App: 2/2 Kareshi Tenshi to Akuma Fortune Telling, Visual Novel (iPhone, Okamoto Nobuhiko)

Update October 2013: Good news! English version now available!

Fancy a devil or an angel as a boyfriend?

Title: Fortune Telling + Romance [2/2 Boyfriend – Angel and Devil]
Price: FREE (First 16 scenarios for each character free. In-app purchase for add-on scenarios)
Available: 14 December 2012
Official site:
Company: Libre Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Update 15 August 2013: Good news! Libre is currently working on English subtitles for the app :D Let’s look forward to it!

iPhone Download URL:

Category: Lifestyle ライフスタイル
OS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
How to use: Download from iTunes App Store
I think this app is available for all regions. If not, please follow instructions here to create FREE Japan itunes account without a credit card:

Both characters are voiced by Okamoto Nobuhiko 岡本信彦. There more than 500 voice patterns!

He is the voice of Origami Cyclone/Ivan 折紙サイクロン/イワン in TIGER & BUNNY, Okumura Rin 奥村燐 in Aoi no Exorcist 青の祓魔師, Accelerator 一方通行 in To aru Majyutsu no Index とある魔術の禁書目録」.

1) Angel – Hinata ヒナタ, “Don’t stay so far away, come closer to me!
Birthday is 30 May, 18 years old in human appearance, cheerful and likeable, likes girls, skillful with his hands and good at cooking. Helpful and has good knowledge of the human world.

2) Devil – Setsuna セツナIf you don’t want to die, then make sure you don’t spoil my mood.
Birthday is 19 April, 18 years old in human appearance, arrogant and overbearing, enjoys picking a fight, thinks humans are lowly organisms, not familiar with human world.

The first ever app that combines fortune telling popular with women and romance game together! Using the advanced engine of iPhone, the character animation moves using the Live2D system. A refreshing 2.5 dimension otome female-oriented romance game!

Enjoy a message from the character daily based on fortune telling based on the 12 constellations, FREE!

Switch on your app during these time periods and meet different characters:
1) 6:00 am to 6:59 pm, Cheerful and likeable angel, Hinata 明るくて人懐こい天使・ヒナタ
2) 7.00 pm to 5:59 am, Overbearing and self-important oresama devil Setsuna 強引で俺様な悪魔・セツナ

Using Live2D system!
His expressions change when you touch the screen. The character also follows, talks and reacts to the direction your finger points while touching the screen, moving just like an animation.

I’ve been playing with these boys for a short while and I must say it s fun so far! There are 21 scenarios in the application for each character, so total 48. In detail, there are 18 normal scenarios, 3 romance scenarios each. The first 16 scenarios for each character is free but 17th onwards are chargable at US$4.99 per character pack. I haven’t got that far, so I won’t be able to comment on whether it is worth paying for yet. But I think it’ll likely I’ll get them in the end.

Here’s a quick walkthrough for the app. After you install the app and run it, you’ll be shown an introduction scenario where you meet the character for the first time. It is just another normal day for you as you leave your house to run your errands.

You pick up a ring. You put the ring on your finger and realise that you can’t remove it. Just then, a stranger tries to attack you. Hinata appears and comes to your rescue. He tells you that he is an angel. In order to protect you from the bad guys who want to get their hands on the ring, Hinata invites himself into your home and begins to live with you.

Okamoto Nobuhiko’s Hinata is bright and cheerful. Sounds just like Okumura Rin from Aoi no Exorcist :D Seriously cute. He displays rather sexy side further into the story so watch out for the scenario! *nosebleed* lol.

You’ll be asked by the app to setup your birthday for the fortune telling. Each character will give you a birthday message when its your birthday too!

So that’s my birth date :)

If you switch on the app between 6 am to 6.59 pm, Hinata will greet you and give you a message about your fortune for the day. Fortunes are updated at 12 am every day. Next you’ll be asked to setup your twitter account.

You can choose to login to your twitter account and grant access to the app. You can choose not to do that. It doesn’t affect the game.

Next, you will be led to the next scenario… which is during the evening when Setsuna makes his entrance.

WOO~ what a hottie! :D Typical bad boy lol. Okamoto Nobuhiko used a lower pitched voice for this Setsuna and he sure sounds sexy!

He is rather rude to you and the first scenario with the devil kicks in. You can choose your response. Although the answer you choose affects the love points for the characters, it doesn’t really matter too much. After the choice is made, the scenario continues and teases you to look out for the next scenario.

You can go to the menu page to see the details.

After the scenario ends, here is where you can have fun molesting touching the character. I’ve added the translations for the menus and options. Although the App Store says that the app language is in English, it isn’t.

If you noticed, there are little hearts on the top left hand corner. Those are the love points that you accummulate to go to the next scenario. You can touch him to gain love points (pink hearts). The total calculated of touching per character per period is 50 times. The number of blue hearts increases (more pink hearts you need to earn) as you go further into the story.

