App: Talk to your personal butler in Voice Shitsuji – Ojousama, Ojikandesu (Nojima Kenji, Hanae Natsuki, iOS, Android)

The very first bishie butler scheduler app with voice recognition features :D

Title: Voice Butler – My mistress, it’s time for… ボイス執事―お嬢様、お時間です―
Price: Free
Available: 4 November 2014
Download: (Android version will be available soon)

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Category: Lifestyle ライフスタイル
Genre: Touchable, talking, your very own butler app さわって、しゃべる、あなただけの執事アプリ
OS: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (iOS 7 version onwards)
Created by: Advanced Media,Inc
Official site:

The butlers come in two flavours for now and there are plans to add more characters in the future.

Butler 1: Akemi, 朱巳
Voice actor: Hanae Natsuk, 花江夏樹
Character setting: 17 years old, 168 cm tall, Birthday: 3 August, Blood type: O. A boy genius who aced butler training in flying colours. The “sunshine” type. Hates being treated as a kid.

Butler 2: Asagi 浅葱
Voice actor: Nojima Kenji, 野島健児
Character setting: 23 years old, 173 cm tall, Birthday: 24 November, Blood type: A. meticulous and hardworking perfectionist. Occasionally confrontational when it comes to Akemi. Comes from an elite family background.

I’ve just played with this app and it is definitely entertaining! You can touch the butler to get a response and so on. There are useful tools such as a scheduler, reminder, calendar, alarm clock, timer, and diary. It also collects the voice clips of the butlers for playback later :D

One potential issue for non-Japanese users. The voice recognition is for Japanese speakers though… I spoke Japanese into the app for the diary and I would say it did really well in translating it into text within the app :D However I tried speaking in English but the app only recognised the words that has the Japanese katakana equivalent words like “happy”.

I’ll post a more detailed review of the app with instructions later on. Download the app now and have a spin! Happy Friday :D

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