Anime: Yet another reason why Hetalia is a BL fangirl’s dream (World Series Episode 17, 18)

Finland (left) Estonia (middle) Sweden (right) Picture spam follows lol~

As the story goes, in Hetalia Axis Powers (ヘタリア) World Series Episode 17 and 18, we have Finland running away from Denmark with Sweden… but surrounded by strong countries, Finland has no choice but to stay with Sweden. I didn’t study about world history ^^;; so please forgive my ignorance in this area.

Anyway, first 2 pics in the image below were grabbed from episode 18 where the situation was summarised nicely, so I took the liberty of putting it here. Makes easier understanding without using lots of screencaps from episode 17.

Sweden makes Finland feel uneasy all over… and he tries to sleep but…

Sweden is lying next to him and staring at him the whole time~

SHOCK. HAHAHAHAHA….. I wonder what Sweden is thinking lol~ looking like that.

Finland totally dug his own grave when he said that… and just when he thinks he can run away…

So cute lol~ XD Then Sweden makes his move XDD

Hilarious how they used Beethoven’s dun dun dun dun Fifth Symphony as the background music. Seriously funny!!! XDD Spoilers pic!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA XDD I seriously LOLed at this. (still LOLing now)

So next they arrived at Estonia’s place… Estonia is scared like hell too and then Sweden seals Finland’s uke status.

LOLLOLLOL XD the poor thing.

( ^_^)/Please watch Hetalia World Series. Episodes 17 and 18!

Oh yeah, Sweden’s seiyuu Sakai Keikou (酒井敬幸) reminds me of Germany’s seiyuu Yasumoto Hiroki (安元洋貴) cos of his deep voice. Finland’s seiyuu is Mizushima Takahiro (水島大宙). Very cute :D

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6 thoughts on “Anime: Yet another reason why Hetalia is a BL fangirl’s dream (World Series Episode 17, 18)”

  1. Is Rumbel really the only group subbing Hetalia?? Meh. I don’t like the quality.. I hope there’ll be DVD soon.

    1. @banoni: Haha… Hetalia is a must-watch X3 it’s short, so it doesn’t take up too much time. Can’t really blame the quality of the video cos it is ripped from a web broadcast. I’m looking forward to the licensed DVDs too ^^

  2. Oh man.. I haven’t been watching any Hetalia lately. Haven’t even finished the second season though I’ve completely downloaded it. OTL. Must watch NOW.

    (same goes for kuroshitsuji season 2, wherein I’ve only watched and downloaded the 1st ep.XDXD)

    Thanks for the heads-up. Haha. I kept LMAOing while reading your entry.XD

  3. Yeah. I love Sweden x Finland. I read the webcomic part wherein Finland happily comments about a cute baby boy and then Sweden thinks deeply and says “I’ll do my best.” It’s so funny. *fangirls*

    1. @GlaringDream: Lol~ that’s so sweet X3 I hope they animate that part too hahaha cos hearing them say it would be so funny! :D

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