique Bakery (Fujiwara Keiji, Miki Shinichiro, Miyano Mamoru)

Antique BakeryAs we say goodbye to the first season of Junjou Romantica, here comes a new BL anime that you shouldn’t miss :) Antique Bakery アンティーク~西洋骨董洋菓子店~!

This series, depicting the lives of four men who work in a small bakery, is based on manga by Yoshinaga Fumi よしながふみ, the mangaka who gave us memorable and touching BL stories such as Gerard & Jacques ジェラールとジャック that has engaging plot and well-fleshed out characters. It won the 2002 Kodansha Manga Award for the shojo manga category. Slated for 12 episodes and featuring some of my favourite seiyuus, such as Miki Shinichirou and Miyano Mamoru as the leads… I’m a happy girl ^^

Official site:
US Licensed DVD collection with English subs here!

Quick Summary (edited from ANN & Wiki)
The story revolves around four men who maintain a small yet elegant cafe known as “Antique”: Tachibana Keisuke/Keiichiro (橘 圭一郎), Ono Yuusuke (小野 裕介), Kanda Eiji (神田 えいじ) and Kobayakawa Chikage (小早川 千影).

Antique Bakery Episode 1 Characters

Tachibana is the grandson of a rich businessman and has just resigned from a top firm to manage his own bakery. Ono is a famous pastry chef and an infamous “devilish homosexual” who is irresistibly attractive to all men except Tachibana. He had confessed his love for Tachibana when they were in high school but was harshly rejected. Eiji is a retired young boxer who loves pastries. He becomes Ono’s apprentice and kitchen helper. Chikage is Tachibana’s childhood friend who is sent by Tachibana’s family to watch over him.

Antique Bakery The first episode was broadcast on 03 July 2008 and whee~ the subs are out! XD It is VERY entertaining. The anime has a good balance of human drama and humour, thanks to the good plot. Great performances by the seiyuus. Mikishin is wonderful as the gay pastry chef! Good chemistry with the totally straight Tachibana (Fujiwara Keiji). I laughed out loud at certain points and the “chibis” true to Yoshinaga-sensei’sunique style are really different and refreshing.

Realistic looking pastries that gave me sweet cravings. It has a pretty good soundtrack too. The opening and ending songs are performed by Chemistry ^^ The animation wasn’t too bad cos the people actually moved lol~ and facial expressions are nicely done too. So yeah. ^^)b

The only gripe I had is with the environment. They used 3D to create all the surroundings and it was quite jarring to my eyes. Well, cos everything look too perfect and clean. Corners of doors and buildings too sharp, sofas that don’t dent or sink in when you sit on them *sweatdrop* Like toy blocks rather than a living space but I guess most people wouldn’t be bothered by it. Fortunately it doesn’t affect the enjoyment of the anime too much. o_O”

Overall, a very enjoyable start and good introduction to all the main characters in episode one. Looking forward to more! :D

The classical soundtrack is really awesome too.

Quick episode summary:

  1. Episode 1 Very entertaining!
  2. Episode 2 (looking great!) :D
  3. Episode 3 I can’t remember how many times I laughed out loud at the events in this episode. Too good! Lol~
  4. Episode 4 XD I so love this series (=^^=) *blush* I think it is going to be on my top ranked BL series. Not only funny but has depth and intrigue.
  5. Episode 5 This episode saw lots of blushing faces and over reactions to delicious pastries lol~ anyway, a bit too saccharine sweet :P Entertaining nonetheless ^^ The only complaint… the women here all seem quite stupid =_=
  6. Episode 6 An old flame visits! Funny but serious at the same time. Interesting note when Ono mentioned that he didn’t think about wanting take good care of himself. Self-destructive behaviour?

