App: Tamagochi with an otome game twist. Watashi no Himo Otoko (iOS, Android)

How will the boy you picked up turn out in the end?

Title: My “kept” man. I picked up a handsome guy Watashi no Himo Otoko 私のヒモ男~イケメン拾いました~
Price: Free
Available: August 2015
iTunes Store:
Google Play:

Category: Game ゲーム
Genre: Love simulation game for women
OS: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (iOS 7 version onwards)
Rating: 17+ (Frequent / extreme adult or obscene themes *woah really?* lol~) 頻繁/極度な成人向けまたはわいせつなテーマ
Created by: GOODROID,Inc.
Official Twitter:

Take care of a “useless” guy you picked up and cultivate him into an ikemen (handsome guy). Love simulation game for women! Multiple endings prepared. Your choices will change his future! What kind of fate awaits? Happiness or ruin? A wondrous/strange experience of living together begins…

女性向け恋愛シミュレーションゲーム!エンディングは複数用意.アナタの選択次第で彼との未来が変わっていく!ダメなヒモ男をお世話して自分好みのイケメンに育てる. この運命の先にあるのは「幸せ」それとも「破滅」?彼との不思議な同居生活が今始まるー…

If you try to translate ヒモ男 with online translators, you’ll get “pimp” lol~ but that’s not “himo-otoko” means. I did some research and it seems to refer to a man who is being “kept”, like for example, he is being supported by someone else, living expenses paid for, kind of like a leech living off you ^^;; but he is not necessary a pimp (since a pimp exclusively lives off prostitutes :P) or gigolo cos in the game it isn’t clear he is actually sleeping with you or just playing console games everyday and making a mess around your house. Anyway the premise of the story is this…

You’re feeling tired working way beyond office hours everyday… one rainy day you bump into a man in messy hair and dirty clothes, sitting by the roadside, drenched without an umbrella. You normally wouldn’t approach someone like this but for some reason, you can’t look away. He said he has nowhere to go and you said “Would you like to come to my house?” And thus a wondrous/strange experience of living together begins…

Your tamagochi guy: Kanzaki Yuuto 神崎ユウと
Voice actor: Takumi Yasuaki, 内匠靖明.

On the left shows how he looks like in the beginning… so messy and like L from Death Note and so full of potential ikemen-ness lol~ See right screen cap after the first transformation. You are supposed to collect Care-taking points so that he can go into the next level of transformation. And that is done by swiping all the trash into the box at the top. Each type of trash is worth different points. You’ll unlock more types as he transforms. The better mood he is in, the higher the points each trash is worth. The only way to make his mood better is by chatting with him. A quick tip to recharge the chat quickly is run a VPN to change your IP to Japan before starting the app. It’ll allow you to watch game ad videos for full-recharge, up to 6 times a day.

Depending on your answers, you’ll make his mood become good or bad. And you also get a different transformation as the story progresses. In the beginning, you’ll also be presented with choices of clothes you select for him (Refreshing/Cool), how you like his hair to be (Tied/short/long) and whether you find him (Cute/Cool/etc). This will also contribute to the type you get too.

Album page: Growth Diary. You’ll see the boys you collected. Tap on the boy to see his details. It’ll give you a hint on how to answer the questions if you want to ace his Good mood every time or piss him off on purpose. You can also listen to the voice too. The voice actor did a great job voicing different guy types.

Album: Items of Memories. You can read more about the trash that he creates and find out more about it lol~

Setting and Share/screencap page. You can share about the app on Facebook or Twitter once a day to launch the FEVER mode. He will create lots of trash very quickly so that you can get more care-taking points.

I love to keep disturbing him while he is in a bad mood to see funny things he says! XD

At the end of the game you’ll be rewarded with a story and illustration CG of the boy you cultivated :D I got a doctor in my first try. Who did you get?