You can also earn daily “login bonus” points by switching on the app everyday. When you gain enough points, you’ll gain special voices that can be used as your alarm clock!

Instructions on how to play (left). That’s the Continuous Login Bonus page I was talking about on the right.

He says different things and have different expressions when you touch him. Voice patterns are repeated since each level has limited variations. After playing for some time and unlocking scenarios, the things the characters say also differ in intimacy as well. I’m quite impressed with how well the animation matched the script.

In the beginning when you go to the Alarm option, you can only use the Timer. You’ll only get the Alarm function after you complete the Continuous Login Bonuses.


If you buy the character packs, you’ll gain access to the alarms immediately. You don’t have to wait to complete the login bonus.

In the Album option, you can replay the scenarios that you’ve already completed.

Other options include: Birth Date Setting, Reset Intimacy Level, etc.

If you reset the intimacy level, it’ll become zero and the story will start from the beginning. The way the character talks to you will also be reset. You will still be able to see the scenarios that you’ve really completed. They won’t be deleted.

This is what happens when you switch on the app during the day. Hinata will appear and say something about your fortune. Then you’ll get to choose whether you want to read the details or not. Mine is fortune for Taurus.

Pink hearts mean you are getting closer. The number of hearts you have to get depends on your intimacy with each character. The more intimate you are with Hinata means you need to achieve more pinks hearts with Setsuna (put in more effort) in order to get Setsuna’s scenario to load.

Continuous login bonus indicator (left). Touching Hinata 10 times indicator (right)

Indication of pink and blue hearts gained by the characters cos of your decisions (left). Relationship status indicator (right)

The only gripe I have is that they don’t have a voice bank for all the things the characters say during the “touching” mode. They won’t say some of the lines again after the intimacy level goes up. But I guess that may be probably why they gave us the reset option. Anyway, definitely give this app a try and do share your thoughts! :D Enjoy!

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27 thoughts on “App: 2/2 Kareshi Tenshi to Akuma Fortune Telling, Visual Novel (iPhone, Okamoto Nobuhiko)”

  1. Do you have to reset intimacy level to get Hinata after you get Setsuna?? I’m almost at 100% with Setsuna and i don’t wanna have to reset

  2. OMG! I just download this …it talks and I have to touch them. What have I gotten myself into?? ;o)

    I have the version that has the english subtitles.

    I have been playing Destiny Ninja and my sweet prince but this looks to be a fun one.
    Love ya Ponytale! <3

    1. @TasukiHoneyBunny: More apps like this are needed :D Hopefully the other publishers follow suit and make subtitles for all their apps!

  3. Hi Pony-chan <3 Thank you so much for this wonderful post *-* I instantly fell in love with this app :) Currently playing it on my iphone 4, but I have some problems with Setsuna :( You must touch him "correctly" and collect pink hearts to get to the next scenario , am I right `? The problem is wherever I touch him, I never get pink hearts :( Can you help maybe T_T?

    1. @Miki: Glad you’re having fun! A point to note is that the angel and devil sides are opposing. So if you’re on the “good terms” with Hinata (choose the right answer during events/touch him). it’ll affect the number of blue/pink hearts you get for Setsuna and vice versa. My advice is that you try to get one guy first before going on to get the next one :) You can touch them anywhere, there isn’t a “correct” place to touch :D *poke poke poke poke*

  4. I know this isn’t one of those posts where the app costs money but errr how do you pay even if you have a japanese Itunes account? I’m probably getting an iPod Touch soon so yeah I kinda wanna get apps like that Utapri music player one :D (Android user). That link you gave doesn’t work anymore.

    1. Ooh haha I kinda googled for it too after that and created the accounts. But I think I wasted my times doing that as I found out, the ipod touch doesn’t have a frickin charger -______- I don’t bring my computer when I travel wtf usb charging.

      Seeing as you mentioned you paying for some apps, I assume you don’t jailbreak?

    2. @Misaki: Nope, I don’t know how to jailbreak :P I was curious about all the wonderful things jailbroken iphones can supposedly do but I wasn’t adventurous enough to experiment. I don’t have the time to try to fix it if anything bad happens ^^;;

  5. I found this at random, and my fangirl level went over 9000 when I heard Nobuhiko Okamoto’s voice! Even though I haven’t gotten very far yet, I can do nothing but love this game. My kokoro goes doki doki~ <3

    1. @endlessnine: I’m not very sure cos I don’t have an Android phone but if I’m not wrong, so far nothing that is similar to this one.

  6. Waiting very impatiently for my iPhone 5 in the mail. Can’t wait to go back through your posts for the apps that haven’t been ported to Android. But I just don’t have the time for all these boys who want me to play with them daily *sigh*

    1. @Prettyvillian: :D wow now you have the best of both worlds! I’m sure you’ll literally have your hands full with so many boys to play with lol XDD

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