Director: Yoshiaki Okumura

Main Cast:
Fujiwara Keiji 藤原 啓治 as Tachibana Keiichiro
Miki Shinichiro 三木 眞一郎 as Ono Yuusuke
Eiji Hanawa 英司花輪 as Kobayakawa Chikage
Miyano Mamoru 宮野真守 as Kanda Eiji

Music: Takefumi Haketa

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14 thoughts on “BL Anime: Antique Bakery (Fujiwara Keiji, Miki Shinichiro, Miyano Mamoru)”

  1. Most guys I know are like this. So far I only know one guy who doesn’t go for those big boys toys.

    Yep yep… the DVD is available for pre-order on Animate already but so far not much info. Not even on the official website. I’ll like to know more before placing order keke.

    I think probably banks have different credit card policies ^^ I think it is a good thing to have limit :P I had one after I started working. At that time, there wasn’t online shopping so I have never spent more than a few hundred bucks on it every month.

    *chanting* I will practice better self-control…

  2. Interesting but true, my bro is oso like tht (have killer-farts too)

    So AB manga is US-licensed huh? Tht’s great, but i think i prefer waiting for the DVD.
    I really want to own all the first press DVD so saving $$$ is crucial.

    That’s weird, my supplementary card (not secondary LOL) have same limit with the main card.
    i checked with the CC customer service and they told me the limit is just as much as the main card.
    Pretty dangerous…

    I have my CC after marriage, my parent don’t allow me to have CC, they don’t trust me Ha Ha

  3. YAYAYA XD If not…. *dies* dunno where to hide.

    I’m a spendthrift and my brother is a saver cum planner. He has always been careful with $ and he has savings! I almost never do :P

    His spending habits and pattern is quite typically male. He may not buy and shop often but when he does buy something (big boys toys like car, car accessories… IT gadgets, so I think it probably works out to be that he spends more in monetary terms than I do.

    I’m not sure if I want my own CC… sure no control XD At least a supp card has a lower credit limit to stop me.

    Hehe.. yeah! I wonder what they’ll be too. ^^ On a side note, I read somewhere that the US licensed AB manga has scratch and sniff stickers that give off aroma of the pastries. That is rather innovative.

  4. Yea, usually the bill goes like “PURCHASE (item code) price” no such things as ‘PURCHASE BL/YAOI” kekeke~

    So..who shop more? you or your brother? XD
    I want to have my own CC but it’s no urgent. I want CC with discount on Starbucks Ha-ha!

    Well..Shiki figurine sale is truly tempting. Can’t really blame yourself on tht too
    I hope AB DVD will come with extra feature regarding the cakes.

  5. Ah~ I have a supplementary card too. The bill goes to my brother’s statement, so he’ll know about my spending sprees ^^” but he doesn’t nag me cos he knows I’ll always pay him back. He knows I like Japanese things but the bill is not detailed so he won’t know what exactly I bought.

    Sigh XD must make mental note (again) to not succumb to sales!!!

    Yep yep… super creamy, yet light and yummy cheese cake that melts in your mouth. I was a fan! :D I’ll also just concentrate on the anime version first hehehe but I think the RL cakes should look good too :9~ *droolz*

  6. So far i never busted my credit card limit because im quite ‘chicken’ when it comes to things i dont pay in cash.
    Anyway my credit card is actually an additional (or secondary, perhaps?) by the end of month all my purchases goes in the same billing statement as my hubby’s.
    (he can spot any BL purchase i made XD)

    I think i know how an unexpected sale can ruin your financial planning ha-ha
    for example i plan to save some money this month but when MANGO/ZARA on sale i sorta OMG! then forgot the original plan XD
    *dun blame Shiki*

    Yea the apron sorta useless and not cute.

    Do you know a bakery named ‘MIKI OJISAN NO MISE”? they have one in SG.
    I bought several cakes from there few days ago because i have sweets craving thanks to Antique Bakery.
    Im not sure if i want to watch the live-action…unless for the real-life cake/pastries. XD

  7. ookie XD thanks!!!

    In a way it is a good thing I don’t have a high credit limit… anyway partly it is cos I also bought an accident insurance plan recently and charged it to the same credit card used for these BL purchases. But you know all those pre-ordered stuff gets charged only when they’re shipped? I didn’t keep track of those and add on the unexpected shopping sprees (those playasia and cdjapan sales) so it turned out this way *MEGA sweatdrop*

    hehe icic I don’t think I’ll get the apron but stationery would be nice XD

  8. I will upload CHEMISTRY song for you once i got my CD, probably by end of August.

    Seriously? careful, k?
    If i find any stationery for Antique Bakery (such as shitaki, clear folder etc) i’ll get a couple (for both of us).

