Artbook: Yura Lucky Pack!! ~featuring Gian Carlo’s LUCKY HAPPY LIFE~ (Tennenouji)

Ah~ the temptation…

Title: Yura Lucky Pack!! ~featuring Gian Carlo’s LUCKY HAPPY LIFE~
由良LuckyPack!!~featuring Gian・carlo’S LUCKY HAPPY LIFE~

Price: 2,600 Yen (w/o tax)
Release Date: 14 March 2012

Official Visual fan book of Gian・carlo’S LUCKY HAPPY LIFE. Cover illustration newly created by Yura-sensei.
Features the complete CG and stories in Lucky Happy Life and collection of more than 70 Lucky Dog 1 ラッキードッグ1 artwork created after Yura Super Pack!! (由良SuperPack!!) (See my review here) Also includes newly created artwork and short stories, Luchino x Gian ルキーノ×ジャン「Only 1 Favor」 and Bernardo x Gian ベルナルド×ジャン「Tick Tick Memory」. Comments and message by Yura and 菅沼恭司.

Front and Back Cover illustration

I would love to have this book most for the mega-cute chibis and new content… very tempted (*o*) You can see the style of the chibis in the Valentine White Day Special 2011 post here.

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2 thoughts on “Artbook: Yura Lucky Pack!! ~featuring Gian Carlo’s LUCKY HAPPY LIFE~ (Tennenouji)”

  1. Gian’s expression is sooooo cute! It’s really cool that there’s going to be a new artbook! Love the cover art! Lol, everyone is standing so seriously and Bakshi all jumpy! Yay new artwork of chibis! It will be really nice if you buy it!!

    I feel as if I haven’t been here in a while…… homework sucks~

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