App: Sankarea Furuya Chihiro Voice Alarm Clock (Kimura Ryouhei, iPhone)

Just how many alarm clocks do you need to wake up with?

Title: Sankarea Chihiro Alarm さんかれあ 千紘目覚まし
Price: Free

Available: 17 May 2012

Category: Entertainment エンターテイメント
Genre: Relatively hetare? boyfriend who wants a zombie girlfriend.
OS: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (iOS 4.3 and up)

Seiyuu: Kimura Ryouhei 木村良平. He voices Kise Ryouta (Kuroko no Basuke), Asaba Yuuki (Kimi to Boku), Takakura Shouma (Mawaru Penguin Drum), Nishimi Kaoru (Sakamichi no Apollon), Roche (Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ series), Takizawa Akira (Eden of the East) etc

This app was launched by Pony Canyon to commemorate the broadcast of the anime. There are other similar apps featuring various female characters from the anime too but this is the only one of the male main character. I didn’t know much about it at first but since this app is FREE and is voiced by one of the hottest young male seiyuus right now. I thought I should give it a mention :D

Simply download the app from the link above and fire it up. I couldn’t find it in my usual iTunes country store, so you most probably need to create a free Japan itunes account (please search the web to find the instructions) . The functions are pretty straightforward after your install it.

Left: Start screen. Touch to go to the next screen (Right) where you can set your alarm.

I touched the alarm button, selected the time and touch “set”

When it’s time to wake up, Chihiro will do so with a random wake up call which will keep repeating until you touch “wake up” and it’ll lead you to the next screen. Touch “return” to go back to the main screen.

For the next experiment, I selected the snooze option along with the alarm. This time, there’s an additional option called “a bit more” when Chihiro tries to wake you up. If you click that button, it brings you to the waiting screen shown previously where he is sitting on the bed. After a few minutes, he’ll try to wake you up again with another random wake up voice.

The app is really simple. So simple that you have to set your alarm everytime you fire it up lol~ It works if you put the app in the background but it will show up as a notification but won’t automatically go into voice alarm mode unless you click to go to the app.

Clicking the arrow on the top right hand corner will show you staff information.

I’m not planning to watch it. If you have done so, what do you think? Is it worth the time?

If you want to know more about the story, here is some information…

Summary (from wikipedia)
Sankarea (さんかれあ) is a romantic comedy manga written and illustrated by Hattori Mitsuru about a deceased girl who becomes a zombie.

The protagonist, Chihiro Furuya, is a male highschool student with a keen interest in zombies, collecting zombie-related videogames, film and manga, and even to the point of desiring to “kiss a zombie girl”. Following the death of his pet cat, Baabu, he attempts to revive it using an old manuscript, which describes the process of creating a potion for resurrection.

At this time he encounters a girl named Sanka Rea, who has run away from home. In an attempt to commit suicide, she drinks a sample of the “resurrection” potion which is created from a poisonous herb known as Hydrangea macrophylla, however this fails to kill her.

Following an argument with her father, she falls from a cliff by accident and dies; however as a result of the potion, she returns as a zombie. Though she becomes undead, she chooses not to consume human flesh, and rather survives on eating the hydrangea herbs.

It is published in Japan by Kodansha. The manga has been serialized in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine since December 2009, with five complete volumes released as of 9 February 2012 (2012 -02-09). A television anime adaptation by Studio Deen began airing in Japan on April 5, 2012.

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