    The only AB merchandise available right now is black apron ( 3150Y)

  9. I think compared to Junjou, the merchandising hype for Antique Bakery is not as great. Yeah must save $ is the word… x_x

    I think this anime is something both BL and non-BL fans can enjoy ^^ and the characters are so likeable XD I can so identify with the female customers who patronise Antique Bakery lol~

    I’m also not sure of its popularity but since it also had a J-dorama starring Tackey (but they took out all the gay) and Korea is going to shoot their own version… seems like it is quite hot. The single is nice :D I like Chemistry too.

    Anyway, I must hold all purchases till the bill is cleared this month. For the first time in my life… I BUSTED MY CREDIT LIMIT *dies* but pls keep me updated for knowledge sake :P cannot resist.

  10. Thx, but since i thinking of getting the DVD maybe i really should wait.
    The word ‘promising’ tht you’ve put is enough for me to save some money for the first press DVD.

    Yea, i think it’s one of those BL anime (rare thing) which tries to dig deeper in humanrelationship instead of scratching the surface.
    I know this anime isn’t perfect (nothing is perfect) but so far im liking it and don’t wanna complain much, like i usually do. XD

    I have no idea about the state of popularity of this anime in Japan but lets hope there will be AB merchandises in ANIMATE (will let you know incase you want some too)
    I’m doing pre-order for CHEMISTRY-life goes on CD single not because AB itself but i’m quite their fan.

  11. Every week they intro a pastry! Very interesting tidbit ^^ I think part of the appeal of this anime is that there are a variety of characters and the story is not typical BL universe where all the men are immediately gay lol~ And it also gives deep insight to human relations.

    Yea, aren’t we all suckers for cute things XD I’m starting to eye those Rement pastries x_x OMG…

    Oo~ icic… I didn’t know that veoh is country-restricted :O I’ll provide other links next time. Usually you should be able to find it on Youtube too.

    I’m also thinking of getting the DVDs too! I’m been watching out for the update on the official site but so far no news yet.

    I think the Cafe Lindbergh disk I bought probably is first press? Not sure…. No time to play at all. (T_T) A lot of work, babysitting and my messy work room has finally done me in. Couldn’t take it anymore. I had to do a mini (well actually not THAT mini) spring-cleaning. It was a back-breaking 2 days and I probably need 2 more days to finish up, now that work week has started.

  12. I browsed the official site, they have lovely pics of the pastries. Berry cute.
    Some of my friends also like this anime although they’re not familiar wif BL. Apparently the cute-looking pastries/mini cakes are strong magnet for female anime fans.
    I think girls are prone to something tht looks cute. XD

    Since Veoh n/a for indo, i have to look for other source.
    Meanwhile, i’ll wait patiently for the DVD. Must get first press.^^

    Hope you have the time to play cafe Lindbergh…
    Congrats! Does it mean you’re getting the first press edition?

  13. The OP and ED are Life goes on by Chemistry (just 2 diff versions)

    Yea~ delicious looking huh? XD This anime has the best of both worlds, delectable dessert and men lol~ Keep watching okie! So far its been really entertaining and funny.

    Ah~ I think you hit the nail on the head when you described the atmosphere as relaxing, just like being in a cafe right? Having a lovely cup of coffee and yummy cake. I think the soundtrack fits the environment nicely.

    Btw, my 18+ Cafe Lindbergh PC game arrived just now XD I was quite pleasantly surprised that it came with 5 tokuten mini coasters :P Anyway the soundtrack is also what made Cafe Lindbergh enjoyable too.

  14. Can you tell me the OP and ED name?

    I love the realistic-looking pastries.
    After watching 1 eps, it’s not boombastic but i like it, thanks to the story.
    Also i dunno if it’s the right word or not, but i found it relaxing. Weird, isn’t it?

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