Anime: Starry☆Sky Series Episode 5 Pisces vol 1 (Sugita Tomokazu, Ono Daisuke)

Starry Sky Series Episode 5, volume 1 of Pisces. I think I’m always going to like volume 1 more cos the chibis are so cute!

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SPOILER SCREEN CAPS BELOW THE CUT. Wait for the English subs if you don’t want to be spoiled :)


Pisces boy Nanami Kanata, 七海哉太 (cv: Sugita Tomokazu 杉田智和) has a weak constitution since young. He cannot play or take part in events like other children. Yahisa Tsukiko 夜久月子 (cv: Orikasa Fumiko 折笠富美子) and Tohzuki Suzuya 東月錫也 (cv. Ono Daisuke 東月錫也) are always by his side giving him their support. As Kanata grows older, he keeps getting into fights even though his body is in pain, as if he is hoping to achieve something, to protect things which are important to him with his own hands.

Spoiler Screen cap + summary start:

Tsukiko is reading a storybook together with Pisces boy, Kanata and Cancer boy, Suzuya. As the story goes, “a long time ago, God, people and animals get along with each other with respect and love”. Kanata wonders what one of the words that describe “respect” means. Tsukiko isn’t sure too. Suzuya answers their question and asks if Kanata knows what “aishiteru” (love) means too? (lol~ fanservice) Kanata becomes embarrassed and says, of course he knows what it means and wants Tsukiko to continue reading.

She continues, “as time passes, people began to think that they didn’t need God and felt that they were a higher being than animals. They forgot who God was and killed the animals. God was saddened by what happened and transformed the animals into stars. God also became a star too and left a wish for the people, that they would get along with one another forever.

And God and the animals would shine brightly in the sky to remind them of the promise…” And so the story ends. Suzuya points out one astronomy fact which is different from what is written in the storybook. Just then, some other children come into the room and ask them to join them for a game of ball. However, Kanata would not be able to join them and he can’t help but feel down.

Tsukiko and Suzuya reject them and say the three of them are in the middle of reading the storybook together but thank them for asking. Kanata wonders if it is really okay for them not to join them? But the two reply saying that it is more fun to read the storybook together with Kanata. Touched, Katana tears up but quickly wipes them away.

Kanata feels that they have always greeted him with their smiles. It makes him wonder if he would still exist if they are not around him. He has a weak constitution since young, so there is a limit to what he can do.

He feels that there’s also a limit to his lifespan but Tsukiko tells him with a smile that as long as he is here, it is okay… Next… we see an older Kanata. His mother has to go off to the hospital to stand in for a colleague and has to leave Kanata alone at home.

Kanata reassures her that he will be okay. His mother remembers that the other children would be back from an excursion trip today. His mother wonders if they miss him? She encourages him to work hard so that he can join them next year and leaves. (I’ll probably be emo if my mum said that OTL) Kanata watches TV. He feels that he can never become a hero who is strong and can overcome challenges, no matter how difficult they are.

Kanata feels that it is not possible for him to get along with the others forever because there would be a time when they may go somewhere where he cannot follow and he cries himself to sleep…

Kanata wakes up to find Tsukiko and Suzuya lying next to him. Tsukiko notices the dried up tears on Kanata’s cheeks and asks if he was feeling lonely? Kanata denies it and says that they were a result of nightmares. Tsukiko is relieved to hear it. Suzuya takes out a souvenir for Kanata and Tsukiko follows suit.

Then they start to recount and tell him stories about their trip. Kanata would always hear his friends recount their experiences for the times he cannot join them. Although he wouldn’t be able to tell if they were making up these stories, Tsukiko says that they don’t want to take photos because Kanata will cry if he knows the reason why. (Not sure if it’s correct) Kanata doesn’t like to be called a crybaby, so he doesn’t pursue it.

Out of the blue, we see Aries boy Shiranui Kazuki taunting Kanata about him being protected by his friends all the time.

Kanata becomes upset and tries to retaliate but his punch is easily dodged by the older boy.

Kanata doesn’t want to be protected all the time. He wants to be able to use his own hands to protect his friends who are important to him.

Shiranui tells Kanata that there are ways to protect what is important to him and he will teach him how to fight to do that… As Kanata grows older, he is still afflicted by pain because of his weak constitution… Tsukiko and Suzuya is upset and angry that he is pushing himself so hard but…

although injuries are painful, fighting makes him feel that he is alive and makes him feel slightly at ease about the condition of his body. When Tsukiko and Suzuya are angry with him, their attention for him makes him feel less anxious about his own existence too.

Kanata is skipping class again. Tsukiko finds him and is quickly discovered by Suzuya too.

Suzuya has made too much food and offers them some. He too has skipped class as well.

They also know the reason why he is skipping class but do not mention it. No matter how many times Kanata skips class, Tsukiko and Suzuya would notice it and follow after him. That’s why, in case he gets them into trouble, Kanata stops skipping class. Kanata is most grateful for their presence because there is nothing more reassuring than them simply being there with him.

Next week. Pisces arc continues ! :D

Title: Starry Sky vol.1 -Episode Kanata- Special Edition DVD
Price: 5,800yen
Release date: 24 April 2011
DVD includes episodes 5 to 6, pillow case, booklet and a special DVD with bonus 10 minutes footage.

Running time: 30 minutes

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