Anime: Starry☆Sky Series Episode 4 Aquarius vol 2 (Suzumura Kenichi, Fukuyama Jun, Nakamura Yuuichi, Hirakawa Daisuke)

Starry Sky Series Episode 4, volume 2 of Aquarius. This episode was rather slow-paced. After last week’s chibi cuteness overload, I had higher expectations, so I was a little disappointed. Generally it is still enjoyable as a heartwarming insight into Tsubasa’s story. Too short tho. I also realised from reading general comments about this anime is that it is boring. It is a purely fan service outing with just 10 minutes of pretty animation each week, so if you’re new to Starry Sky, it’s understandable if you can’t really get into the story or characters. Just enjoy the eye-candy I guess :3

Anyway you can still watch this episode free at Animate TV for a limited period of time. Sign up for a free account there.


SPOILER SCREEN CAPS BELOW THE CUT. Wait for the English subs if you don’t want to be spoiled :)


Aquarius boy, Amaha Tsubasa 天羽翼 (cv: Suzumura Kenichi 鈴村健一) is prohibited from making his inventions in the Student Council room because one of them exploded in the room. Tsubasa becomes depressed. The Student Council members, Aries boy Shiranui Kazuki 不知火一樹 (cv. Nakamura Yuuichi 中村悠一), Yahisa Tsukiko 夜久月子 (cv: Orikasa Fumiko 折笠富美子) and Virgo boy Aozora Hayato 青空颯斗 (cv. Hirakawa Daisuke 平川大輔) notice it and are worried about him. And then Shiranui comes up with an idea and the members decide to give Tsubasa a surprise…

Spoiler Screen cap + summary start:

Aquarius boy Amaha Tsubasa is feeling depressed because he is prohibited from his experiments at the Student Council room after the explosion in the last episode. Sagittarius boy Kinose Azusa checks on him.

Azusa thinks Tsubasa is acting strange because he spaces out in class and isn’t working on his inventions at all. He comments that it is the first time he sees Tsubasa not doing something to his inventions. Tsubasa explains that he can’t do that in the Student Council room anymore. But Azusa points out frankly that he can still work his inventions elsewhere, right? But Tsubasa kicks him out of his room and says that he wants to sleep. Before Azusa leaves, he comments that this probably means that Tsubasa loves inventing probably as much as he loves the members of the Student Council.

Shiranui and the other two Student Council members are discussing about accommodating the room to Tsubasa and his inventions. Tsukiko thinks it may work but Hayato still thinks it is dangerous and disagrees to the idea.

If I’m not wrong, at this point Shiranui is saying something like he needs Hayato’s support. He explains that he wants to do something for Tsubasa and that if Hayato is feeling down, he would do anything for him too.

Hayato sees through him and comments that Shiranui just wants to do something fun but he finally agrees to the idea and will do whatever he can to make it happen. Just then, Tsubasa arrives.

Shiranui tells him not to come to the Student Council room for a week. However, as he wants to give the boy a surprise, they cook up a lame excuse, saying that the teachers need the Student Council to prepare for exam papers. So all of them will take a week’s break from their activities. Thinking that it may be due to the explosion, Tsubasa can’t help but feel down.

Shirahui asks the other members keep Tsubasa away from the room while they prepare the surprise. Then we see Tsubasa spacing out and feeling down because he can’t go to the Student Council room and his friend Asuza’s look of concern for him.

More emo-ing from the Aquarius boy and looking cute in the process (lol~) Then one day he subconsciously walks to the Student Council room and…

… remembers the happy times with the rest of the members. Suddenly, the door opens and he sees Hayato and Tsukiko walk out of the room, saying that they’re looking forward to something. When they see one another, they try to explain that it is a coincidence but Shiranui walks out at that point. Upset that they lied to him, Tsubasa thinks that they don’t want him in their circle anymore and runs away.

It brings back all his painful childhood memories of being abandoned and the unkind words of the adults as he was shuffled from one relative to another.

Tsubasa feels rejected and upset.

The other three finally find him but when Tsukiko reaches out to him, he slaps her hand away. Shiranui then grabs Tsubasa and drags him away.

Shiranui is dragged inside the Student Council room and is shocked to see all the laboratory equipment.

It is then revealed that they have been working on the special laboratory room just for Tsubasa, so that he can work on his inventions as much as he likes. They even added reinforced walls in case there are explosions.

Tsubasa feels so happy and squeezes his eyes shut again. Shiranui wants to know how he feels. He reassures Tsubasa that happiness won’t disappear and wants him to open his eyes and see it. These happy times will continue to accumulate and they will have fun times together.

Tsubasa is surprised that Shiranui and the rest knows the reason why he always closes his eyes when he is happy. Right now, he feels so happy but scared at the same time because he is most afraid that this happiness will end someday.

Next is just some cute moments of the group. Shiranui calls Tsubasa a kid and is called an old man instead. He punches Tsubasa on the head and the boy leans towards Tsukiko playfully for comfort.

Hayato glides over and puts two ear plugs into Tsukiko’s ears. Then he calmly runs his fingernails across the mini chalk board. The screech terrorises the boys and stops their little tumbling fight. Everyone laughs.

Tsubasa talks to his grandfather in his heart. He feels that he is having a lot of fun now and for the first time he feels that he wants to be with somebody. He feels too that maybe something like new emotions is waiting for him. Although he is afraid, he also feels excited about it. He will not close his eyes anymore when he is feeling happy because it will be such a waste! He wants to see everything that is happening during happy times too.

Next week. Pisces arc ! :D

Title: Starry Sky vol.2 -Episode Tsubasa- Special Edition DVD
Price: 5,800yen
Release date: 24 March 2011
DVD includes episodes 3 to 4, pillow case, booklet and a special DVD with bonus 10 minutes footage.

Running time: 30 minutes

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    1. @Nagara9: lol~ that’s interesting :D I’ve learned not to take horoscopes seriously. However I find that people (probably including myself too) become what they believe themselves to be (self-fulfilling prophecy), so that’s why horoscope personality descriptions can seem quite accurate especially for people who know their horoscope qualities.

  1. wish i could enjoy starry sky as much as gakuen heaven.(this should’ve been the latest franchise to take over gakuen heaven!)

    Sometimes i sure wonder what is the point of male harem games when we’d rather see two guys getting along with each other. What a waste of an amazing cast of voice actors…

  2. so…this is completely unrelated to this post….but i just finished the sex slave akiraXshiki ending in the togainu no chi pc game….super~~super satisfied!!! that has got to be the best ending in the history of bl game endings!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean, the whole akira making shiki jealous on purpose and shiki knowing but still lets him thing just pushed all of my buttons….OMG!!!!!

    just thought i’d share my excitement :D

    1. @iced_wine: hehehe that’s probably why we all love slut akira X3 And… Shiki is such a sadistic perv too ^^;;;

      Must get the Y-shirt Akira plush. I always can’t help but smile when I see pics of his blushing face :D

    1. @yuuki: I love Natsume too and he is probably one of the few PVCs I’m very happy to fork out $$$ for :D It’s very exciting to see them make more yummy male figures! I’ll also be waiting for the final painted prototype to make a decision.

  3. @yuuki – Thanks for the heads-up, yuuki! Yep, I know about it :D I was waiting for a better image of the prototype before posting. Are you going to get Azusa’s fig? I think it’s going to open the floodgates of 13 figures OTL;;;

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