Also, the maker is promising to add more guy types to the game. Looking forward to it! XD

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13 thoughts on “App: Tamagochi with an otome game twist. Watashi no Himo Otoko (iOS, Android)”

  1. I like the app so much, but the problem is that I can’t understand Japanese. That’s why I’ve been just randomly selecting choices. (So far, it seems like I got the cute type)

    I really want to know what he’s saying/ or what our conversation is about when I chat up with him.. ㅠ ㅠ. Do you think there will be like an english ver. for this?


    i really reallyyyyy like dont know- zero percentage knowledge about kanji. like srsly the kanji is so hard for me to read, i even mistranslate the title, i thought it was watakushi no hu otoko. lol. my eyes burned. i pick the choice purely on instinct HAHAHA thats way i dont know how he will evolve etc. sometimes i remember the answer that would made him happy. imma such a sad person. but! thanks for sharing at least i know a little bit about this game tho p

  3. @ponytale
    I ADORE the timid one.I wanted to make my time with him last as long as possible, but even though I knew he wanted me to support his future plans, I kinda ruined it and gave in to the “STAY WITH ME FOREVER!!” thing. So…yeah. He turned yandere. OTL It really gave me a shock!! Ever since he warned me about not wearing things that other people gave me, I have been really eager to get him away and back to the beginning of the story…. But he doesn’t leave! xD
    I’m excited to do a playthrough where I try to upset him with every choice I make, lol.

    Have you checked out the section where you can view a scene from Yuuto’s point of view? Some of them are really adorable, like the “I’m not a kid” scene with timid!Yuuto. It’s super cute. I was hoping there’d be an ending with that version of him, but it doesn’t seem like that’s possible… ^^;

    1. @Hitaki: It gave me a shock too when the yandere popped up orz; Hahaha once you collect all the boys, you can choose to annoy any boy you like XDDD
      Hmm the maker recently added new ending scenarios for 3 of the boys which we can unlock after completing the collection. So maybe timid Yuuto will get his own ending in the future too :D Yeah, scenarios with his POV is a really nice touch! Timid Yuuto’s reaction when we tell him that he is cool is so cute XDDD

  4. Oh my goodness, I love this game. I want to share it with my friends, but they can’t read Japanese and I would be too embarrassed to translate the cheesy things Yuuto says. xD

    I got an idol on my first playthrough, although I’m still not entirely sure how your choices affect which version of Yuuto you get. I got the colorful one with the pinned back bangs, but our personalities really don’t match up so I kept making him upset. ;_;

    The ending was absurd, but I got a giggle out of it and I loved checking on the app throughout the day to see what cute things he has to say. Now I’m at the beginning and will try to spend more time with the timid Yuuto, I like him a lot!

    1. @Hitaki: XD he says some really cute/funny things especially when we poke him during chibi form. Maybe it’ll encourage your friends to pick up Japanese lol~ XDD
      I’ve completed the various endings! I think in general, there are a few guidelines that’ll lead to different guy types.
      Cool clothes will give you the “cool” guys XD The comfy/refreshing clothes we’ll get the timid one (who can develop into the idol/pinned hair, and others depending on the hairstyle)
      And if you want him to develop his full potential (i.e. best endings) and don’t want him to become yandere, be supportive when he asks you for your opinion about him finding work, etc. I got my yandere quite early cos of I wanted to pamper him :P

  5. Hi,
    just wanted to add something.
    Yesterday I thought your page was under construction but since it`s still today I thought it might be good to tell you that your startpage is defect… It looks a bit like when you watch a saved file/copy from your webbrowser chronik when the site has been deleted.
    Hope you have a nice day.

  6. I would love to play that one too but I don`t have a mobile phone.
    It`s strange nowadays I know but normally I don´t miss to have one. The one I used to have was really old-meaning no extras but it was a gift of my first love…so I really treasured it.
    There are so many interesting Apps out there…especially if you love manga,anime and otome games.
    By the way that`s a good way to make people watch adverts or tweet a lot about the App at least it would work great for me “^^.
    I always wanted to make such a game or desktop mascot myself but didn`t find a way until now…
    maybe in future..
    I know Shimeji for some time and just found out about ukagaka..

    It was a bit sad that this year was nearly no Halloween action…was looking forward to it. Maybe I just was on the wrong sites.
    Did you play Klap! ? Of course it was just for the sake of the guys…sort of exorcism…XD

    1. @kitsunebi: I think you’re probably one of the rare few nowadays who aren’t “seduced” by a smart phone and I think that’s a good thing! And the fact that it was a gift you treasured, it’s even more special :)
      Having a smart phone -CAN- take over your life if you’re not careful orz;;; I started using one partly due to work and my own curiosity. I’m interested to learn how to create apps too :D But I think I had a more “balanced” lifestyle before using a smart phone ^^;; due to all the distractions. It allows us to do a lot more but there are two sides to everything I guess.
      Yeah I was disappointed that honeybee didn’t do their annual halloween specials too :(
      Nope, I’ve not played Klap! But you’ve definitely piqued my interest lol~ the CGs look… interesting XD

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